Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glee 3x12 Promo: "The Spanish Teacher"

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Not sure how you kids felt about "Michael" but we loooooved it! There were a few things that I'm sure we would all change but I think as a whole it was pretty spectacular!

Moving on from "Michael" now is the promo for Glee 3x12 - The Spanish Teacher:

Not sure about Schue in that outfit but we can safely say that Ricky Martin is going to make one smoking hot Spanish teacher. And Sue..wanting a baby? No clue how that is going to come about OR play out..but we can't wait. Yay for Glee!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Friday, January 27, 2012

Glee 3x11: "Michael" Songs - First Listen!

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No words for this week's First Listen Friday. Just huh? I feel like a proud mom listening to all of these songs. Every song is like "that's my new favorite!" No one can pull of MJ like these talented people can pull off MJ. Be proud Glee. Be proud.

So, that said, here's your heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, booty-poppin' First Listen Friday for Glee 3x11: Michael:

Performed by Kevin McHale, Darren Criss, Grant Gustin & Naya Rivera

Black or White
Performed by Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Amber Riley & Naya Rivera

Performed by Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, & Darren Criss

Human Nature
Performed by Amber Riley & Chord Overstreet

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Performed by Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

I Want You Back
Performed by Grant Gustin & The Warblers

Never Can Say Goodbye
Performed by Dianna Agron

Performed by Kevin McHale & Harry Shum Jr.

Wanna Be Startin' Something
Performed by Darren Criss & the New Directions

Smooth Criminal
Performed by Naya Rivera & Grant Gustin

Don't worry, we flat lined too. Seriously, couldn't be more proud of everyone involved on this show. Seriously couldn't be more excited for an episode. What a great honor & tribute & we haven't even seen the episode yet.

Just... wanky.
-Bonnie & Whitney

Monday, January 23, 2012

Glee 3x11: "Michael" - 'Wanna Be Startin' Something' First Listen

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And last but not least, we have a great, upbeat tune from Blaine Anderson - here's one of my all time faves from the King of Pop: Wanna Be Startin' Something.

Amazeballs. This just made my entire week. Just 8 more days to get through before this monster tribute episode!

Gotta be startin' somethin'!
-Bonnie & Whitney

Glee 3x11: "Michael" - 'Never Can Say Goodbye' First Listen

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Now for Ms. Dianna Agron's solo, here's your first listen of Never Can Say Goodbye.

Gotta say, this might be our favorite from Quinn! Way to go girl!

Not sayin' goodbye just yet...
-Bonnie & Whitney

Glee 3x11: "Michael" - 'Bad' First Listen

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We've been waiting for little nibbles & tidbits of song releases for the highly anticipated Michael Jackson tribute episode of Glee. And for some reason, on a random Monday night, we get our first sneak peaks. Without further ado, here's your first listen from episode 3x11: "Michael"... here's Bad:

Ear.Gasm. Lovin' the MJ-esq "uh's" and "woos". Well done class.

Who's bad?!
-Bonnie & Whitney

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gleecap: Glee 3x10 - 'Yes/No' Recap

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I don't know why you'd miss this episode, seeing as though it came after like the world's longest hiatus and really even if you didn't expect it to be good, you probably should have watched it anyway because it's been so long, but with all the spoilers, we really already knew it was going to be good so really there's just no excuse… but just in case, here's what you missed:

Tina started the show out with the first line. GASP.

Everyone wants to know what happened with Sam & Mercedes over the summer. Sounds a lot like what happened with Danny and Sandy from Grease… oh right. They sang Summer Lovin'

Becky's inner voice is Helen Mirren's. Automatic awesome points. And also she has the hots for Artie, so Sue tells her to ask him out on a date, even though she thinks Becky can do better.

Beiste eloped & married Cooter. WHAT?! Subtle, writers. Subtle.

Emma proposes to Will after singing Wedding Bell Blues. Twas awesome.

Schue decides he's going to propose to Emma. He wants the Glee Club's help to think of a song.

Artie kinda asks Sugar out.. kinda.. but then Becky SWOOPS and asks him out

Sam decides to join the synchronized swimming team to get a letterman's jacket, to get Mercedes back. His nickname is TroutyMouth. He has crooked nipples. Coach Roz will kill him if he pees in the pool. And Nene Leakes… is AWESOME.

Artie has moves like Jagger… at least that's what his Moves LIke Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash performance showed.

Schue asks Finn to be his best man. Normal?

Finn wants to join the Army because his Dad was a war hero.

The Glee girls ask what it was like when Mr. Schue saw Emma for the first time… queue an emotional performance of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" + some cute flashbacks with Finchel, Tike, Brittana, and Samcedes… yeah… SAMcedes.

Will asks Emma's parents if he has their permission to ask Emma to marry him… and those ginger supremacists said no because Emma can't handle messy… Emma's parents: Y U SUCK SO BAD?!

Artie took Becky to Breadstix. They actually had a really cute date. Then Glee Club tried to give Artie a Beckyvention… and he told them that Becky was really optimistic about life, which he really admired considering all that she'd been through [insert Artie hand wave here.] Preach Artie, preach!

Schue tells Burt & Carol about Finn's thoughts about joining the army. Turns out Finn's dad had a drug problem when he got back from war. He didn't die a war hero. He OD'ed. Really heavy. Really sad.

Becky took a nude photo of herself. Sent it to Artie. And told him they were going to do it. Artie didn't like it. He realized he didn't want to date her. Sue told him to tell her like… a real person… And also to stop wearing gloves for his wheel chair & stop buttoning his shirt so high.

Emma asked Will if he wanted to marry her… he said he didn't know, because… you guessed it: marriage is messy. What? GTFO Will. She left John Stamos for you…

Kurt and Finn and Rachel throw a pity party. Then Rachel sings an absolutely b.e.a.utiful rendition of "Without You", which turns into her Glee Club assignment. All the couples shared a moment. Especially Finn & Rachel. Because really. It was amazing. Artie even through in a preach wave… seriously, he did.

Sam thinks of an awesome proposal for Ms. Pillsbury. And it turns out to be really cute. Especially because a bunch of people are lined in the hall giving Emma white roses as she passes them.

Queue "We Found Love", retro swim suits, Artie on a raft in the middle of the pool, Schue in a white tux, walking on water, diving in water, a waste of a white tux, and a heartfelt proposal.

She said yes!!! [insert cries]

Artie tells Becky he can't date her. Then Helen Mirren, I mean Becky has a really sad inner conversation with herself, knowing that it was because she had Downs Syndrome. I legitimately cried. But Sue, being the lover that she really is, takes care of her. They eat ice cream & watch Lifetime Television for Ovaries together. Dare you to watch and not cry.

Then… the real shocker comes…Finn brings Rachel to the auditorium. And he…. asks her…. to marry him. Proposals out the wazooo! She said…

And that's what you missed… on Glee!

Glee 3x11 Promo: "Michael"

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So I'm still trying to catch my breath from this week's episode. Holy guacs Batman... Jam packed with great songs, great stories, great twists... And as soon as it ends you're reminded that in just two weeks (which seems like no time at all after this million week hiatus), we get... probably the best tribute episode ever... "Michael".

So you ready Gleeks? Here's the Promo for next week's Glee 3x11: "Michael":

Yep. I just died all over again. Start counting down, Gleeks! 13 Days, 22 hours, and 49 minutes...

-Bonnie & Whitney

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glee 3x11: "Michael" Song List - Michael Jackson Tribute

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We all heard at Comic Con that Ryan Murphy did not want to focus on guest stars & tributes this season. So far he's done a great job. He has however, said that he did want to do one tribute special to an artist that he refused to name. After months and weeks of waiting, we've heard who it is that Glee is paying homage to: The one and only Michael Jackson.

It comes as no surprise to us, as Kevin McHale can sing like MJ. Harry Shum Jr. can dance like MJ. And Naya Rivera has dreamed of doing an MJ episode.

So what will they all be singing? The song list has leaked and according to Hypable, [Not an official source] these are the songs our favorite TV show characters will be performing:

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' – Blaine
  • Bad – New Directions & Warblers
  • I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – Finn & Rachel
  • Smooth Criminal – Santana & Sebastian
  • Never Can Say Goodbye – Quinn
  • In The Closet – Brittany & Santana
  • We Are The World – New Directions & Warblers
  • Black And White – Puck
  • Ghost / Monster – New Directions
  • Beat It / Billy Jean – Warblers
  • The Way You Make Me Feel – Kurt
  • Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Artie

If you're as excited as we are, you're probably wetting yourselves. But seriously, there are so many good things about this song list & who is singing what songs, and obviously I can't wait to watch Harry dance, and Naya & Kev tear it up. Probably the best tribute episode ever, and we haven't even seen it yet! Ah!

Can't hardly wait!
-Bonnie & Whitney

Update Update Update! Confirmed in early January, the set list for Glee's Michael Jackson Tribute episode: "Michael" is a little different than we had first heard. Here are the songs performed in episode 3x11, set to air January 31, 2012. And hopefully... if we're lucky.. just maybe we'll get a longer air time. Here's to hoping!

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' – Blaine and the New Directions
  • Rock With You – Sebastian & Warblers
  • Bad – Artie, Santana, Blaine & Sebastian
  • Scream – Artie & Mike
  • Never Can Say Goodbye – Quinn
  • Human Nature/Nature Boy – Mercedes & Sam
  • Smooth Criminal – Sebastian & Santana
  • Ben – Finn, Rachel & Kurt
  • I Just Can't Stop Loving You – Finn & Rachel
  • Black or White – Artie, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and New Directions
And, to make things better we hear these two awesome things about the episode:
1) Scream is another dream sequence, and Kevin McHale gets to show off his amazing moves outside of his awesome wheelchair moves.
2) Smooth Criminal comes after Santana confronts Sebastian for being a douche, and there are two cellists that accompany the them during the song. Eargasmic.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Friday, January 13, 2012

Glee 3x10 "Yes/No" Songs - First Listen!

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It's that time again... after a long winter hiatus, which seemed to take a million years, we're back with a new episode Tuesday! Which means... First Listen Friday! (Applause, cheers, and "what whats!"). Here's your first liste of all the songs our favorite cast will be singing in Tuesday's episode 3x10 "Yes/No":

Summer Nights
Performed by Chord Overstreet & Amber Riley

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Performed by Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Jenna Ushkowitz & Amber Riley

We Found Love
Performed by Lea Michele & Naya Rivera

Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash
Performed by Kevin McHale

Wedding Bell Blues
Performed by Jayma Mayes

Without You
Performed by Lea Michele

Can we just say... that this week's episode is jam packed with awesome music? Seriously... Totally diggin' Lea's version of Without You. AND even though we already knew about We Found Love it doesn't mean we love it any less, now that it's out without the illegal hacking of Dianna Agron... AND how about First Time Ever I saw Your Face? Huh? Seriously beautiful. Absolutely flawless.

So soon gleeks, so soon!

Happy First Listen Friday!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Naya!

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I don't know if you all remember Telly's Birthday, back in October, but we made him a comic strip. We left it off with "To Be Continued..."

So for Naya's birthday, we decided to continue that comic. After tons of amazeballs brain storming seshes, Whit and I cam up with a great story line & Whitney stayed up all night... literally worked all day, worked on the comic until she had to go back to work at 8 am... to make sure we could get the continuation to Naya on her birthday. So we decided to put both of these bad boys on here, so you know the full story. Here' part 1 & 2 of "Snickerpuller & The Veiled Fairy: Search for the Sparkle Snatcher". Happy Birthday Naya!

(Click pictures to enlarge)
(Otherwise... Part 1 & Part 2)

Happy 25th Birthday Naya! Hope it's as amazing as you are! Thanks for all your hard work, long hours, amazing talent, blood, sweat, tears and dedication to your current story line... you'z changin' the life of so many people, girrrl!

To everyone else who understands the jokes... hope y'all enjoyed!

-Bonnie & Whitney