Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jeff Goldblum Trivia Ticket Winner

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Today we drew a winner for our Jeff Goldblum Ticket Giveaway! Congrats to @hugsy2k!

We will email you your voucher for the Broadway ticket voucher!

Please let us know how you enjoy the show! :)

To everyone who participated, entered, waited for the trivia... THANK YOU! This was a new giveaway for us, and we hope that we will have more like them in the future... so stay tuned!

Hope you all had fun, and here's to Jeff Goldblum - to his amazing role on Glee and an amazing Broadway return!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jeff Goldblum Trivia Giveaway - Seminar on Broadway

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*LAST TRIVIA QUESTION* Trivia Question 7:

What is Jeff Goldblum's date of birth? (Month, Date & Year necessary for this question!)

Make sure to answer the question in the comments below (with the question # labeled). Or follow us on Twitter & answer the question using the hash tag #GoldblumInSeminar.

If you have any questions about the rules of the giveaway, or stipulations on the two tickets to Seminar on Broadway, please view our Jeff Goldblum Contest rules.

We will announce the winner tonight at 7 pm CST (8 pm ET). Thanks to all of our entrants!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gleecap: Glee 3x14 - 'On My Way' Recap

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So you missed the winter finale? Well lucky you because I speak for the entire Glee fandom when I say that my heart got ripped out, thrown into the street and run over by a Mac truck. Seriously. On the bright side, we all have seven weeks to emotionally recover during the hiatus. Now, if you’re ready, here’s the low down on this week’s emotional rollercoaster that hits ya hard right to the last second (there’s a pun there, you’ll see). Get your tissues, people, because this episode took on the serious issues.

In the coffee shop, sans gay cyclops, Sebastian gives blackmailing a try with photo shopped pics of Finn in the buff.

Rachel refuses to negotiate with terrorists and Finn storms off.

A Sue and Q scene takes us back to the good old days of season 1. Sue’s eggo is prego but she’s mum on who the father is. Quinn gives "barely helpful advice" on morning sickness and her request to get back on the Cheerios is turned down. Sorry Q.

Less than 10 minutes in and queue the heartbreak. We enter the auditorium where Blaine sings Cough Syrup while we see Karofsky getting outted at school. With nothing but hatred facing him in the locker room and on his facebook wall, Karofsky puts on a (non-zoot) suit and decides to take his own life. Thankfully, he does not succeed.

In Figgins' office the teachers discuss how they could have done more to help Karofsky. Cut to scene of David’s dad finding him in his room.

In a God Squad meeting, Quinn says Karofsky was acting selfishly. Enter Kurt, who says otherwise and makes us all cry.

Finchel makes up (what’s new?) and they decide to head to the altar ASAP. But not today, Finn has gym.

Back at the coffee shop, Brittana and Klaine confront Sebastian about his cruelty ("one bitch to another") and the group comes to a truce in light of recent events.

At a Glee Club meeting, Mr. Schue talks to the kids about teen suicide. Rory has peanut butter for the first time, Santana wants love from her abuela, Brittany wants Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction, Tina just wants a song (preach), and Rachel wants everyone to be besties for life.

Regionals time! Is that a vampire-judge? Oh hey, Ian Brennan.

The Warblers take the stage first, featuring Sebastian looking hot to trot in Stand and I'm Glad You Came while the New Directions cheer them on. The next group up is the Golden Goblets from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. What the what? Figgins sways in his seat (as swaying in background is fun) but Brittany couldn’t even hear the instruments.

Finchel announces that their wedding ceremony will be after the performance and invites everyone, even Quinn.

New Directions, take the stage! The first number is Fly/I Believe I Can Fly in which Santana gets her rap on and I lose all sense of time and reality. Queue Mr. Schue’s awkward side-stage grooving.

Next up: Stronger by the fierce femme fenomenals that are The Troubletones. Perfection. Just sayin.

Now the final song: Here’s To Us, which is nothing less than a perfect display of Rachel Berry’s talent. Her dads are faultless supporters in the crowd and she serenades Finn in slow-mo.

Enter stage left, Mr. Vampire. And the winner is...THE NEW DIRECTIONS.

Quinn meets with Sue, even though she’s exhausted from singing all those "ooo's" and "background aaahhh’s." Q reminds Sue of a younger, less striking version of herself but nonetheless gets her Cheerios uniform back and struts it down the hallway where she talks to Rachel. In this somewhat awkward exchange, Quinn expresses her support of a Finchel wedding and they hug it out, sending Faberry shippers everywhere into an emotional tailspin (from which I’m sure they have yet to recover).

Karofsky is visited at the hospital by Kurt and there’s not a dry eye in the place. Kurt gives an inspiring pep talk and Karofsky imagines his bright future.

Sue reveals her pregnancy to Will and offers her assistance as she wants to help them win nationals. "Isn’t that weird?" Damn hormones.

Burt, Carol, Hiram, and Leroy are not truly on board for this wedding so they plot to disrupt the ceremony. Who’s Barbara? Streisand.

Finn gets a peek at the bride in her dress. Bad luck? In about 2 minutes you’ll sure think so.

Cut to Quinn, who is still on her way as she had to run home to get her bridesmaid dress. [Side note: this song in the background is making me extra nervous, please shut it off.] Rachel keeps texting her, wondering where she’s at. Quinn is stuck behind the tractor of all tractors. Yes, Tina, it IS bad luck for Finn to see the bride right now.

Hiram plans to fake an epileptic seizure. Rachel wants to keep waiting until her bridesmaid arrives. Quinn finally checks her phone as she’s driving and texts back “ON MY WAY,” giving us insight as to where the ep’s title came from. Just as blondie sends it, a silver truck comes out of nowhere and hits Quinn’s car. End scene. WTF.

That scene shattered my heart just like the front end of that truck shattered Quinn’s driver’s-side window. Too soon? Sorry, no more jokes. Now that my eyes are bloodshot and my tissues are all gone, you’re all caught up!

And that’s what you missed on... Glee!

*If you or someone you know needs a listening ear, contact the folks at The Trevor Project, an organization built to help LGBTQ teens, at 866-488-7386. Remember, you are not alone and it really does get better. Promise.

Happy trolling for seven weeks straight, Gleeks!

-Bonnie & Whitney

*Thanks again to Ashley for writing this brilliant gleecap for us. Go follow her on twitter: @ashhens. Do it. Do it now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ticket Giveaway to See Jeff Goldblum in Seminar on Broadway

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You've heard us talk about it, but now we're finally launching it! Today, we explain the rules of the ticket giveaway to see Jeff Goldblum in Seminar on Broadway!

Just to give you something to look forward to for... well 1/7 weeks of the winter hiatus, we're doing a week long 7-Day Jeff Goldblum Challenge. Show us your knowledge of Jeff Goldblum by answering a daily question about him for an entry. Here's how it works:

Each day we will ask a Jeff Goldblum trivia question, and any person that answers the question correctly would be entered into the contest. Each participant is eligible for 7 entries, so long as their trivia answers are correct.

We would blast the contest out through Twitter & through our blog so that we could cover all media bases. Additionally, the one-week timeline allows people to have multiple opportunities to win, a chance for people to tell their friends, and for those who may miss a day to still be eligible for the tickets, since this is such a great giveaway.

Simply come to this blog every day, to see the question (or follow us on Twitter @TroutyMouthBlog where we will tweet the question out each day). Then answer the question either in the comments below or by tweeting the answer at us using the hash tag: #GoldblumInSeminar.

We will compile a list of the eligible entries and choose the winner from a random number generator.

Only one entry per day. We will only take your first answer, so make sure you study up!

We ask each question at 12 pm ET (11 am CST), starting tomorrow until next Tuesday. We will announce the randomly drawn winner at 8 pm ET (7 pm CST) next Tuesday 2/28.

If you have any questions, just ask us! Good luck!

-Bonnie & Whitney

*Disclaimer: Vouchers will only cover the cost of ticket prices. If you are not located in New York, traveling arrangements must be made by the winner. Vouchers are valid for any one show between April 3-8

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glee 3x14: "On My Way" Songs - First Listen!

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Oh hey First Listen Friday-ers! It's regionals time! Last year they graced us with Trouty Mouth (what what) and some other awesome original songs, before they graced us with "Loser Like Me" and "Get It Right". Well, it looks like we're in for another amazing song selection and a tough fight between the Warblers and the New Directions. I for one can't wait. And once you listen to these songs, you probably won't be able to either. Here's your first listen for Glee Episode 3x14: "On My Way"

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly
Performed by Lea Michele, Kevin McHale, Naya Rivera, Darren Criss & Amber Riley

I'm Glad You Came
Performed by The Warblers

Performed by The Warblers

Cough Syrup
Performed by Darren Criss

Here's To Us
Performed by Lea Michele

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
Performed by Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Amber Riley & the TroubleTones

Hey, Naya & Kevin? Do us a favor, make ghetto swag babies. Kthx. Also... Heather Morris... you are perfect. That is all.

-Bonnie & Whitney

Happy Birthday, Chord!

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More birthdays!?!? What is this madness!? It's Chord Overstreet's birthday today and we simply cannot let the one and only Trouty Mouth's b-day slip by without giving him a shout out! Who knew this dapper fella was so young?! Thanks Chord for all you do on the show and we are so glad to see you back this season! :) Happy 23rd Birthday, Chord!


Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gleecap: Glee 3x13 - "Heart" Recap

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Okay, if you missed Tuesday night's episode of Glee, you definitely deserve to be kicked square in the taco or have your nuts, right of left, cracked. While we shouldn't even entertain the idea of catching you up due to the "other plans" you had while we watched one of the most anticipated episodes of the season, here's the low-down:

Brittana holding, Playlist locker, Brittana almost kiss, Brittana kiss, Brittana arm link, Brittana at table, Brittana song dedication, Brittana hand kiss, Brittana hand hold, Brittana dancing and full on Brittana lip lock.

And that's what you missed…on Glee!

Haha okay kidding, here you go for real:

It's Valentine's Week and Will wants the kids to use it to sing the World's Greatest Love Songs. Will tells the kids that they still need to raise $250 to afford costumes and hairspray for Regionals, which is the following week. Definitely out of character for him to wait until the last minute to do something really important. He tells the kids that they are going to do singing telegrams and go from room to room singing them to the person that they were bought for. After such disasters as multiple sex riot assemblies and students throwing food and shoes at them during Christmas caroling, the Glee club is definitely against this idea.

The saint that is Sugar Motta, comes forward and just gives Will the money because she is rich and he takes it with very little hesitation. Then Sugar announces that she will be throwing a Valentine's party at Breadstix (best restaurant ever) and she will be naming it the Sugar Shack but you can only come if you have a date - single people aren't allowed because they're sad and boring and they don't exist in her world.

Finn and Rachel get called to the auditorium by none other than Rachel's dads - Leroy and Hiram! They called them there because they found out from the tire king and the denim queen that they were getting hitched. Her fabulous dads welcome this marriage with open arms..or do they?

An introduction of a new club at McKinley - The God Squad - happens and it consists of Mercedes, Quinn, Sam and Teen Jesus - Joe Hart (Glee Project winner Samuel Larson). Sam suggests that the God Squad pick of the task of doing singing telegrams and use the money to complete things on their clubs list and so....it is done!

Kurt keeps getting stuff from a secret admirer that he just believes to be Blaine. I mean, he cannot get over it being Blaine. Meanwhile, Rory and Artie find out that they both want to ask Sugar to her own party…boom, love triangle.

Mike and Tina get to sing a duet (L-O-V-E) which was amazing and cute as ever and was set to them dancing and during the scenes when Artie and Rory are trying to woo Sugar.

Brittany makes Santana an amazing V-day playlist and they get busted by Figgins for kissing in the hallway. Figgins calls them into his office and tells the teen lesbians that there have been complaints of their PDA and that while he would much rather see them kiss than the so called "Finchel", he has to listen to the complaints. Santana then tells Figgins that there is a huge double standard at the school and that she should be allowed to kiss her girlfriend if everyone else can make out with each other. Four for you, Santana! You go Santana, you go!

Finn and Rachel announce to everyone that they are getting married and everyone is like WTF. They get mixed feelings from their fellow glee club members but thank goodness Artie wheels to the center of attention to perform a sexy little number that is "Let Me Love You" to tries and win over Sugar. Talk..about..swag. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

In the ever so musical courtyard, the God Squad shows up with their first singing telegram for Rachel from Finn. After the number is finished, HBIC Santana Lopez questions the Christian singing group about who they will sing to. After she finds out they will sing to anyone, she pays the Christian group ten bucks to sing one to her girlfriend girlfriend, Brittany S. Pierce.

Rory tells the glee club that he will have to go back to Ireland at the end of the school year because he can't get his visa renewed and sings "Home" which breaks everyone's heart, including Sugar's, resulting in her asking Rory to her no singles allowed dance.

The God Squad discusses whether or not they feel comfortable singing a telegram to a gay couple..and by they, I mean Joe. After going around the table and hearing everyone talk about what they think it means to be a Christian, causes Joe to think and pray about singing to gay people and also makes Mercedes question her actions with Trouty Mouth himself!

Mercedes tells Sam that she told Shane about them. Sam is like that sucks but holla and Mercedes tells him that she can't be with him because when she is, she feels bad about what she did to Shane so they can't be together. Then she broke our hearts with her amazing rendition of "I WIll Always Love You" which was so emotional for Samcedes and Whitney Houston lovers alike.

The most awkward dinner ever takes place between the Berry's and the Hudson-Hummel family, sans Kurt. Both families act like they are cool with this marriage and are even telling them to go through with a night of teenage lovemaking since they are going to be married and adults soon! It only makes sense right? Then Finn and Rachel get to her bedroom and he really needs to use the restroom, like..REALLY needs to use it and Rachel tells him that he just cannot do that here. They have a married person fight about how she is going to be awesome and going to college and he's just going to be there with her bringing her Diet Coke's and cheering her on.

Kurt show's up to Breadstix (best restaurant ever) for Sugar's party but he's early because he has yet another note from his secret admirer. He is then greeted by someone in a gorilla suit who is none other than…DAVE KAROFSKY! He tells Kurt that he really helped him and is in love with him but Kurt is like sorry boutcha Dave, I'm with the bow tie guy.

Finchel can't ever stay mad at each other so of course they kiss and make up and decide they should go to Breadstix (best restaurant ever). Her dads discuss amongst each other how this marriage does NOT seems like a good idea but Leroy tells Hiram that by them supporting it, she won't go through with it. The ol' reverse psychology trick. For about..less than a second they think it works until Rachel and Finn announce that they are getting married after National's in May.

Sugar's party gets started with the God Squad singing "Cherish/Cherish" as a telegram from Santana to Brittany. This was definitely the Brittana moment that everyone has always been waiting for. They sing the song while Brittany and Santana exchange loving glances, hand holds and even a kiss on the hand. Oh and then at the end of that performance, there was a kiss. And by kiss I mean probably the best kiss ever to be seen on Glee ever (followed closely by Brittany and Sam during Spin the Bottle). Brittana is love.

And what would an episode be if Blaine weren't in it? Well, don't worry, he shows up at the end of the night to sing "Love Shack". Roll credits.

And that's what you missed... on Glee!

So..what…an…episode! I mean, it was so intense we hope that we covered everything! And we just have a few things to say…first, we would like to say that we LOVED how this episode handled the whole thing with double standards. Those writers are trolls and we love it. Second, Amber Riley made us all so proud with that rendition of "I WIll Always Love You". Definitely a performance that will never ever be forgotten. Third, Dave Karofsky..wuuuuuuut!!!? Fourth, Brittana made some huge progress in this episode and we're so proud of them and all the fans that have stuck with them this far! Fifth, when Sugar says "JE-SUS! HOL-LA!" And sixth, the best part of "Love Shack" was obviously Kurt singing, "Tiiiiiiiiin Rooooof! Rusted.."

Peace. Love. And Glee.
Bonnie and Whitney

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Amber!

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It's time for another Glee birthday! That's right, today Amber Riley turns 26 years old! We would like to wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you have a great one and thanks for everything you do!! You make us proud every day and we love you!


Jeff Goldblum on Glee & Broadway, Oh My!

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So what did we all think of Mr. Berrys last night? We for one (two?) loved them. In fact, we don't think that they could have cast their dads any better. For 2 and a half seasons, we've been hearing about Rachel's two gay dads and we had our beliefs about how awesome they are, but Jeff Goldblum & Brian Stokes Mitchell were perfect.

Especially Jeff Goldblum. There's no one else like this guy. Delivering hilarious lines perfectly, being the voice of reason when the plan to get Rachel & Finn to call off the engagement, and looking dapper as ever, no one would have played Hiram Berry better than Jeff Goldblum.

After Goldblum's guest starring role on Glee, we'll see him return to the Broadway stage this spring in the hit comedy Seminar. Goldblum was last seen on Broadway in 2005, and we couldn't be more excited for him to make his return to the wonderful world of Broadway. Replacing the great Alan Rickman, we will see Goldblum take the stage as Leonard on April 3rd for 8 weeks only.

To celebrate Jeff's guest starring role on Glee (and as we look forward to seeing him again next week), as well as his return to Broadway, we were offered two tickets to giveaway to readers to see Jeff Goldblum play Leonard in Seminar.

We will have details of the giveaway sometime soon, but in the meantime, start planning your trip to the Big Apple, because you're going to see Hiram Berry... we mean, Jeff Goldblum on Broadway, baby!

-Bonnie & Whitney

*Thanks to Jenna over at Serino/Coyne for hooking us up with this giveaway, and offering our readers an awesome chance to see the highest level of theatre performed today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glee 3x14 Promo: "On My Way"

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Now that our hearts are bursting at the seams from "Heart", we have next week's Glee episode to look forward to. Here's the official promo for 3x14: "On My Way", the 2012 Regionals episode! Can't wait for this Troubletones performance!

Whoa Nelly. Things are gettin' cray up in heya! I mean here...


-Bonnie & Whitney

Gleecap: Glee 3x12 - 'The Spanish Teacher' Recap

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So, you missed the episode with Ricky Martin, eh? Were you too busy livin la vida loca to take 60 minutes to sit down and watch the Latin spice that is Mr. Martinez on the screen? Well trouty mouth here has you covered. Yes, there is a lot of Will in this one. You just gotta power through it. Warning, the following recap contains depictions that may lead to sexy mental images. Proceed with caution:

Mr. Schue’s yearly rendition of La Cucaracha on Taco Tuesday is a disaster, leading to a student complaint.

A tenure position just opened up at McKinley so Will tries to get a leg up on the competition by taking a Spanish class at night, taught by one Mr. Martinez. Hola! I suddenly feel the need to check my local high school for a late night Spanish class.

Sue wants to have a baby. No, seriously, she does. She had her eggs frozen in the 70s in a meat locker, naturally. While unimpressed with the options at the local sperm bank, she offers Will the job of donating his ‘baby gravy’ so her baby has a head of luscious locks.

Assignment for the week: Latin music. Queue David Martinez and his performance of “Sexy And I Know It,” which is chalked full of duende. Obviously, he works out. Mr. Martinez is sexy and we all know it.

Sam tweeted that Mercedes smells good, and he won’t stop till it’s trending. Samcedes then begins a week of not speaking to one another, as suggested by Emma.

The Cheerios now have fierce moves (nice work Brittany) thanks to Roz, who thinks Sue is as old as a hill and will give birth to a grandchild, a full grown adult, rather than an actual baby.

Rachel tells Mercedes and Kurt about her engagement to Finn. They freak out.

Mercedes sings “Don’t Wanna Lose You” to Sam, as they are not allowed to speak. Apparently singing doesn’t count. Sam and the boys then sing “Bamboleo/Hero,” Mexican hipster boots and all.

Lady Bird Hollow Pelvis (aka Emma) has a heart-melting chat with Sue about having a child.

Kurt gives Finn a pep talk and encourages him to follow his dreams and come to realize his own great talent. Brava, Kurt. Brava.

Santana wonders with whose vagina Sue plans on having a child.

Will is a jerk to Emma while she is showing him her provocative new pamphlets. Clearly, Emma is too good for Will.

Next up, what we’ve been waiting for: a Santana special featuring Mr. Martinez in “La Isla Bonita.” The singing, the outfits, the moves, the spanish…absolutely fantastico. They look perfect together on stage. Yeah, I’d ship that (if I wasn’t already shipping Brittana, of course). In response, Mr. Schue performs his very own Spanish rendition of “A Little Less Conversation.” I could have done with a little less Schue.

Santana delivers a speech heard round the auditorium as she simultaneously calls Mr. Schue out on his poor Spanish teaching and compliments him for inspiring students in Glee. Once again, Santana FTW.

Beiste loves Emma’s pamphlets. Taint Misbehavin'... Genius!

Will offers his daytime Spanish teaching job to Mr. Martinez as he takes a position in the history department.

Sue tinker-tailor-soldier-spied her way into Figgins’ file cabinet.

Becky is a better speller than Brittany, and thinks Sue is going to make a great mom.

Just when the week is up and Samcedes is about to speak, Shane walks up and interrupts. GTFO, bro.

Will apologizes to Emma via pamphlets and she forgives him, but I still don’t. She gets tenure and may now be addressed as “Professor Dollface.”

And that’s what you missed… on Glee!

And a big special thanks to our friend Ashley, @ashhens, for writing up this Gleecap while Whitney & Bonnie suffer from TBD - Too Busy Disorder!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Glee 3x13: "Heart" Songs - First Listen!

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It seems like just this has never happened. THREE First Listen Friday's in a row? Say what?! Next week's episode of Glee: 3x13 "Heart" is supposed to be a big one too! Romance, Love, Kisses... yep, you heard it. But before we get to see all that jazz, we get to hear the tunes that are making their way into the episode this week. Before we babble on, we'll let you listen:

Performed by Dianna Agron, Samuel Larsen, Amber Riley and Chord Overstreet

Performed by Damian McGintey

I Will Always Love You
Performed by Amber Riley

Performed by Harry Shum Jr. & Jenna Ushkowitz

Let Me Love You
Performed by Kevin McHale

Love Shack
Performed by Amber Riley, Heather Morris, Lea Michele, Darren Criss, & Chris Colfer

You're The Top
Performed by Jeff Goldblum & Brian Stokes Mitchell

Stereo Hearts
Performed by Amber Riley, Chord Overstreet & Samuel Larsen

Now all I've got to say, Kevin McHale, you should let me love you? Oh yeah and Amber Riley I will always love your voice! Both of them blew us away. Oh yeah, and how fun is Love Shack?! It's good to finally see some Britt & Tina singing action this week. Looks like Glee's got a fresh outlook this week! Hope the episode is as good as it's hyped up to be!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glee 3x13 Promo: "Heart"

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Ricky Martin is so hot. I need him in more Glee episodes. But also. This promo. No words. Brittana fans prepare to die. Maybe a little J.Ush next week, finally, too? Have a look. But seriously, Brittana fans, be warned..

Only 7 more days until the best Valentine's Day ever.

-Bonnie & Whitney

Friday, February 3, 2012

Glee 3x12: "The Spanish Teacher" Songs - First Listen!

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Okay, so... we're not super excited for this episode, because 1) we're unsure where it fits with this story's plotline, and 2) too much Will. BUT on the upside: 1) Ricky Martin (smokin' hot). And 2) Naya singing Spanish. So, we're gonna quit talking so that you can hear this Spanish-themed episode, and figure out your thoughts on it. If you're still alive after La Isla Bonita.

A Little Less Coversation
Performed by Matthew Morrison

Performed by Chord Overstreet & New Directions Boys

Don't Wanna Lose You
Performed by Amber Riley

Sexy and I Know It
Performed by Ricky Martin

La Isla Bonita
Performed by Ricky Martin and Naya Rivera

So. Much. Spanish. So. Hot. Dead. K.Bai!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday, HeMo!

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We over here at TroutyMouth.com would like to wish Heather Morris a Happy 25th Birthday! Hope all your wishes come true, lady! Thanks for being awesome and doing what you do every day for us!

Bonnie & Whitney

Gleecap: Glee 3x11 - 'Michael' Recap

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So, you didn’t watch the episode dedicated to the legendary Michael Jackson? Offensive. Nevertheless, we’ll give you the ditty on the dirty with this week’s Gleecap (pelvic thrusting and white gloves included at no extra cost). Here’s what you missed, Gleeks:

The ep kicks off with a Michael number straight away as Blaine struts his stuff to the tune of “Wanna Be Startin Somethin.” Queue pelvic thrusting and steely looks at the camera.

Finn needs an answer from Rachel concerning his proposal, but she’s still mum. Thus the agony for Finchel shippers is prolonged.

A "Jackson-off nick at night" to the tune of “Bad” ensues in a parking garage (random but I like it), which ultimately leads to Blaine wearing an eye patch after getting rudeboxed via slushee.

Next up is the smoking hot rendition of “Scream,” featuring Artie and Mike. Not since “Safety Dance” have we seen Artie out of his chair and in dreamland showcasing his slick moves. On a hot scale of 1-10, we are off the charts here, people. There’s eyeliner, need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Quinn and Rachel have a heart-to-heart chat in which Quinn reveals her acceptance to Yale and tells Rachel to break up with Finn. Quinn takes the stage singing “Never Can Say Goodbye,” making me extremely sad in the process. Just when Quinn jumps off the crazy train, it’s time to say goodbye.

Samcedes. Is. On. Well, not officially, but we’ve got our hopes up as they serenade one another in “Human Nature” and end it with a kiss. Sorry boutchya, Shane.

Kurt is a finalist at NYADA and Burt Hummel once again proves to be the best dad ever. Rachel has yet to receive her letter and breaks down in the hallway. Please stop crying because I can’t take it.

Finchel and Kurt sing “Ben” to Blaine the pirate.

“Auntie Snix just arrived on the bitch town express,” leading to a Santana/Sebastian dual in “Smooth Criminal,” accompanied by the cello guys. Fedora, anyone? Santana FTW. Sebastian admits to putting rock salt in the slushy he used on Blaine, and then proceeds to slushy Santana.

Finn once again proclaims his love to Rachel and at the end of their “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” duet, Rachel finally says YES to the proposal. Finchel actually engaged? I’m in.

Luckily, and unbeknownst to Sebastian, Santana had a tape recorder taped to her underboob while he admitted to the rock salt. Busted. Kurt, however, would rather take the high road and not turn him in. The Glee club then proceeds to show the Warblers just what Michael was all about and own the stage in “Black or White.” Queue creepy fade from character to character.

Rachel finally receives her NYADA letter revealing her as a finalist, but she hasn’t told Finn yet.

And that’s what you missed… on Glee!

*A special thanks to our friend Ashley, @ashhens, for writing up this Gleecap while Bonnie and Whitney recover from Smooth Criminal!