Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glee Season 3 Promo

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Okay. If you thought yesterday's promo was good... wait til you see actual clips from the premier. GAH! Now, I really can't function...

Take a look, and see for yourself...


::pounds fists on table:: Again! Again! Again! Again! Again!

Happy 20 days til Season 3 starts!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glee 3D Movie Review

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Now that it's been a few days since Glee the 3D Concert Movie is no longer in theaters, (or at least at normal times in theaters), and I've had some time to digest its awesomeness... I'll break it down for you:

But... Before I go any further... If you haven't seen the movie, and don't know what it's about, or don't want to know the details, then STOP READING! You will spoil it for yourself :)

First of all, this was more than a movie to me... This was a documentary of my summer. At least 3 weeks of it. As you all know, I was lucky enough to go to Vegas for the Private Dress rehearsals, Whitney and I both went to Chicago, and Whitney and I both spontaneously flew to New York - In all three places I was able to see the concert... with unbelievable seats. I just need to disclaim right now, before I even go on with the rest of this post, how unbelievably fortunate I am to be able to travel around to see it. That said, I need to express how much this movie moved me.

The Concert

This concert was awesome. And watching it in 3D made me fee like I was on stage with this studly cast. Obviously it started with "Don't Stop Believing". I loved every minute of it and it immediately made me smile. Then it was "Sing", though... which means... no "Dog Days are Over". That was the only downside to this movie for me. "Dog Days" is one of my favorite songs, and I think that Jenna and Amber absolutely KILL it live. I mean, seriously, they were freakin' outstanding. So, since we can't get it in the movie. I strongly suggest you YouTube that business, because it's amazing. Jenna and Amber: Props, girls!

Then it showed "Empire State of Mind". You know I love this business! One of my favorite songs that they did live, especially when I went to New York. Literally, that song was one of the reasons Whitney and I decided to go to New York... The conversation went something like this: "What are you listening to?" "Empire State of Mind, you?" "I Love New York/New York New York." "Ok, seriously, we need to go to NY tomorrow for this concert" "I agree. Let's do it"
They played some other songs, but I just want to note a few:

 1) "P.Y.T" -- I may have had a few beers in me in New York when I was tweeting about how hot I thought Kevin and Harry were in this song, but after seeing it performed in 3D, I can defend those tweets 100%. Seriously. Holy.Crap.

2) "Silly Love Songs" -- Watching this movie, I was reminded of Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to spend the concert with a couple of girls that we had met that night - one being Sharelle, Jon Hall's (the Warbler) new fiancee. When the Warblers performed, we were able to run back to the back stage, and as Jon passed Sharelle, he sweetly pointed to her. In that moment, I realized how unbelievably meaningful this song really is. And how unbelievably meaningful it can be to a relationship. And on that note - Congrats Jon and Sharelle :)

3) "Ain't No Way" -- Amber.Killed.It. Seriously, just watching her in 3D during this movie proved how incredible she really is. I didn't see this performance up close, really, and seeing it in the movie literally brought me to tears.

4) "Valerie" -- It's my favorite song. And I love Amy Winehouse. I know Naya does too. Seeing this performance in 3D was like an immaculate experience. Not only was it an incredible performance by all 3 people involved (Perfectly done, Naya, Heather, and Harry), but it was after a devastating loss of a true music icon, Amy Winehouse. Seeing that performance was really an amazing way to pay tribute to an icon.

5) "Firework" -- This song never really did anything for me before the movie. I mean I had always thought Lea did an amazing job, don't get me wrong, but seeing it in 3D just gave me this... for lack of better words... out of body experience. While she was singing, I just had this huge flash of everything Whitney and I had done this summer. From all of our trips, to meeting some of our followers, to getting autographs from the cast, to getting them our funny t-shirts...

Which leads me to my next point: People could call us obsessed, and yeah, maybe we are. But Glee isn't just a TV show. It's not just a concert. It's not just a 3D movie. It's literally a life changing experience. It's a bunch of outcasts coming together for a common reason: Glee. It's really amazing how far this show has come, and how much it has changed people's lives. I won't get into it all, but you can read my letter if you really want to know my thoughts on the whole production, or you can read Whitney's letter if you want to know hers.

The Stories

The life-changing experience brings me to why I think these stories are so awesome.

Janae is a dwarf. Her story is about overcoming the social challenges of being small. Can I just say, she is the cutest person I've ever seen. Her bubbly personality is enough to make me want to be friends with her! She's fun, she's relatable, she's an every day normal teenager... She's just a bit smaller than your every day normal teenager.

Her story genuinely made me happy. It showed me that even, as she says it, "the little people in life" can overcome life's "tallest" challenges.

This story was heartbreaking, but uplifting at the same time. It really shows that even at the worst time in your life, you can overcome your challenges. Trenton is gay, and he was outed, maliciously and unintentionally, when he was in 8th grade.

To me, this would be a hard thing to overcome. Having your school look at you differently and treat you differently, even though you're the same person you've always been... it's got to be hard.

Trenton, however, overcame this challenge. He stuck it out at the same school for a few years, then transferred to a new one - no secrets, no fronts - just as he is. He joined his school's theater program, and just like in Glee, he was accepted.

All four times I saw this movie, I got the chills before "Born This Way". It showed Trenton standing in front of the camera, 'L' in front of his face, dancing to the intro. Powerful, symbolic, and uplifting... because Baby, you were born this way ;)

This is the story that I related most to. Josey was diagnosed with Asperger's when she was 15. I couldn't imagine what it would be like, as I have always been a social person... However, I can relate to this story most because there have been, and still are, times when I have social anxiety. I think most people generally do have social anxiety in certain situations.

Now, don't get me wrong. Asperger's is much more than social anxiety, I am not making that claim. However, the claim I am making is the message that I think Glee portrays the most: How many times have you not wanted to go somewhere, looking someway, doing something, in fear that people would judge you?

How many times have you been afraid of the people in your class, at your work, on your team, knowing that they might think you're weird because you act a certain way? I think everyone has that difficulty interacting in social situations.

Josey made me realize that no matter how severe the anxiety gets... or in her case, how "mad" her world gets... Sometimes, there's a positive side. Sometimes there's something to look forward to. And sometimes, you just don't give a damn what those people think of you.

Josey is an incredibly strong human being. Again, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to deal with the conditions she lives in. But man, she embraces it as much as she can, and she made the decision to be a positive light in people's life, and that's really the best thing you can do. Life gave her lemons, and she made the best freakin' lemonade she could make. And for that she's an inspiration.

In fact, all of these people are inspirational. They have shared their life's struggles with the world... and to that, I (on behalf of Gleeks everywhere), say thank you!

Which is where I need to wrap up...

This movie is more than just a movie. This cast is more than just a cast. The crew, and everyone that made this movie possible are more than just a crew. This movie is a life-changer. Maybe one story, one song, one cast member, or one concert attendee has been able to change one other person's life with their story. And in doing so, they have made the world a better place. And that is an amazing thing.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope you enjoyed reading.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Glee Season 3 Preview

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Pumped for season 3? Let's get you a little more pumped, with the latest promo for Glee Season 3! Ready? No seriously, can you handle it Gleeks?

Nope, it doesn't matter how many more times you watch it. Your body, from this point on, will be physically incapable of waiting for the Glee Season 3 premiere. 

There are so many things that I love about this preview, but I just have to say that at the end when Cory says "SEASON 3! Season 3!" I choke up... every time. *In love*. Have a fun 22 days, Gleeks :)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lea Michele's 25th Birthday

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If you're a fan of, then you know that we love us some Blame it on the Alcohol.

In fact in Chicago, I even sported a shirt that featured a combination of our favorite quotes from Naya and Lea ("Count Boozey Von Drunkaton. Let's Party!!!")

In honor of Lea's 25th Birthday, we want to celebrate- Rachel Berry style. So... without further ado, here's a picture of our favorite Glee gal and our celebration for her:


We wish you a very happy 25th birthday. No one works harder that you and your cast mates. You deserve a fun, relaxing day! And in case you want to celebrate it with us, we'll make sure to have wine coolers, our specialty drink, and two drink tickets, so that we can keep things from getting out of hand! Just hit us up ;)

Bonnie & Whitney

Army Goes Glee

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So, as most videos and news gets to us, this morning I was trolling Twitter, and people were posting the crap out of this video. I thought it was so freakin' outstanding that I just had to post it on our blog.

Not only do I support our Troops and our country, but I now have even more than the utmost respect for these three Army soldiers. God Bless the USA, and God Bless these three guys for getting their Glee on in the middle of the desert. Stay safe, and make more videos like these, so that you can entertain Gleeks forever!

Hope y'all enjoyed :)

Stay safe US troops!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And the winner of "The Glee Project" is...

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So..Sunday night was the finale of "The Glee Project" and just…what. Let's just dive into this hot mess of a finale and hope for the best!

So they sang "Don't Stop Believin'" at the beginning of the show, bringing back the eliminated people to sway in the background and do a little singing. While it was fun, I'm not entirely sure why they did this because there wasn't a winner or anything but okay. Then the final video performance was to "Raise Your Glass" by Pink with the eliminated folks coming in for a few vocals and dancing. In my opinion, this was the best like group performance that they did the whole season so that was fun. Oh, and seeing Damian and Hannah reunited was maaaaaaagical. Love those two. Please get together.

For their last chance performances, they all got to choose what songs they were going to sing, perform in front of most of the guest mentors and the old contestants and here is how that went down:

Lindsay - "Gimme Gimme" from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie - As we all know by now, not a big fan of Lindsay. Still wasn't a fan last night..but I will say that this was probably her best performance to date. I'm still not really sure who she is or anything because I feel like she's being fake a lot of the time. With that said, I will say congratulations on making it to the end.

Damian - "Beyond the Sea" - Bobby Darin - Marry me, Damien. This was an outstanding performance by him. He was so cute just hip hopping around all over the stage singing his little heart out. I think this was his best performance as well and you can see how much he has grown throughout the season of this show. He has definitely grown the most and I was rooting for him by this point! Yay for making it to the end!

Samuel - Jolene - Dolly Parton - Sex. Riot. I pretty much died when Sam sang this. When he picked it, I just had this feeling that it was going to be delicious and I was right. This was an amazing last chance performance because he sang it in his own way and made it something way different than when ol Dolly sang it. Jolene is a hard song to tackle and Samuel pretty much owned it.

Alex - "I Am Changing" from the musical Dreamgirls - Alex sang in drag…again. Nothing wrong with it but I feel it's a bit forced and is just like for Ryan and not fully for himself. Either way - he sang the schniz out of this song. Alex is another one of my least favorites but I will never deny that kid's voice. While he probably has the best voice on the show, I still don't think he's fully right for Glee when it comes to the singing, dancing, personality and acting..there are others I'd rather see.

So this brings me to the decision point. Ryan told everyone why he liked them and how much they have grown and what not and then started eliminating them. Sorry are not the winner of the Glee Project. Sorry Lindsay you are not the winner of the Glee Project. When it was down to Samuel and Damian, Ryan announced that Samuel was the winner of the Glee Project! *cue applause*

I was very happy when Samuel was announced as the winner but also sad because Damian was just too perfect during the finale. Oh but WAIT…after Damian said how he was sad he didn't get it but Samuel deserved it, Ryan said that he had also won the Glee Project! *more applause*
BUT WAIT AGAIN! After that, Oprah Winfrey Ryan Murphy decided to also give them roles for 2 episodes! *mad face*

I was okay with the two winners because I love Damian so much but what is this 2 episode arc nonsense? I just..can't even. I feel like it's going to lead to some lame characters to just have two episodes…unless it's like a celebrity guest star. In the end, I kind of feel like "The Glee Project" was a waste of time since we kind of just decided to hire everyone. But I do appreciate Ryan Murphy wanting to give everyone a chance apparently. Especially because he usually scare the schniz out of me. So it's good to see that he can be nice. I have faith in Samuel and Damian and I'm glad they won the two bigger roles for sure. I'm excited/nervous/very scared/but still excited about season 3…just have to trust those writers! :)

Stay strong Gleeks…the premiere is quickly approaching!


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Newest Faces at WMHS - LaMarcus Tinker and Vanessa Lengies

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Season 3 starts in less than a month (thank God!), and word on the street is [SPOILER ALERT] there will be a few new cast members floating around McKinley High.

Well, we'd like to get to know them as the actors before we get to know their characters... you know... just in case :) But if they're anything like our favorite cast, we know they'll fit right in.

LaMarcus Tinker

Meet LaMarcus. According to this US Magazine article, there's a lot we don't know about our newest familiar face at WMHS. Here are three facts we gathered just from the article:

  1. In real life (not fake life), LaMarcus graduated Salutatorian of his senior class at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.
  2. The actor got his break by taking a $33.50 Grehound bus from Huston to Austin to support some friends as extras in Friday Night Lights. He met Peter Berg, and I think you know what happens next! (Sounds a little familiar... something a little like Heather Morris?)
  3. He's the owner of LRT Productions, and has a film set to release in 2012... a film that he produced! (Are we sure he's not Brittany's love interest?)
  4. According to this Pop Crunch article, he is partnered with the local boys and girls club.
Other things you should note:
  • He's known for his role in Friday Night Lights, as Dallas Tinker.
  • He also played on Cougar Town.
  • He will be playing Mercedes' love interest (It's about time... although we all were rooting for Samcedes...)
  • I've heard his name will be Bubba, and I've heard his name will be Marcus... I'm gonna hope for Marcus!

At any rate, welcome to the cast LaMarcus!

Vanessa Lengies

Meet Vanessa. According to Cory Monteith, Vanessa is our resident Canadian chick. (Glee crew loves Canada! Cory, Telly, Vanessa...). So here are some facts about Vanessa:

  1. What do you know Vanessa from? The question is, what don't you know Vanessa from. The actress has played on HawthoRNe, Monarch Cove, CSI: Miami (Not with Naya Rivera, unfortunately), Castle, Rules of Engagement, Accidentally on Purpose, Medium, American Dreams, in the movies Stick It and The Perfect Man... shall we go on?! This chick knows what's up!
  2. According to this Girl2Watch article, her unique talents include painting (awesome), and party throwing (she'll fit right in with this cast and crew!)
  3. This Fun Trivia website says that Vanessa started acting when she was 9 years old, by auditioning.
  4. Wikipedia states that Vanessa was born to a German father and an Egyptian mother.
Other things that you should note:
  • Vanessa's character on Glee will be named Sugar
  • She'll be WMHS's latest resident mean girl, and her character will be stirring up some trouble. She's even been said to be a cross between Molly Shannon and a New Jersey Housewife... (Hold up, did they just describe Santana Lopez?!)
  • Apparently, Sugar can't sing... but we know Vanessa can dance... Uh oh, Tina. Watch out!

Welcome to the cast, Vanessa!

So Gleeks, what do you think about the upcoming future cast members? All I have to say is that we're super excited to see how this season shapes up, and how these characters will be developed! Oh... and brace yourselves you two! This fandom is CRAZY, but we love being a part of it :) Congrats on landing these epic roles!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Glee Project - Generosity with my man Kev McHale!

Follow TroutyMouthBlog on Twitter another week of "The Glee Project" has happened which means 1) it's almost time to see who the noob will be 2) just another week closer to the season 3 premiere. As stated many times before, I have a love hate relationship with this show. This week was probably more hate.

Besides Zach Woodlee, there was another hot body on set this week: Kevin McHale. And if any of you are familiar with my loves, he's one of them. When the contestants started singing "Lean On Me", I got scared because I could tell that Lindsay was going to win this week. Which means that she was going to flirt and be all giddy with my man. Which is what happened. AND he gave her the magic comb that he gave Britt Britt in season 2. So jealous.

So the huge group number this week was "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. They were to fake playing instruments and to have these kids come in and kind of be like their mini mes. The fake playing of instruments was pretty hilarious I must admit. Damian trying to play those drums and not having a clue..classic. And Zach Woodlee's laughing at them while they were trying to do it was even better. In the end, I thought the video was okay. They were all pretty good with their little kids they were provided. Alex was a little awkward with his. Sam and Damian were really good with theirs, though Damien's partner probably taught him more but that's okay. When it came time to announce the people that were in the bottom three, Robert had a surprise for us this week. Due to the fact Ryan, Robert and Zach already are familiar with everyone, Ryan requested that a fresh new set of eyes and ears be brought in AND they would all be doing a last chance performance. So those fresh new eyes and ears…Those eyes and ears belonged to….Ian Brennan! Now, I must say I wanted Brad Falchuk to show up because he is also hot. But whatever, it was definitely nice to see someone else there that wasn't just Ry Murphy.

Last chance performances were a little something like this:
Alex - His Eye is On The Sparrow - Lauryn Hill - Apparently this is the song that was played/sang at his father's funeral. Sad, sad times. While he is nowhere near my favorite, I was proud of him that he was able to pull it out and really do well singing that song and be able to get passed the hate that he once had for it. I definitely thought his performance was good and you cannot deny that that kid has a craze-ay good voice.

Damian - I've Gotta Be Me - Sammy Davis Jr. - I really like Damian. I think he is so cute, funny, has a great personality and he can sing. Do I think he has the best voice and/or dance moves? No but his personality brings a lot to the table for him for sure. I thought that he really did a good job singing this song. It brought a smile to my face because he just seemed happy and was dancing and partying all over the stage for Ryan and Ian and it was just cute.

Samuel - My Funny Valentine from Babes in Arms - Samuel is still that sex pot that he always has been. I was really scared when they told him he was going to be singing this because everyone else got songs that were in their comfort zones and then this happened. Before we go any further, I would just like to state that I couldn't help but laugh during this performance because all I could think about was Tina singing it and crying the entire time. Samuel did a really good job though I thought. He was very like..mysterious sexy (as usual) during it and I thought he definitely made it his own (Thanks Paula Abdul!).

Lindsay - Defying Gravity from Wicked - Okay..maybe I'm just partial to Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth and/or Lea Michele and Chris Colfer but I thought that Lindsay did not sing this well at alllllll. At. All. And I'm not just saying that because I think she's fake. I was worried at first that she was going to do really good because it was right up her alley and then when she was practically screaming the words, I was like uh oh, yah out (said like Heidi Klum on Project Runway). But..that didn't happen…

Even though Ry Murphy brought Ian there to help him make a better decision, the both of them bitched out and decided to let everyone continue to the final round! Fail. Next week is the finale and I'm hoping for Samuel or Damian. I needs those others to leave. 

So, until next week, peace out suckas!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Give Back & Have Some Fun!

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As you all know by now, back in May, at the start of Glee Live, I was lucky enough to attend the Glee Live private dress rehearsals before the concert even opened. What you might not know, however, is that the reason I could go was because of a generous family who happened to have two extra passes.

Without them, I wouldn't have gotten to go. I wouldn't have been able to let you guys know about the set list. I wouldn't have gotten to sit front row, see some of the goofs, meet some excellent people (including Warbler, Jon Hall's amazing fiance&eaccute; Sharelle Smith). It was an amazing experience that I could never replace. Nor could I ever thank the family that gave us those passes enough.

That said, this amazing and generous family has founded an organization in honor of their son. It's called Andra's Hand, and its mission is to raise funds toward increasing knowledge and public awareness for Autism, particularly in the South Florida community, which is where this family is from.

This is where you all come in: Help them raise funds for their organization in a FUN way, in the Andra's Hand Football Survivor Pool! Not only will you be giving back, but you'll also potentially win some BIG cash prizes. Last year, they had two winners take away $200 each!

Sign up here: by 1 P.M. (Eastern) on September 11th, and test your football knowledge! It's for a great cause, a generous family, and who doesn't love a good football pool?!

Thanks all :)


Mark Salling's 29th Birthday!

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On this day, 29 years ago, one of the sexiest mother truckers was born into this world. Little did he (or his parents for that matter), know that he'd be entertaining the world with his striking good looks, talented acting, amazing voice, and dance moves.

To pay homage to this awesome guy, we've made a little video to say - a big, Trouty Mouth sized,


So without further ado... The Mark Salling Birthday video:

Hope you all enjoyed it, and we hope Mark has a fan-freakin'-tastic birthday!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gleeks Around the World Appreciation Project

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Calling all Gleeks!

Whitney, myself, and our good friend Lacey (@mslaceyloo), decided while back that we wanted to do something special for the Glee cast, since they did something special for us with their World Tour this year.

We came up with this idea a while back, and it kind of got lost in all the other projects we've been doing (T-shirts and the Harry Appreciation Project). So... here's the breakdown:

The Goal

We all wanted to see Glee Live this year! But for some of us, it was just impossible. And since it was impossible for some of us to go to see them, and it's obviously impossible for them to come to everyone's hometown, the goal of this project is to shed a little light on where we're from. Since they couldn't make it to everyone's home towns, let's bring our home towns to them. Let's show them that no matter where we come from, we all have one thing in common: that is, we are the world's best fandom, and the biggest gleeks :)

The Plan

We want YOU to take a picture of yourself, all gleeked out, in your home town. If you can do something touristy, great! If you can't find anything touristy, city limit signs or state signs or province signs... they all work! Whatever you can to show where your from, and how proud you are to be a Gleek in your home town! Email your picture to us at with your twitter handle and where you're from, by September 1st, and we're going to make a sweet video of the "Gleeks Around the World". (Doubt Whitney's awesomeness at making videos? Did you SEE the Santana Hand Clap video?) Seriously, this is going to be so much fun, but we REALLY need EVERYONE'S participation, so we can show the cast just how huge this fandom is!

If you have any qustions, be sure to leave a comment, or tweet us: @TroutyMouthBlog or @mslaceyloo and we'll be sure to clarify anything that you need!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Glee Project: August 8

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Jenna Ushkowitz was the celebrity guest on tonight's episode of "The Glee Project" and she was amazing as usual. So nice and precious..and due to the fact that she is one of the Glee cast members that has recognized ol' on occasion..that's a definite bonus.

The song they had to sing was "True Colors," which is like one of my favorite songs of all time from Glee so I was excited and scared that they might wreck it. They didn't wreck it but I still prefer Jenna/Cyndi Lauper/Phil Collins to sing it. So Hannah wins the challenge which I was absolutely okay with because she actually like brought a smile to my face while I was watching her performance. No joke.

Then the contestants were told that they would be singing and making a video to Paramore's "The Only Exception". Next to watching Zach Woodlee teach them all dance moves, I love when they go to the recording studio with Nikki. I especially loved this week's. I want to focus on two of the contestants in the studio: Alex and Lindsay. Alex goes in before she does and is having some trouble like connecting or showing believability and emotion so Nikki tells him to relate it to something and he relates it to the death of his father when he was six. He starts crying and it is really emotional, Nikki comforts him and in the end, it pays off and helped his singing and performance. Alex leaves the studio and goes to talk to the other people (including Lindsey) and tells them what happened with the crying and all that. So then Lindsey goes in there to record, sings some, then starts crying and insisting that she's fine, she's fine. I've been saying all along that Lindsey was so fake and finally this week, Nikki called her on it! She didn't really believe her crying in the studio and tells Lindsey about it later (which we will get to).

So they do the video, which I thought turned out pretty good. Definite change since they weren't dancing or anything in this video.

Then it was time for the dreaded bottom three. I want to start off by saying Zach Woodlee looked smooooooking hot during the last chance performances this week. I couldn't even handle it. The bottom three were Hannah, Lindsey and Samuel. I hated seeing Hannah fall into the bottom three but when Lindsey did, I was pleased because she's just a bunch of hype. Then Nikki once again said that she felt she came into the recording studio prepared to have a breakdown and cause a scene. Lindsey obviously denied this and wouldn't back down and said that's not what she was doing and apologized if it came off like that. Then her and Nikki kind of had a diva/no one is gonna admit they're wrong stare down.

So, Hannah was told to sing "Back to December" by T. Swizzle (Taylor Swift). I didn't feel like this was Hannah's best performance and while I'm personally not a huge Taylor fan, I don't think her songs would be easy to sing. She tried and did a decent job and while they all love her like as a whole, Ry Ry Murphy told her that she wasn't the best singer out of the ones that were left and that she probably knew that but he wanted her to be more confident in herself and try to see what they see. Oh Ryan, while most times you seem like a mean a-hole, some times you are nice. Or try to be.

Lindsey sang "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret and obviously all I could think about was Rachel Berry and April Rhodes. I think that may have been what Lindsey was thinking about as well. She seemed to be overacting and while I think she does have a very good voice, it seemed like she was trying to recreate the scene a little bit too much for me. Ryan mentioned to her about how she's in the same like area, if you will, as Lea Michele and I wanted to say, "Ryan, please stop talking." He also told her that he's not really cheering for her to win and that he heard she possibly put on an emotional show for Nikki. She told him that she has always felt this pressure to be perfect because she's adopted and she felt like she had to be perfect to like fit in with her family. I..literally have no words for her. No me gusta.

Finally, Samuel performed "Animal" by the Neon Trees. This kind of seemed like a song that Samuel would choose and I thought her performance was good. He was energetic and just..good. After it was over, Ryan told him that he felt like his was the most "unrelateable" and then questioned him about a couple of weeks ago how he was hesitant to play the love interest to Alex in one of the videos. Samuel told him it was because his mom is a hardcore Christian and she wasn't too keen on homosexuality but he explained to her that it was just acting and it wasn't like he was going to have to get with Alex or anything after it was over. After that, Ryan was triggered at the mention of Christianity because he previously wanted Cameron to stay and be this Christian character that he's apparently been dreaming of his whole life. I really like Samuel but after Ryan started telling him about how he wanted Cameron for this Christian role and what not, I felt like Samuel was like, "Oh hell yes!" and getting kind of desperate is telling Ryan that he was Christian and that role could work for him. He still has my vote for the 'W' though.

In the end, Hannah was the one that had to go. This was a very hard thing to see because I loved her. As did everyone. I feel like it just came down to there were people that had more of the triple threat than she did..which is unfortunate. What I hope can still happen though…is her and Damien. I will ship that until the end of time.

Until next time Gleeks,

Whitney (McHale or Woodlee) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Glee at the Teen Choice Awards

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Thanks to our friend Melanie, over in Germany, for guest blogging, and Glee-capping the TCA's for us!

I started with watching the Live stream of the red... well blue carpet, and I freaked out every time one of the Glee cast members arrived.

Chord was first followed by Jenna, Harry and Ashley. Darren arrived almost at the same time as Blake Lively. During his interview, she was in the background, and he told them that they should focus on her and not him :D. Silly Darren! Cory was the last one to arrive, and by that, I really mean last one on the blue Carpet.

After that the show started with an opening by Will.I.Am. Kaley Cuoco hosted and she did a really good job. Then, the awards started... I really wanted to see was what our cast won.

And then it was the time The Miz, Maggie Q, and John Cena came on the stage and started with there speech. I did not listen closely but they said something about Sue and that John Cena dressed like her (he was wearing black track suit like Sue). Then they announced the winners and YES Glee won.

Here's a breakdown of the TCA's that Glee won:
  • Choice TV Actor In A Comedy Series - Cory Monteith
  • Choice TV Breakout Star - Darren Criss
  • Choice TV Comedy - Glee
I'm still pissed because Lea was not even nominated, but I'm more than happy with those 3 Awards that our cast was nominated for, and even more excited that they won!

After their speeches (I was crying and jumping because they won and did not listen to it) they showed a "new" clip of the 3D Concert Movie. I sat there o_O because there wasn't anything in that preview that I had not already seen. It featured clips of the "On the Road" Videos and that was it.

After that they had a Commercial break, which started with Lea's commercial for HP and in every break they showed the trailer for the Concert Movie. It was totally Gleeked out!

All in all, you can say they all looked amazing, and it would have been great if the others would have won, as well... but I'm happy with the three Awards. They are very well-deserved.

Congrats Glee!

Again, a BIG TROUTYMOUTH SIZED THANK YOU to Melanie for writing this up for us! Couldn't have gotten it done without her, and if you're not following @glee4fansnet on Twitter, DO IT NOW! Or visit her fansite here!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Glee Project - Whit's Rundown

Follow TroutyMouthBlog on Twitter I know that a lot of people do not like "The Glee Project" which is fine and completely understandable. I love reality shows so I mean that is one reason I'm addicted. Other reasons are because of celebrity appearances and due to the fact one of these people are going to be on my all-time favorite I have to brace myself for that moment. I'm absolutely in love with everyone that is there now and having noobs come in..I just need to be prepared. And the absolute main reason I have to keep watching this show: Zach Woodlee.

And if you haven't watched the most recent episode yet, then spoilers lie ahead.

With that said, let's go through who we have left and what we're working with here:


Diva. Great voice and range. Gotta go though. When Kurt graduates, they will probably want to fill that void with a new gay guy. While I can definitely see Alex in some serious diva offs with Mercedes I just do not feel like he's the right choice for Glee or the gay male lead. I feel like he does the same thing every week. Same diva routine, same attitude that he's better than everyone..I'm just over it. Next please...


Cute, awkward nerd. Bonus: Irish accent. Exactly what I'm looking for…in a husband. Damian was one of my choices for the winner at first however I think he's starting to fall short for Ryan. He was supposed to go home rather than Cameron so I feel that next week Damian will really need to step up his singing and acting game. If he wants to go on and be able to handle the show, he's going to have to start being more like the leading man. I'm still holding out for him to at least be in the final three.

MC Hannah. Probably my most favorite thing that she has ever said. I adore this girl. I think she is a good singer, actress and is HILARIOUS. So funny. Sometimes she seems to struggle in the studio or with dancing but she is really dedicated and tries her hardest which I love. She takes direction well and is willing to do what the mentors want. And this doesn't have anything to do with her character but her crush on Damian is adooooooorable! Love it. Anyways, Hannah is one of my choices for who I want to win this show. She seems like she would really mesh well with the cast.

Least to Alex. She just seems cocky. At first, I was like oh man..your voice is amazing! And then she started being mean to certain contestants and like overacting in every instance. She certainly has no problem with kissing people though, as she has shown us. I guess if she won she could definitely rock the bitch character. She's definitely good at trying to be in control but I haven't really seen much from her that is impressing me lately. I think it's probably time for her to go. Berets are out!

Hot, hot, hot. Just keepin' it real. I've really liked Samuel from the beginning due to his hotness. These past few weeks, he has done really well in the opening numbers and the videos. He's my other choice for the person to win on this show. His look seems to be something different compared to the others on Glee. And he kind of has this mysterious rocker thing going on that I am sexually attracted and feel it would make for an interesting character. I can't really remember but I don't think Samuel has had to sing for Ryan that's a good sign that he rules but I would love to see what Ryan has to say about him.

My final comment would be about the person who willingly left the show the other night: Cameron. He was my favorite for the longest time but the last few weeks have been rough for him...and me. I'm glad he wanted to stand up for what he believed in and did and that Ryan even respected it. And I am glad that he is now giving people a chance that really are dedicated to the show and doing what the want another chance. I'm still peeved though that he didn't realize until now that he wasn't willing to do what they wanted or do what it took to be on the show. I feel like he's robbed others that either tried out or were on the show and got voted off of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Amazing voice and delicious to look at though.

Well, that's all I have to say about that business. I hope everyone is making it through the hiatus and just remember the season 3 premiere draws nearer and nearer!

Later Gleeks,