Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday!

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Celebrating 2 Years of Operating a Glee Blog
Whit and Bon celebrating 2 years of TMB!
As you all know, this little website turned two on Friday. Obviously, true to form, we had to have a TMB reunion. (For those who don't know, Whit & I worked together where we went to school -- but we don't live near each other. A good two hour trekk away...)

Our original plan was to make a video that allowed you guys to celebrate with us. We partied hard on the TMB's birthday. But... because we got caught up in the celebration with many of our good friends, we failed to make the video. It was unfortunate. What we did do, though -- take a bunch of pictures, so at least you'll be able to catch a glimpse at the fun we had.
Whitney's sister Courtney joined in the festivities!
Which brings me to my next point -- Operating this blog has been so much fun over the last two years. Sure, it takes some time and some work. These posts don't just write themselves you know...

And we have had a lot of help from guest bloggers & friends who have taken the lead writing some gleecaps & getting promos up. But for the most part, this little website is built from Whit's and my blood, sweat, and tears... Okay that's a little dramatic. It hasn't made us bleed or sweat. It has made us cry on occasion though -- all good tears, don't worry.

Thanks to this little blog (and decent paying jobs), we have a list of things that we would never have dreamed of accomplishing, but have because two years ago we decided to buy a domain for ten bucks. 

TroutyMouth.= Two-Year Tank TopsAnd.. the back side.
1) Going to Glee Live dress rehearsals in Vegas
2) Going to Glee Live in Chicago & in New York
3) Giving the cast t-shirts
5) Going to Comic Con
6) Meeting Jenna, Naya, Matt Hodgson & Ian Brennan
7) Briefly meeting Telly, Jenna & Amber in Chicago
8) Getting followed on Twitter by some of the cast & writing staff
9) Making videos that people recognize
10) Meeting a bunch of followers whom we love dearly

TMB Glee Blog Glee Fan Site AccomplishmentsGlee Blog Site Accomplishments

I think among our favorite of our accomplishments, it's meeting you guys. Not only do we have some really great friends that we've met at concerts, in different cities, via Twitter, etc. but these meetings and conversations with you all have motivated us to stick with it. 
Glee Fan Site
The first post on
It can be a lot of work -- I don't know how some of you other fan sites out there do it! You do twice as much as we do, and you don't even sweat over it! But when we think about how much work it can be, we think about you. All of your kind comments, your sweet words, and your support over the last two years has really made it all worth it. 

So, now that we're 2 years and 2 days old, we invite you all to celebrate with us. Keep the peace, love & Glee. Keep the support with one another. And if you're over 21, have a drink with us! Because you have been a crucial part of making this blog successful, and quite frankly my dear... you deserve it!

Thanks for all the love and support, and here's to more years to come! celebration!TMB's own Trouty Mouth!

And of course, thanks so much to all of our friends and family who could help celebrate!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Glee 4x18 Promo: "Shooting Star"

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I gotta say, this "Guilty Pleasures" episode was quite great. Except for all the blam. There was a lot of blam. Almost too much blam. I just like saying blam.

Anyways, we got (another) three week hiatus, then it's time for Glee: 4x18 "Shooting Star". Get your party pants on Gleeks, because we got some fun episodes coming up!

What do you think?! Are you as excited as we are?? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog!

OH... by the way? This little website turns two tomorrow. Happy Birthday TMB!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glee 4x17 "Guilty Pleasure" Songs - First Listen!

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Obviously Whit and I are both big fans of Guilty Pleasure songs. Spice Girls...Do you not know us at all? Mamma Mia...Yes please! So, clearly this week is going to be one of our faves in terms of songs. We've only been waiting for Spice Girls for the last 82 episodes... So without further ado, here's your first listen for Glee 4x17 - "Guilty Pleasures":

Performed by: Alex Newell, Becca Tobin, Melissa Benoist, Jenna Ushkowitz & Heather Morris

Against All Odds
Performed by: Darren Criss

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Performed by: Chord Overstreet & Darren Criss

Performed by: Chord Overstreet

My Prerogative
Performed by: Jacob Artist

Performed by: Lea Michele & Dean Geyer

Mamma Mia
Performed by: Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet, Melissa Benoist, Becca Tobin & Alex Newell

What's your favorite? I gotta say, I think I'm diggin' this Mamma Mia business. Tell us what you think in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog.

-Bonnie & Whitney

Friday, March 15, 2013

Songs 'Glee' Should Cover - Requests Vol. 3

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It's March... that means it's time for new Glee song requests! Inspired by last week's BSB vs NSync mashoff, next week's Wannabe performance, course Emma Bunton hosting "I Heart Glee", and of course, being children of the 90s, this week's theme: 90s songs. BOOM.

If you don't love 90s music, you're lying to yourself. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the requests!

SONG: "Saturday Night Divas/If You Can't Dance" by The Spice Girls

WHO SINGS IT: Kurt, Rachel & Santana

SCENARIO: First of all, let's start with the disclaimer that Rachel and Kurt pushed Schue for a Spice Girls song in Season 2. And I just don't think it's fair that those two and Santana have to miss out on the glory that is Wannabe. So... New York. It's a perfect setting for a little Saturday Night Divas/If You Can't Dance mashup, right? Let's face it. They're in college. Kurt and Santana have already experiemented with their fake IDs. It's time for Rachel to pop her Fake ID cherry, and go out for a night on the town!

After Rachel and Brody break up, Kurt and Santana want to cheer her up. So, Rosario, Chaz, and Barbra Midler (subtle, Berry, real subtle), get into New York's hottest college bar for some fun, worry-free dancing... straight up Diva style. And if you can't dance, then you just can't do nothin' for them, baby... Coincidentally, all three of them find love after loss... at least for the time being at the dance club!

Rachel: If you can't dance, if you can't dance
Santana: Get down get deeper and down / Get down get deeper and down
Kurt: Saturday Night
Rachel: If you can't dance, if you can't dance,
All: If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me, baby.

Kurt: Now we got the flavour / The bad behavior / The rhythm the melody / The juice for you to savour
Santana: Rockin and vibin somebody is jivin / You need to take a tip, sort it out, get a grip
Rachel: Whenever I go out / Wherever it may be / There never is a keanu but a dweeb lookin at me
Kurt: But then even if I did score / He’s a loser in the dance floor / Take a deep breath count 1...
Santana: 2
Rachel: 3

Santana: Get down deeper and down, Get down get deeper and down.
Rachel: I'm not alone, now you're not in my mind / you were the victim of your crime / I left you behind
Kurt: Boy you were a fool, to treat me that way / Not going to let you, I'm going to forget you, there's nothing to say.
Santana: You're a twisted lover, kiss & telling on a superstar / That's what you are / Well it was Saturday night, I know the feeling was right,
I didn't know we'd get so far.

Rachel: If you can't dance, if you can't dance
Santana: Get down get deeper and down / Get down get deeper and down
Kurt: Saturday Night
Rachel: If you can't dance, if you can't dance,
All: If you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me, baby.


SONG: "Follow You Down" by Gin Blossoms


SCENARIO: Finn is feeling down. After he beat up Brody, Rachel gets upset with him and makes him leave. She tells him to go back to Lima, and work on his teaching degree and doing something valuable with his life. Without a word, he walks out the door. Little does Rachel know, he stays at a hotel for a few days while he enrolls in college and works out the details of his move. It all makes sense, you know? His step-brother is there. Burt and his mom are always traveling. New York seems like the perfect place for him to go to college.

A few days later, he walks through the streets of New York in the rain searching for answers. Music starts, and he ends up at Rachel's apartment before the chorus is sung.

Did you see the sky
I think it means that we've been lost
Maybe one less time is all we need
I can't really help it if my tongue's all tied in knots
Jumping off a bridge, it's just the farthest that I've ever been

Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
I'll follow you down, but not that far

I know we're headed somewhere, I can see how far we've come
But still I can't remember anything
Let's not do the wrong thing and I'll swear it might be fun
It's a long way down when all the knots we've tied have come undone

Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down
Anyplace but those I know by heart
Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down


SONG: "I Love You, Always Forever" by Donna Lewis

WHO SINGS IT: Ryder and Jake

SCENARIO: This love triangle obviously has it's ups and downs. Does Jake love Marley? Does Ryder love Marley? Well, who does Marley love? Has Ryder moved on? Jake, you didn't?! .... Let's face it. This is a classic Joey, Dawson, Pacey moment, and it's going to last forever. Guess what... we're totes okay with it. Marley and Jake call it quits... at least for the time being. Ryder sees this as his opportunity to swoop in. But guess what? Jake wants her back, he doesn't want her to be with anyone else. Marley's take: She just wants to be an independent woman! #preachgirl. So, with that in mind, she goes about her day, but both boys tell her they'll wait for as long as it takes. Queue this stripped down 90s classic, sung by: ::gasp:: boys!

Jake: Feels like I'm standing in a timeless dream of light mists / Of pale amber rose / Feels like I'm lost in a deep cloud of heavenly scent touching / Discovering you.
Ryder: Those days of warm rains come rushing back to me / Miles of windless summer night air / Secret moments shared in the heat of the afternoon / Out of the stillness / Soft spoken words
Jake: I love you always forever / Near and far closer together
Ryder: Everywhere I will be with you / Everything I will do for you
Jake: Say you'll love love me forever / Never stop, never whatever / Near and far and always / And everywhere and everything
Ryder: Say you'll love love me forever / Never stop, never whatever / Near and far and always / And everywhere and everything
Both: Say you'll love love me forever / Never stop, never whatever / Near and far and always / And everywhere and everything
Ryder: I love you always forever / Near and far closer together
Jake: Everywhere I will be with you / Everything I will do for you


SONG: "You Ought to Know" by Alanis Morrisette

WHO SINGS IT: Brittany

SCENARIO: Brittany found out about the Quintana hook up at the wedding, and boy is she pissed. She and Sam broke up, and in a conversation with Artie about going to visit Santana, Artie tells her that Quintana happened. And, because all the Glee kids are doing it, she shows up at the Bushwick apartment... right around dinner time or so... to tell Santana exactly how she feels about the situation. Racy, maybe? But it's in the 9:00 time slot people!

I want you to know, that I'm happy for you
I wish nothing but the best for you both
Did you forget about me Mrs. Duplicity
I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner
It was a slap in the face how quickly I was replaced
Were you thinking of me when you did her?

'cause the love that you gave that we made wasn't able
To make it enough for you to be open wide, no
And every time you speak her name
Does she know how you told me you'd hold me
Until you died, til you died
But you're still alive

And I'm here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It's not fair to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You, you, you oughta know

'cause the joke that you laid on the bed that was me
And I'm not gonna fade
As soon as you close your eyes and you know it
And every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back
I hope you feel it...well can you feel it

Well, I'm here to remind you
Of the mess you left when you went away
It's not fair to deny me
Of the cross I bear that you gave to me
You, you, you oughta know


SONG: "Damaged" - TLC

WHO SINGS IT: Rachel with Finn

SCENARIO: Rachel is sad. She's sad because she found out Brody was a mega-douche-jigalo. She's sad because she doesn't know what she wants with Finn. She's sad because she's so far away from home, and so far away from her dads. So... Instead of starting her morning routine at 5:30 with a work out and luke warm water, in a completely anti-Rachel Berry-like manner, she rolls out of bed at 10:30, goes into the bathroom, looks at her sluggish-self in the mirror, and really sings this song to herself.

At the end of the song, you spot Finn in the mirror looking at her, and the last part of the song is sung to/with him.

Rachel: I know I'm kinda strange, to you sometimes
Don't always say, what's on my mind
You know that I've been hurt, by some guy
But I don't wanna mess up this time

And I really really really care
And I really really really want you
And I think I'm kinda scared
Cos I don't want to lose you
If you really really really care
Then maybe you can hang through
I hope you understand
It's nothing to you

My heart's at a low
I'm so much to manage
I think you should know that
I've been damaged
I'm falling in love
There's one disadvantage
I think you should know that I've been damaged

I might look through your stuff, for what I don't wanna find
Or I might just set you up, to see if you're all mine
I'm a little paranoid, from what I've been through
Don't know what you got yourself into

And I really really really care

Finn:(and I care about you so much)

Rachel: And I really really really want you
Finn: (I really do want you)
Rachel: And I think I'm kinda scared
Finn: (but I'm scared with every touch)
Rachel: Cos I don't want to lose you
Finn: (cos I don't want to lose you)
Rachel: If you really really really care
Finn: (I really care like I say)
Rachel: Then maybe you can hang through
Finn: (I know I can hang through)
Rachel: I hope you understand
Finn: (I will understand)
Rachel: It's nothing to you
Finn: (it's nothing to me, me)

Rachel: My heart's at a low (low)
I'm so much to manage
I think you should know that (I think you should know)
I've been damaged
I'm falling in love (I'm falling in love)
There's one disadvantage
I think you should know that I've been damaged (I think you should know that)


And because we can't get enough of the 90s, and there are far too many songs... and we just couldn't pass up this opportunity... SONG BONUS! Inspired by you guys!

SONG: "Come to My Window" - Melissa Ethridge

WHO SINGS IT: Santana with Brittany

SCENARIO: Santana is really hurt by Brittany's reaction to Quinntana. And she feels really guilty. After all, she is the one that broke up with Brittany in the first place. She wants to make things right, so with all the money she's made from her job working at Coyote Ugly, she hops on the red eye back to Lima.

Flash to Brittany's bedroom, where a scorned Brittany is laying on her bed in the middle of the night. She can't sleep at all. All the sudden, you hear rocks hitting her window. Brittany sits up thinking it's Lord Tubbington trying to sneak out for a gang meeting. When he's nowhere to be seen, she realizes it's coming from the window. The music starts playing, she opens the window, and there's Santana ready to sing the duet they never got to sing.

As the song progresses, Santana crawls through Britt's window. By the last chorus, Santana crawls into bed with Brittany as Brittany falls asleep in her arms.

Santana: Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light
Of the moon
Come to my window
I'll be home soon

I would dial the numbers
Just to listen to your breath
I would stand inside my hell
And hold the hand of death
You don't know how far I'd go
To ease this precious ache
You don't know how much I'd give
Or how much I can take

Just to reach you
Just to reach you
Just to reach you

Come to my window
Crawl inside, wait by the light
Of the moon
Come to my window
I'll be home soon

Brittany: I don't care what they think
I don't care what they say
What do they know about this
Love anyway

Santana: Come, come to my window
I'll be home
I'll be home
I'll be home
I'm coming home!

Come to my window,
Crawl inside, wait by the light
Of the moon
Come to my window
I'll be home soon


What do you think? Let us know what songs YOU'D choose in your Glee song requests, and maybe we'll incorporate them into next month's edition! Leave comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog!

If you haven't seen our other Glee Song Requests, check out Volume 1 and Volume 2!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Glee 4x17 Promo: "Guilty Pleasures"

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I loved last night's Glee episode. BSB vs. N*Sync was everything I thought it could be and more. But now... the moment we've all been waiting for... Spice Girls. Hummigash, my feels. Here's your promo to 4x17: "Guilty Pleasures":

Ohhhkay. Also, can we talk about Blam for a minute? Britt was noticeably missing from last night's episode. I smell trouble in paradise (because Sam wants him some Blaine)... just throwing that out there. I ship Blam and I ship Blina. Get used to it America. What are your thoughts on next week's "Guilty Pleasures" episode?! Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gleecap: Glee 4x15 - 'Girls (and Boys) on Film' Recap

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I know we haven't been keeping up with the gleecaps lately, and that's because in all honesty you should never miss an episode of Glee, and because of that, we just stopped doing gleecaps for a whole two weeks, just to see how you'd react, but really we just ended up letting you down, and so now you're missing episodes and you can't get caught up, because we're being irresponsible, and really it just ends up being a monumental fail on all parts. So, in case you missed last week's 4x15 "Girls (and Boys) on Film", here's what you have to catch up on with Glee:

The show opens with a black and white dream sequence where Will & Emma are singing You're All The World To Me. It was a cool number, but these dream sequences are hard to keep up with.

Schue wakes up and decides to turn this emotional roller coaster into his inspiration for the Glee Club's weekly lesson: Songs in Film, which... in true Schuester fashion has to be done as a boys vs. girls mash off competition. So. Do with that what you will... (When did Schue come back to be the New Directions coach? I know he came back for the wedding, but did I miss the part where he came back for good? The part where he told Finn to sit down, he's back? This is what I get for not keeping up with the Gleecaps...)

By the way, Artie's doing a micro-budget film (maybe, this is going to lead somewhere else... I see a future storyline unraveling...). The winner of the mash-off gets to star in it...

Finn, consumed with guilt, decides it's in his best interest to track Emma down for Will. He starts with Sue, who is NOT fond of helping this "flop-sweat smelling, fake-teen teaching, army-deserting, high-school-lurking, Sectionals-losing, special-needs-baby hating..." (kid?) so... He asks Artie for help. Who logically suggests starting with her parents... ding! ding! ding! What do we have for him Johnny?! He and Artie (later in the episode) disguise themselves as serious gingers & find out her whereabouts.

In the meantime, in an attempt to make the 500th number all-inclusive and fun, Britt and Blaine catch up with the New Directions and decide they want to kick off movie week with Shout from Animal House. It was a fun scene. And Happy 500th Glee!

Let's not forget to switch to NYC every now and then, because this episode really marked the highlight of Santana's career at New York... which leads me to this: Santana, Kurt (and Adam.. from the Apples), and Rachel are snowed in. So they decide to start a movie marathon, and after a brief confrontation where Rachel asks Santana to leave because she's making her (and Brody) feel uncomfortable in her (and Kurt's) sanctuary... Santana narrows the movie selection down to Knocked Up, Rosemary's Baby, and She's Having a Baby... I sense a theme here... If you missed "I Do", well... Anyways, Rachel doesn't want to watch those, so Moulin Rouge it is!

Let's switch to another dream sequence scene... Blaine and Kurt singing Come What May on top of their roof in Bushwick. Then it comes back to reality, where is snuggled with Adam and Rachel, crying at his imaginary dream. When prompted, he said he was having contact issues. Santana in true-Lopez fashion responds with "Really? I thought you were crying because you always said that you and Blaine would sing that to each other at your wedding."

Then... in even more phenomenal Lopez-Fashion, Santana starts rattling on about Brody, noting to the others that "That Brody character is a freakin' psycho.... When I first met him, totally thought he was weird. He smelt all talcumy, like a Cabbage Patch Doll. And then he said I wasn't a real New Yorker until I had my first makeover, and I was like 'what does that even mean?! Like who are you?!" and this continued for an entertaining five minutes or so. What we learn... Santana thinks Brody is a drug dealer because she found $1200 cash and a pager in his pockets as she rattled through all of their pockets and drawers in the house.

Side note: this is one of my favorite Santana lines of all time, and let's be real... this episode was packed FULL of them: "Okay, I like how you guys pretend to be all accepting about everything, but when your friend suddenly shows up in your home, moves in, and goes through all your stuff, you're offended?! [MVP award, for sure].

And as if these last two NYC points weren't good enough, Santana continues to question Brody's whereabouts, so Rachel calls him. All the while Rachel's on the phone, Santana's pretending to grind up some coke with a credit card, snort it up, and act all crazy. I gotsta admit, Santana has found her calling: antagonize Rachel Berry in her home. It makes for great fun! Anyways, Brody is abrupt and Kurt agrees with Santana.... Drug dealer.

Back in Ohio, the boys perform their mashup of Tom Cruise movies: Danger Zone/Old Time Rock 'n Roll. It was good. Though it didn't serve much of a purpose.

In between the boys mashup and the girls mashup, Kitty and Marley have a little exchange where Kitty admits to being mean behind Marley's back and in front of her face, but since they both like hanging out with Jews together, they should be friends. So Marley decides it's a good idea to tell Kitty that Ryder kissed her even though she's dating little Puck. Uh oh.

Cut to the girls mashup of Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl, which was a little awkward and weird, and happened to be the same exact mashup from Moulin Rouge. Original? No. But that's alright I guess.

Back at NYADA, Kurt and Adam have a heart to heart in which Adam basically asks Kurt if he's over Blaine... to which Kurt replies that he desperately wants to be... Adam was pleased, but it didn't sound like a "yes" to me...

Finn tells Will where Emma is. So the New Directions and Will decide to go to Emma's sister's house where she's staying to recreate the scene from Say Anything, performing In Your Eyes with a boom box over his head. In my opinion this was okay, but the Will and Emma exchange was uncomfortable. Ultimately Emma says she ran because she didn't know Will anymore, and they decide to start from scratch and go see a movie next week. Ughhh. It's like the relationship that will never progress... Ever.

Back in New York, Santana waltzes back into the apartment claiming she's found her people... to which I agree 100%... but Rachel doesn't seem enthused. Santana questions her about "the stick" (again... just go catch up on these episodes will ya? We're talking about a pregnancy test that Santana found while rooting through the bathroom trash can), and Rachel just responds by crying. Santana holds her, like the true friend she is... and says "It's okay. You're going to be okay. It's going to be okay." Basically it just melts your little heart and makes you instantly forgive Santana for all the Berry-Brody-Bashing she's been doing.

Jake owns up to his lack of Valentine's Day ideas. So he takes her into the pottery room at McKinley, and he sings Unchained Melody to her, while they pot... together. Although Marley starts dreaming up Ryder (seriously, what is it with these imagination scenes here? I feel like I should be on coke... or pot... [lulz, puns] to figure it out!)

When the song concludes, Marley admits to knowing it was Ryder. She also admits to Ryder kissing her... and her letting Ryder kiss her... Jake leaves... Quietly.

Then back in the choir room, Will announces in true Ryan Murphy-Fashion (cc: The Glee Project, S1) that EVERYON is the winner of the mash-off competition. Good luck writing a micro-budget film for that one, Artie.

The New Directions is unamused... because really, why bother having competitions when they all win, or according to Sugar, lose, anyways? Whatever.

Meanwhile, Finn calls Will into the hall to tell him that he kissed Emma... (to which you reply 'WHAT?!?!' Because we missed episode 4x14's Gleecap. Seriously, would you just watch the damn show?!) And then Will leaves.... Quietly. Jeez people. Say something, would ya?

And... because it's relevant and all of our questions were answered [lulz, sarcasm], we jump right into Footloose... which, is fun anyways...

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

-Bonnie and Whitney

Monday, March 11, 2013

Glee 4x16 "Fued" Songs - First Listen!

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I can't believe that this season is flying by so fast! We're already at episode 15, we've surpassed the 500th number, and we're headed toward graduation faster than I can sing "Don't Stop Believin'"!

This week, the song choices are great, and I cannot wait to see how they play out in the episode. Literally - BSB vs N*Sync? Talk about the ultimate showdown! Here's your first listen to Glee 4x16: "Fued":

Performed by: Blake Jenner & Jacob Artist

How To Be a Heartbreaker
Performed by: Lea Michele & Dean Geyer

Cold Hearted
Performed by: Naya Rivera

The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up
Performed by: Blake Jenner & Alex Newell

I Still Believe/Super Bass
Performed by: Darren Criss & Jane Lynch

Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way
Performed by: Cory Monteith & Matthew Morrison

Two words for you: Jane Lynch. That is all. What do you think of the songs, Gleeks? Leave your comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog.

-Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Glee 4x16 Promo: "Fued"

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That episode actually really pulled at my heart strings a little bit. I loved it. Now... I can't wait for the ultimate Fued.. N*Sync vs. BSB. Here's your promo for Glee 4x16: "Fued":

Cannot wait! Seriously, this Fued, better be big time! What do you think?! Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog!

Yay for no more hiatuses for a few weeks!

-Bonnie & Whitney

Monday, March 4, 2013

Glee 4x15 "Girls (and Boys) on Film" Songs - First Listen!

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Finally the hiatus is over. I don't know if you remember where we left off, but things got a little crazy last episode! So, we're definitely interested to see where things go next! So, without further ado, here's your Glee: 4x15 "Girls (and Boys) on Film" First Listen!

You're All The World To Me
Performed by: Matthew Morrison & Jayma Mayes

Unchained Melody
Performed by: Blake Jenner & Jacob Artist

In Your Eyes
Performed by: Matthew Morrison with the New Directions

Performed by: Darren Criss & Heather Morris

Come What May
Performed by: Darren Criss & Chris Colfer

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl
Performed by: Alex Newell, Melissa Benoist, Jenna Ushkowitz, Becca Tobin, & Heather Morris

Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone
Performed by: Chord Overstreet, Kevin McHale, Blake Jenner, Jacob Artist, & Darren Criss

Performed by: The New Directions

What do you think of the songs, Gleeks? Leave your comments below or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog.

-Bonnie & Whitney