Thursday, March 31, 2011


While I was checking out some videos online today, I came across this little beauty from the X-Factor over in the UK of (most) of the Glee cast singing "Don't Stop Believin'" and I will be honest and say that it gave me goosebumps and made me smile like a small child while watching it. Those intros before the cast starts singing are just..amazing. Enjoy!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks for Reminding Us, Santana....

...Of why we love you.

Ok, so we haven't had any new episodes since "Original Song", but they are playing some of our most favorite episodes. For instance, tonight, they played Episode 2x9 "Special Education", and as you all should know from our Perfongs Section, you know that this is one of my favorite episodes for the simple fact that it contains my all-time favorite Glee performance: Valerie. I'll get to that later.

So much happens in this episode, that I totally forgot about. Not to mention, it's super exciting to watch it after everything has already happened by the Regionals episode. I'll break it down in sections: Finn & Rachel, Will & Emma, and Brittany & Artie.

Finn and Rachel
In this episode, Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana. The only reason she did find out was because Santana, as her normal (excuse my French) bitchy self, told Rachel out of spite. Topping it off with the fact that he bought her dinner afterward. Boy was Rachel peeved. So, how does she get back at him? Through Puck. Big Mistake Rachel. Did you not learn anything from Quinn's unwanted teen pregnancy in season 1? Don't get with Puck when you're involved with Finn!

Through this episode, you can understand through the reactions of each Finn and Rachel that they both care deeply about one another, but after everything, have they each gone too far? I mean between Finn's history with Puck and Rachel being upset with "the Santana of it all", can it be resolved? I didn't think so until "Original Song"... Now I'm starting to question it...

Will and Emma
Keep in mind that this episode originally aired just after the Rocky Horror episode, which as Whitney so graciously suggested in the post below, is where Will gets uber creepy. So, when Will asks Emma to be his "Plus One" for Sectionals, it is no surprise. After that, Emma breaks his heart by telling him that she could not go to Sectionals, because she didn't want to hurt Carl. What did come as a surprise in this episode was to find out that Emma further broke Will's heart when she tells him that she and Carl got married over the Sectionals weekend in Vegas... And naturally, Will is uber upset when he finds out. Whoops! Poor Will... Or maybe not... As we know from "Original Song", things start to turn Will's way after all...

Artie and Brittany
This may be my favorite couple-storyline of the whole episode. 1) The magic comb. After Will tells Mike and Brittany that they will be showcased in Sectionals for their dancing, Brittany (knowing that she's more talented than everyone else in Glee Club [Thank you Britney Spears]) let's the pressure get to her. Thanks to Artie, she feels much better about it after he gives her the "Magic Comb". 2) The fact that Artie thought Brittany was cheating on her. Mostly, I just love that Brittany thought that committing adultery was being stupid-- like being a dolt. Baha! Anyways, I loved this story line, because I enjoyed seeing how well Brittany and Artie work together.

This episode comes 5 episodes after their origination in "Duets", but their story line really develops over this time. So, when Artie thinks that Brittany is cheating on him, it's laughable, because we all know she would never cheat on him... Unless the plumming is different, as we find out in "Sexy". Is the Artie-Brittany relationship going to run its course because of Santana, or will they continue to work well together...

Other Notables
This is the episode that the character of Lauren Zizes originates. This is where it all begins. Though she had been cast as a guest spot in previous episodes, this is where she becomes a part of Glee club. And (surprise, surprise), it's because of Puck. They were destined to be together!

Valerie. Naturally. This is my favorite performance, so I have to mention it. Dancing: impeccable. Singing: amazing. Could it get any better? Probably not.

The look that Will gives after the Valerie performance is finished. It's a look of surprise, awe, and accomplishment. It's a look that says "We're going to Regionals".

Santana. I have to mention Santana here, not only because we love her, but because she kind of runs this episode. She was the one to note the fact that Puck had been missing, she caused the Finn and Rachel debacle happen, and she was the first to tell Mr. Schue that the Glee club had heard about Mrs. Emma Pillsbury-Howell... Not to mention, she was the one to sing my favorite song of the entire series, so...

Glee: Well done on creating a master-sectionals episode. And thank you for replaying it during your little hiatus. It's helped me to resent this break a little less, because you've played this amazing episode. It is epic, and it is really interesting to see it now, after we know what happens by episode 2x16. Thanks Glee!

In the word (no 's' necessary) of Sue Sylvester: Have an outstanding day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Is All Around

After re-watching the first season of Glee and some of the second over again, I've been dying to state my opinions on one Will Schuester and every thing that is happening with him: Terri, Holly, Emma and Carl. This could take awhile…hopefully I can keep this somewhat in order.

Will/Terri/Emma (and a little bit of Shelby Corcoran)
Ahh..the good ol days when Will was with Satan's mistress (Terri) and Emma was obsessed with him. These were the times when I was the happiest with William. Terri drove me crazy while also providing me with a few laughs. But when she faked her pregnancy and Will found out, I was one of many probably screaming "DIVORCE! DIVORCE!" at the TV screen. I quickly just assumed Terri was gone when Will finally kissed Emma in Sectionals but then…HORROR!

Emma and Will go on a date in Hell-O and things end up getting a little intimate and by the end of their heated session, Emma cannot go through with sleeping with Will because she reveals to him that she hasn't ever had sex because it makes her uncomfortable and she hasn't found the right person yet. Then in The Power of Madonna, Emma decides that she wants to take control over her body and sleep with Will. However, she's much too terrified of the hose monster to follow through, so there is another opportunity missed.

After that happened, Will told her that he didn't want to date anyone until his divorce was final and then proceeded to suggest that Emma get some help with her OCD and fear of….stuff. After Will says no dating…he goes ahead and decides that he wants himself a little piece of the Vocal Adrenaline coach, Shelby Corcoran. They only end up making out so really..but in Bad Reputation, Emma catches wind of this and is upset due to the fact that Will said no dating until he was divorced so she calls him a slut. Brava, Emma. By the end of the first season, Will is wanting him some Emma her dentist, Carl Howell. I don't recall Will doing anything too creepy at the end of this season which means that I probably was still telling him to go and fight for his woman! And that was before we saw…John Stamos - er, I mean Carl.

Will..You're Creepin' Me Out
So, I think this brings us to season 2 and this is where I cannot handle Schue anymore. I was normally upset by his dancing and rapping but I could move passed it.  Now, the fact that he is a full on Stage 5 Clinger, just really creeps me out and I fear for Emma. The season begins with us knowing that Emma is with Carl and Will is still after Emma. He is full on creepin' in Britney/Brittany when he is 1) trying to be the hotness that is Carl (Uncle Jesse) i.e. buying the same car as him and creepily singing Sailing  to her in it and 2) performing with the students during Toxic. It wasn't even the fact that he was grinding on students that made me uncomfortable, it was the fierce looks that he was shooting Emma's way.

Stop it, Will!

And just when you didn't think it could get any worse than the photo above…wrong. It does. The Rocky Horror Glee Show happened and it happened hard. Will gets the students to perform this musical only because Emma raves about how much her and Carl love it. Okay fine Will, I'll accept the fact that you are just trying to impress and win Emma back over by sharing similar interests. Oh but what is this….

All rights to Fox and Ryan Murphy Productions

Before moving on, I would like to say that Santana and Brittany in the video = hilarious. Okay, so Schue…your body is amazing. If your facial expressions weren't similar to that of Edward Cullen when him and Bella get within 100 feet of each other, I might accept this performance but you are making me sick. Just…too desperate man.

In The Substitute, we see a new character that is Holly Holiday and Will relapsing by having sex with….Terri! Ahhhh….nooooo…horrible choice. Terri catches Will hanging out with Holly at his apartment and she immediately flips out and he tells her that it was a mistake that they had sex. Fast forward to the episode Blame It On The Alcohol. I wasn't even going to bother with this episode but then I remembered the drunk message that was left by the teen vomit fetishist himself that began with him saying, "Heeeeeeey lady…" and then proceeding to say that he rode a mechanical bull tonight and while he was doing so, he was thinking of Emma. So..that's all I have to say about that.

And finally we are approaching the end….the episodes of Sexy and Original Song. In Sexy, Holly Holiday is back and hilarious! And Will is hitting on her in a fierce way! You can tell that there is something going on there because he is laughing in excess at her jokes and looking at her like he's going to kidnap her. Then after the perform Kiss, he says, "I'm so into you." and then I threw up everywhere because that is a HORRIBLE LINE! Ughh..I was just mortified when I heard him say that. I'm still embarrassed about it. Then during the Landslide performance, those two were making eyes at each other in a less creepy manner that I could be down with. By the end of this ep, these two decide to give it a shot and start seeing each other. Which leads me to my next real quick reference to Original Song, will receives a phone call from Holly….so yay.

You've Reached the End
We know Holly comes back in at least one more episode so I'm anxious to see what happens with that and what happens with Emma and Carl and to see if Will can finally get Emma back in a non-stalker manner.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Love You, Burt Hummel

We've been following Kurt since day one. From coming out, to pretending he's straight, to having a crush on Finn, to being bullied, then to finally finding a boyfriend (we'll touch on our thoughts on 'Klaine' in some future posts), we've really enjoyed watching Chris Colfer's character develop. In the early episodes of Glee, we found out that Kurt's mother had passed away when he was a child. So, he was mostly raised by his father, Burt Hummel, who has become a supporting character that we've all really grown to love.

Burt Hummel can take full credit for making Kurt a gentleman. The two of them have this spectacular relationship that most kids would dream of having with their parents. Burt shows his love to Kurt through everything he does. I'd like to break down my favorite Burt-Kurt interactions based on episode:

In episode 1x9 "Wheels", Burt Hummel receives a phone call where someone calls Kurt a fag. Now, I hate that words as much as anyone else, but Burt's reaction really stuck with me. You could really feel how ticked off he was a that person who called. Later in the episode, he sticks up for Kurt to Will Schuester, which allows Kurt to audition for Defying Gravity (Kurt wasn't allowed to audition because it was a part that was traditionally sung by a girl). Kurt wanted to sing that song so badly, and Burt made it happen for him. Despite how badly he wanted to sing it, though, Kurt blew the audition, because of the phone call his dad had received earlier in the episode. He did not want to invite any "hate" into his Dad's life, that may have resulted if he had sung that song. This is one of many Burt-Kurt interactions that I love so much. This interaction shows that the two of them would do anything for one another, despite their personal feelings about the situation.

Burt is a real "guys-guy". He is a blue-collar worker, he's a mechanic in his own auto-shop, and he loves sports... you wouldn't think he'd be the kind of guy to embrace having a gay son. But he does, and he does it well. In episode 1x20 "Theatricality", Burt asks Finn and his mother to move in with them. As Finn and Kurt have to share a room, the tension between the two escalates quickly. During the episode, Finn mentions that the stuff Kurt was putting in their room was "faggy". Burt practically made me cry with what came next. Since I cannot put it into words, I'll just let you see it for yourself.

Disclaimer: This is the only example that I could find, which isn't necessarily the best quailty. If you want to only see the "Burt" part in the clip, it starts at 1:30, right after Finn starts calling things "faggy").

As I have been re-watching the earlier episodes of season 2, primarily "Grilled Cheesus" (Episode 2x3), you can really feel how much Kurt cares for his father, too. Not only does Kurt stick by Burt's side through his heart attack, you can really feel the pain he is going through throughout the entirety of the episode, as he takes much of his anger out on fellow glee members. One of the most emotional performances I have seen on the show is during this episode when Kurt sings I Want to Hold Your Hand. Incredibly emotional.

The latest Burt-Kurt interaction that I have enjoyed is in episode 2x15 "Sexy". Kurt is a hopeless romantic, and incredibly moral, something Burt expresses comes from his mother. In turn, Kurt doesn't really know much about sex. Burt takes it into his own hands to explain sex to Kurt, and I think he does an impeccable job. Explaining sex to your children is probably something that no parent wants to do. Explaining sex to your homosexual son is probably something that no parent wants to do, mostly because they don't know anything about it. Burt takes matters into his own hands by finding proper educational pamphlets to inform Kurt about the, as Burt says, "mechanics" and about the dangers of sex for gay kids. This interaction was done so tastefully, and it shows so much love from father to son.

Needless to say, Burt Hummel has become one of our favorite supporting actors here at Trouty Mouth. His devotion to being a good father, and his relationship with Kurt is one of the most affective relationships on the show. To Burt Hummel, I say Brava. Brava!

Hope to see more of this fantastic TV dad soon! Hope you have an unbe-glee-vable night!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello Missouri

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The writers of Trouty Mouth are from the great state of Missouri. Now, Missouri doesn't get much lovin' in TV. Most people probably don't even know how wonderful Missouri is. (Except the weather. The weather really sucks). Oh snap! That's a lie. Glee knows what's up.

Glee has made several Missouri references throughout the last two seasons. First of all, they reference Branson. Having grown up spending summers in Branson, this could be my favorite reference of all of them. If you can't make it on Broadway, go to Branson! Or, if you want the country version of Broadway, go to Branson. Will talks to April Rhodes about trying to make it in Branson twice. Glorious!

Second favorite reference wasn't a direct reference, but it represented nonetheless. Can I get a shout out to my boy Nelly? I'm from the Lou, and I'm proud, so to hear the Glee cast sing Ride Wit Me by Nelly! I died a little, I think, because I was so happy. This is one of my all-time favorite songs by my hometown celeb, and I thought the way the Glee cast performed this song was so much fun and out of the ordinary for them.

Third reference wasn't anything special. We just like to hear them talk about Missouri! In season 1, Will references the Missouri Compromise, which technically isn't just a Missouri reference, but hey, the name is in there!

Finally, and this is another great reference, because it is attributed to one of our Fab Five favorites-- Coach Beiste. That's right, before Coach Beiste came to WMHS, she won her fifth consecutive All-Missouri High School Football Championship! That's right, Shannon the Cannon, you represent!

Maybe one of these days the Glee cast will come to Missouri to show some love to this great state that they attribute so much to in these episodes. I'll tell you what, if they do, I'll be the first in line!

Hope your weekend is filled with Glee! I know mine will be!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slushee Whiplash

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Glee addiction. It's a real thing people. I've been re-watching Season 1 these past few weeks and then watching (and sometimes listening to them..when I'm at work) any episodes from Season 2 that I can access. While I want new episodes right now, I just have to accept the re-runs and wait patiently. While watching the rerun of "The Substitute" earlier this week, there was an April promo that aired. And what I saw...was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Amazing..because I love Glee. Heartbreaking because of the slushee whiplash that one Santana Lopez suffered. Prepare yourselves...


Our Favorite Episodes

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Everyone loves Glee. If they say they don't, they are lying. Season 2 has been great so far, and it seems to just be getting better and better. In fact, of our all time favorite episodes, the last three have made the list. Let's break it down:

Episode 2x14 "Blame It on the Alcohol"
What's not to love about this episode? This is the episode where I decided I have to be friends with these people.

First of all, the Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza: Priceless! I love that she handed out drink tickets for wine coolers. Who does that? Only Rachel Berry. Plus, what was she wearing? Fits her rigid-ness perfectly.

Then the party itself. I thought the breakdown of the drunk patterns the girls fall into was hysterical. Weepy girl drunk: Santana. Hilarious, especially when she sobbed on stage when Mr. Schue said "Alcohol poisoning kills over 400 people per year." Hilarious, Santana, hilarious. Angry girl drunks: Quinn and Zizes. You know we love us some Zizes over here at Trouty Mouth (And who wouldn't? We, too, spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S). When she said to Puck, "Who told you that haircut was cool? Geronimo?" I died from laughing so hard. Girl who turns into a stripper drunk: Brittany. What I loved so much about that was that Artie was throwing money at her like he was a pimp. Shoot. Artie is a []D[][]V[][]D!

Let's move on. Beiste: "You ain't lived til you see me in a cowboy haaaaat! Ba Der Der!" Let's just say, Coach Beiste. I've lived, and I am so glad to have lived. Will Schuester: You're creepy when you drink. It's probably a good idea you've decided to stop drinking, because we can't take anymore "Heeeeeeey there, Sexy Lady" drunk dials.

Last, but not least, the "Key 'dollar sign' ha" performance. Heather Morris: you are a god. Seriously. The dancing was flawless, and the singing was spectacular. They couldn't have done it any better.

Episode 2x15 "Sexy"
Two words: Gwyneth Paltrow. I love Holly Holliday's character. To be honest, I didn't know I would be such a huge fan of Gwyn (we're on a first name basis now), but I have come full circle, and because of Glee, Gwyneth has earned some major cred in my books!

The hilarity of Emma being a virgin is pure gold... and the fact that she's so naive. For instance, the "Afternoon Delight" performance. There is really no other way to explain it except golden, especially when she tells Rachel, "Afternoon Delight is a pie. It's made with coconut, pineapple, and marshmallow fluff!" I also loved when she said she was afraid of the hose monster, and when she said that "Sex is not for kids and it's not for adults!"

Even though this episode was totally entertaining from the hysterical one-liners, it was nice to see the serious side in this episode. Mostly because we're huge Santana fans over here at Trouty Mouth (as if you didn't know), and it was cool to see her vulnerable side. Now we'll express our thoughts on the Santittany saga later, but you do have to feel bad for Santana. And it was kinda nice to see her so vulnerable, as opposed to her typical "bitch" self (even though we still saw some of that, and it was just as awesome). Damn emotions. Not to mention, Glee's rendition of Landslide was exceptional. From what I read, even Stevie Nicks was impressed when she visited the set.

Episode 2x16 "Original Song"
Now we come full circle to the Original Song episode. While Trouty Mouth was clearly my favorite of the original songs, I definitely loved every single one of them. This reminds me of where my love for Glee started. You really see the vocal range of everyone in this episode, especially Rachel. Lea Michele obviously has a gorgeous voice, but in Get it Right, she gave me goosebumps. I also think that Loser Like Me was the perfect anthem for the Glee club. My favorite part? Sue's reaction to the line that "All of the dirt you’ve been throwin’ my way". Clearly, a response to the dirt she threw it Brittana's lockers.

Even though this episode wasn't as witty (except with Trouty Mouth, of course) as the other two, it was still a top favorite. It brings back the old Glee feeling that we all love so much.

Oh.Em.Glee, after typing this lengthy post, I just might have to go watch all three of them again for the 18th time. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to make the episodes following, just as good. Ha. Who are we kidding, it's Glee! We know they'll be just as good!

I'm sure Whitney would agree with my posts, but if there's any dispute, or anything I forgot to mention, by all means girrrrl. Shout out for making TM look purty, homie!

Chat soon! Have a Glee-worthy day! Dig it!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to Trouty Mouth!

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Oh.Em.Glee! The official Trouty Mouth Glee blog is officially launched. We'll talk news, gleewinds, quotes, faves... everything pertaining to Glee, especially the hilarity that is Santittany. Or Brittana. Whichever you'd prefer. Here's the inspiration behind our blog: Trouty Mouth, sung by the very talented Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera).

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