Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gleecap: Glee 3x03 - 'Asian F' Recap

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The cast wasn't kidding. Neither was Kristin Dos Santos. "Asian F" was the best episode of Glee... ever. So, in case you were hiding under a rock, or lost somewhere outside your mind, here's what you missed on "Asian F":

Will spots Emma's Bride Magazine stash... so he shows her his porn stash? New low for Will Schuester...

Mike got an A- in Chemistry. His dad wants Mike to go to Harvard, and since he got an Asian F, his dad thinks he's on drugs, or has too many extracurriculars. So he tells Mike to quit Glee... but Mike says he'll pay for his own Chemistry tutor instead.

Tina is a vampire again... #Yes

Beiste is making the football team dance in West Side Story

Shane encourages Mercedes to take control of her divaness. So she sings "Spotlight" - KILLT it!

Brittany does "Run the World (Girls)" Flash Mob for her Senior Class president campaign. KILLT IT EVEN MORE #HeatherMorrisCanIBeYou

Beiste, Emma, and Artie can't decide on Maria, so they invite them back for a callback.

Mike goes to see a tutor, and as he is on his way, he stops to rehearse his dance... but he sees his dad who discourages him from dancing. Then he sees Tina and she encourages him to dance. #TinaMadeMeCry

Mike tries out for the musical, singing and dancing to "Cool" - KILLT IT!!!!!!!

Will gets upset that Emma hasn't introduced her to her parents. So Beiste tells him to introduce himself... which he does, by inviting them over for dinner. During dinner, he finds out that Emma's parents are "Ginger Supremacists". Will goes off on her parents for being racist, and for calling Emma a freak. Emma is touched.

Kurt thinks Blaine is going to get the role of Tony

In Booty Camp, Finn & Mercedes struggle, particularly Mercedes... and THEN: "It's All Over" -- EVERYONE KILLT IT!!!

Mercedes walked out on Booty Camp. Mr. Schue told her she couldn't come back.

Mike gets caught practicing dance with him Mom. His mom tells him not to give up on his dreams and tells him she supports his tryout in the musical. He learns that she actually gave up on her dream of dancing. Then Mike and his mom dance. It was cute.

Diva Off: "Out Here on My Own" was sung. Everyone Watched... You KNOW what I'm gonna say next: Lea & Amber... KILLT IT!!!

Rachel thinks Mercedes is better than her.

Kurt and Rachel have a powerful argument about why each should win class president (Yes, you heard right... Rachel wants to run for Class president). Kurt wants to change the world. Rachel wants to get into NYADA. It was sad.

Cute Wemma moment a the end... You're given a little insight to Emma's OCD. Will holds Emma while she cries and he sings Coldplay's "Fix You" -- I cried.


They double cast Maria. Then, Mercedes gives it up to Rachel. So Rachel is playing Maria... sort of by default.

Mike is cast for Riff. Santana is cast for Anita. And Blaine... is cast for Tony.

The real kicker: Mercedes joins Shelby Corchoran's Glee Club.

...And that's what you missed... on the most powerful & epic episode of Glee... ever.

Oh... and PS - Trending topics on Twitter tonight, relating to Glee: Ginger Supremacists, Beiste, Ace of Cakes, Heather Morris, Mike Chang, Who Run The World, Effie, Rachel Berry, DreamGirls.


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