Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gleecap: Glee 3x09 - 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' Recap

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I don't know why anyone would miss a holiday special on Glee, when you know that the holiday specials are always so much fun, and they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially this one, even though there wasn't much of a plot line, and you really didn't miss all that much of a story line, but still you should never miss an episode of Glee but in case you did here's what you missed:

It's Christmas, so Rachel wants Finn to get her all the best things for Christmas. Especially after he donates a pig to families in Africa to his vegetarian girlfriend. Even though he's a broke high school kid, and doesn't really know how to buy her anything awesome. At least Rachel embraced the pig & named her Barbra... she's fabulous. The pig, I mean.

Sue, despite her hatred for the Glee Club, wants them to come volunteer at a homeless shelter to serve food and help out and sing. It's a sweet gesture, and they obviously agree without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Will books the Glee Club on the local "Christmas Special" for TV. Even better, he books Artie to direct it. Downside? It falls on the same day that they were supposed to help out at the homeless shelter.

Artie gets all mean director because he thinks the Christmas songs people have been singing are too depressing (i.e. "Blue Christmas", sung by Rory & "River" sung by Rachel)

Sam thinks that the depressing part of Christmas is what makes Christmas special, making you realize all of your blessings. He gets upset that they're doing the Christmas special, so he leaves.

Rachel and Blaine show off the happier side of Christmas with a Glee Club original, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas".

Queue the Christmas Special. Setting: Blaine & Kurt's house. They're best friends and holiday roommates. Story: Having a Christmas party & invited all their friends, even though there's a snow storm on. Background: In a dream, Chewbacca came to Artie & it inspired him to model the Christmas Special after two of the best ever made: Judy Garlands 1963 Christmas Special & the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Insert a bunch of awesome songs. Kurt & Blaine sing "Let it Snow". Kurt, Blaine, Rachel & Mercedes sing "My Favorite Things". Finn & Puck sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" while dressed like Star Wars characters. Brittany sings "Christmas Wrapping" while Santana, Tina and the Cheerios Dance and Mike plays Santa Claus. Then it ends with a beautiful moment when Rory the Elf reads the Christmas Story - The real Christmas Story - the one that represents the true meaning of Christmas.

Sam and Quinn don't participate in the Christmas Special. Instead they help Sue at the homeless shelter.

Inspired by the true meaning of Christmas, the Glee Club takes the food leftover from the Christmas Special and go to the Homeless Shelter to help out. Queue "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Sad. Yet beautiful.

After Finn named a star (appropriately named him Finn) for Rachel's Christmas present, he also buys her diamond earrings. She had apparently bought him an iPod. Together they decide that they don't need those gifts, sell them back, and donate the money to the Salvation Army donation stand that Sam and Rory are volunteering to ring bells for.

And that's what you missed... on Glee!

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