Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jeff Goldblum on Glee & Broadway, Oh My!

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So what did we all think of Mr. Berrys last night? We for one (two?) loved them. In fact, we don't think that they could have cast their dads any better. For 2 and a half seasons, we've been hearing about Rachel's two gay dads and we had our beliefs about how awesome they are, but Jeff Goldblum & Brian Stokes Mitchell were perfect.

Especially Jeff Goldblum. There's no one else like this guy. Delivering hilarious lines perfectly, being the voice of reason when the plan to get Rachel & Finn to call off the engagement, and looking dapper as ever, no one would have played Hiram Berry better than Jeff Goldblum.

After Goldblum's guest starring role on Glee, we'll see him return to the Broadway stage this spring in the hit comedy Seminar. Goldblum was last seen on Broadway in 2005, and we couldn't be more excited for him to make his return to the wonderful world of Broadway. Replacing the great Alan Rickman, we will see Goldblum take the stage as Leonard on April 3rd for 8 weeks only.

To celebrate Jeff's guest starring role on Glee (and as we look forward to seeing him again next week), as well as his return to Broadway, we were offered two tickets to giveaway to readers to see Jeff Goldblum play Leonard in Seminar.

We will have details of the giveaway sometime soon, but in the meantime, start planning your trip to the Big Apple, because you're going to see Hiram Berry... we mean, Jeff Goldblum on Broadway, baby!

-Bonnie & Whitney

*Thanks to Jenna over at Serino/Coyne for hooking us up with this giveaway, and offering our readers an awesome chance to see the highest level of theatre performed today.

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