Monday, May 20, 2013's Bucket Glist

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TroutyMouth plans to make some moves this summer, and to get us motivated and get our butts into high gear, we've compiled a list of plans for the summer. One by one we'll cross them off! Here's to hoping we can knock off a majority of this list. Take a look, gleeks!
  1. Get to Comic Con!!!!!!!
  2. Send Jenna Ushkowitz something, anything.
  3. Get our TMB tattoos
  4. Have sushi - particularly shellfish sushi - with Jenna
  5. Learn the Naya Dance from Naya
  6. Make 100 videos
  7. Buy Ryan Murphy a new yellow hat
  8. Dougie with Heather & Harry
  9. Make a movie with Heather & Lendzion
  10. Update quotes section on Website
  11. Watch the Glee Project
  12. Learn how to spin Sansai swords from Chris
  13. Make lists of clever questions to prep for cast Q&As
  14. Go to the Hollywood Bowl show
  15. Have a drink with Ryan, Brad, Ian, Michael & Matt
  16. Finish The Adventures of the Veiled Fairy and Snickerpuller & give it to the appropriate starring characters
  17. Be on Parade of Fashions
  18. Hear from Telly himself the definition of a snickerpull
  19. Play Taboo with the Cast
  20. Go to a Ryan Murphy party
  21. Find all of the people who disliked the Santana Hand Clap and ask them what's wrong with them?
  22. Meet more of our followers
  23. Redesign the website
  24. Move the website to an updated platform
  25. Buy Season 3
  26. Read The Land of Stories
  27. Be a part of an artistic project with Harry & Dianna
  28. Read Choosing Glee
  29. Play disc golf with Mark
  30. Buy Amber's album
  31. Buy Naya's album
  32. Get followed by more of the cast & crew
  33. Listen to Dashboard Confessional and No Doubt with Naya
  34. Inform Dianna & Jenna of new artists that we think they'll love
  35. Acquire a "Red Carpet" identity
  36. Help the cast find out just what would Rihanna say?
  37. Be slushied (again) but this time by any one of the cast members
  38. Snix various places of the world with Naya
  39. Learn the difference between a "body roll" and a "full body rub down"
  40. Go to a buffet with Harry
  41. River Dance with Chord
  42. Interview any of the cast members
  43. Eat Telly's cooking
  44. Take a family portrait of Vanessa, Heather & Naya
  45. Make the Santana Hand Clap Pt. 2
  46. Inspire someone in a gleeful-manner
  47. Watch Remixed every week
  48. Set up bromantic dates for Kevin & Grant and Mark & Chord
  49. Learn how to bloom into an independent black woman from Kevin
  50. Go to a Bonnie Dune concert
  51. Party in Chris Colfer’s disco trailer
  52. Help a cause
  53. Quote Bridesmaids and Best in Show with Michael Hitchcock
  54. See Struck By Lightning
  55. Take a photo with all of the original cast members
*bonus #1: Move to LA
*bonus #2: follow our dreams straight into the television industry

Tell us what you think in the comments below! Or hit us up on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog.

-Bonnie & Whitney

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