Friday, August 24, 2012

Bonnie and Whitney Go To Comic Con

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As many of you know, last month we were fortunate enough to go to Comic Con in San Diego. We told you we'd have a story coming for you soon, but as you know, we do nothing fast :)

However, while we were trying to make our way home for 24 hours, we decided to make a vlog to place on the site. So, that's exactly what we did. Here's a quick, watch in your spare time.... 17 minute?... video that tells you how we got passes, who we saw, what we did, and how that weekend was the greatest of our whole lives.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave us questions or comments below, or follow us on twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog

-Bonnie & Whitney

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glee Season 3 DVD and Bluray Extras

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The Glee Season 3 DVD has finally been released. We both preordered it at Comic Con, so we were lucky enough to receive it today. So, we got the ditty on the dirty... little secret... extras? I don't know where I'm goin' with that. Anyways, here they are if you want them!

Disc 1:
- Glee Under the Stars
- "Ginger Supremacists" Extended Scene
- "Sue Flashback" Deleted Scene
- Glee Music Jukebox

Disc 2:
- Glee Music Jukebox
- "Santa Baby" Deleted Scene

Disc 3:
- Glee Music Jukebox
- Glee Give a Note

Disc 4:
- Glee Swap: Behind the Scenes of Props
- Meet the Newbies
- Saying Goodbye
- Ask Sue: World Domination Blog
- Return of Sue's Quips
- Glee Music Jukebox

Obviously Disc 4 extras are literally the first thing we watched. So we were obviously weeping by like 12:30 am today. #NormalBehavior

Anyways, we can't wait for your reactions! Plus... the 13th marked the 1 month countdown! Glee Season 4, here you come! :)

-Bonnie & Whitney

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TGP 2x09: Romanticality

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Another week down on TGP and another contestant gone. Let's cut the chit chat and get to it!

Robert approaches the group, as usual, and announces that the theme for this week is Romanticality! Oooooo…romance. Their homework song is More Than Words by Extreme. I loooooove this song so I was pumped. Everyone is SUPER excited and decide to pair off into couples to sing with during the song. This is when it starts to get awkward. They all made eye contact with the person they wanted to be with…Lily gets super mad because neither Blake or Michael looked at her. Oops. This then leaves Lily and Aylin without a dude…so they get to be together. Something I never really wanted to see. Ever. While all of the couples are rehearsing their lines together, Aylin and Lily secretly decide that it'll be a good idea to kiss during their part, hoping that their commitment will pay off and impress the guest mentor that pops by. Or maybe secretly Aylin just loves going against her family's ideals on purpose because she seems to do everything she says she shouldn't be every chance she gets. It turns out that during their homework performance, they will be accompanied by the composer of this song (Nuno Bettencourt). This is where the best part of the entire episode happened. Robert says that this is the song that he lost his virginity to. Just…amazing. So after that hilarious announcement, they bring in the guest mentor which is Darren Criss. Woo. #shrug Aylin is PUMPED because she loves when hot guys come to visit. As we see during the performance, Aylin and Lily weren't the only ones who wanted to kiss, Shanna and Michael also got their mack on a lil bit. Lily once again seems to severely overact exaggerate a bit on her acting during her scene. It's so painful to watch. After they are done performing, Darren says that Michael and Shanna didn't really pop which makes this Shanna's first criticism and she is not pleased about this. He also thought that Aylin and Lily were a little too terrible serious so he tells them to maybe lighten it up a little bit. Looks like their show stopping kiss was pointless and a waste of time. Lily is pretty steamed about this of course because she is the best actress and singer on the show and could sing and act her way out of a box. Her words, not mine. Ali and Blake OBVIOUSLY had the best chemistry and Darren definitely noticed that and ends up awarding Blake with his first win in a homework assignment! WOOO! GO BLAKE! Before Darren hits the road, he tells them that the song for their music video is We Found Love by Rihanna. Errrrybody is excited about this one! And because Blake is the winner, he gets to choose who his partner is in the video. He chooses Ali since they did the best the first time and they have chemistry. Lily is suuuuper jealous because she said that she has a lot chemistry with Blake. about delusional must've missed that episode. Darren then puts Lily with Michael and keeps Aylin with a girl and chooses Shanna for her.

Over in choreography, the couples go over what they will be doing with the other one during their scene. #wanky Ali and Blake have may-jah chemistry still, Lily thinks that her and Michael need to work on theirs and that is a huge DUH. I mean…


Shanna is trippin' because she hates that she was criticized finally and is telling Aylin that she just HAS to redeem herself with her performance in this music video. She does not want to sing for Ryan. In the studio, however, things do not go anywhere but downhill for Shanna. She has a really hard time nailing her lines like she usually does. Nikki still makes her trademark "wow-that-really-sucks-and-my-face-is-clearly-showing-it-and-you-can-see-it-through-the-glass-but-I-can't-be-bothered" expression. Michael surprisingly does really well in the studio which is a rare thing. Very rare. Like…ridiculously rare. Nikki is ACTUALLY impressed with him this week. I had to rewind it to make sure I didn't fall asleep for a second and dream it. It happened. All of the pairs have been brought into the booth together so they can sing at each other and capture that chemistry in their voices perhaps. When it's Ali and Blake's turn, Ali does awesome and is glad Blake is in there. Then it's time for Blake to sing and it turns out he hasn't ever harmonized and has a lot of trouble with it. Uh-oh. The once flawless Blake now has a flaw. Ryan is gonna flip probably. While filming, it appears that all of the couples are pretty stellar other than Aylin and Shanna. Erik tells them that they don't really look natural together and that they are overdoing it or trying to push the idea that they are together too hard at the camera. Zach has the same feeling that they look too rehearsed and their playful-dancing-thing that they are doing just looks way too choreographed. Despite all the trouble, Erik is able to get something and the final video can be seen here. (People disabled sharing so I can't embed that schniz. Mad face.)

Let's mainly just talk about Blake's creepy smile/face that he's making in that very last scene. So awkward.

The judges seems to have a hard time coming up with who should be in the bottom three, especially when it comes to determining if Michael should be in the bottom three because he seemed to be holding something back during the video shoot with his partner Lily. However, they decided that the bottom three will be Shanna, Blake and Aylin. Shanna is FUMING. She believes that Michael should have been in the bottom three instead of her. She's also just really upset because it's her first last chance performance. I think they should have just had a bottom four personally but at the same time Shanna needs to realize that she did suck it up kinda fumble in the recording booth. Aylin is nervous this time around because she never thought that she would be in the bottom three with such stellar performers. It's pretty scurry. They are all given their songs: Aylin will sing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack (side note: She says she doesn't know this song and I'm like do you even watch this friggin' show? #brittana #holla)

Aylin messes up and forgets some of the words during her performance which Ry-Ry definitely calls her out on. When he questions her again about the importance of being on the show, she gives her "a lot of Muslim girls could relate to this" speech and then says it would mean the world to her to be on there. Sort of dodgy on that question but okay!

Blake sings REM's Losing My Religion

Blake sings his song and it's a performance. There wasn't really anything special about it but I think he's proven to be one of the top contenders on this show and should definitely be in the finals at least.

And Shanna will sing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Shanna belted out her song and even got a little sexy during it which is something we aren't used to so that was a change. And she also totally boned those words over but she didn't really mumble any of them to make it that noticeable. However, after her performance Ryan asked her what kind of character she would play and she said something along the lines of the athletic girl who can sing or something and I was just sad because I'm not interested in that at all. Then upon finding out that she was not happy that she was in the bottom three instead of Michael, Ryan asked her if she thought that Michael deserved to be there instead of her. She straight up answered yes. They all said they admired her for being confident and honest, which I did too but that might have been a bad move…who knows.

After further discussion amongst the judges, Robert posts that dreaded callback list up. It turns out that Shanna is the one that will not be called back. I gotta be honest, I was shooooocked. I was shocked. I never think anyone will be kicked off the show if it's their first last chance performance…but I was wrong. At first I was raging about this because she does sing really, really well and because, once again, it was her first time in the bottom three. However, after reflecting on this, out of those three, I would have picked her too based on lack of being able to develop a character. So, that is what happened last week on The Glee Project!

Tonight is the new episode and Dianna Agron is the guest mentor and the episode is about Actability. Here is the final video from the shoot if you'd like a sneak peek!

Intense. Cheesy. Dramatic. Everything that we love. If anyone wants to chat about TGP or just chat in general, comment below or head on over to our Twitter (@TroutyMouthBlog) and hit us up!

Bonnie & Whitney

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glee Deleted Bridesmaid Scene Video Exclusive

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Ryan Murphy getting his own Twitter might be the greatest... or the worst thing to ever happen to Gleeks everywhere. Depends on if you like juicy spoilers and excellent deleted scenes!

In our opinion, it's the greatest! So, since "gleeks asked for it", he's gone ahead and given us the Bridesmaid scene from "Hold On To Sixteen". Ch-ch-check it, Gleeks!

Tell us what you think either on Twitter: @TroutyMouthBlog or in the comments below!

-Bonnie & Whitney

What Glee Means To Me

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It's not often you come across something that changes your life. Especially something as simple as a television show.

To give you a little background, growing up I was a little bit of a tomboy. I loved to play sports, primarily soccer. I had friends. I didn't really get bullied. But I wasn't popular. I wasn't super pretty. I wasn't extraordinary at anything. I was just your typical, average joe-sephine. For all intents and purposes, I was pretty ordinary.

My life hasn't always been rainbows and unicorns. I had some pretty sweet things growing up: a loving family, a nice house, a pool, some other goodies that I was fortunate and blessed enough to enjoy for years growing up. But there were some things I had to deal with... adult-like things... that typical kids didn't have to deal with as they were growing up. While I won't get into detail (different post, different day... I don't have time for a novel, do I?), this was all happening at a pretty young age.

In high school, I played soccer for my school... and we were great... I met the best friends I've ever known. Literally, I'll argue with anyone... my friends are the best... But I also went through a lot of things atypical to the typical high school kid. So throughout my adolescent life (who am I kidding. I'm 23. I'm still an adolescent), there were times when I was seriously unhappy. Again, different post for a different day, but my life didn't seem to be doing anything spectacular... it was just kind of plain. I didn't know what I wanted to do, I didn't know what I wanted to be.

Fast forward, circa 2009, and a little television show called Glee was introduced to my life. A show about the underdog. Interesting... Haven't there been shows like this before that have failed? Plus... there's singing?! Well, now I'm really skeptical. Not that I don't enjoy the theatre. Not that I don't enjoy music, because trust me... if you know anything about me, know this: music is my life. It's been my best friend, my only friend, my confidant, my journal, my diary, my life. Music knows more about me than I do about it... But, don't get me started. (Clearly I like to go on tangents).

Fast forward, circa 2010, (circa may be one of my favorite words, just an FYI). I'm working at a little soccer shop right smack dab in the middle of the country. I start watching this show that I'd been so skeptical of before. I think it was an episode called The Power of Madonna that really caught my attention. That is the power of Madonna, eh? #badjoke

So, my skepticism was refuted. I was actually digging this show. Highly comedic, highly entertaining, and the talent of these kids... HOLY $#*+, I was blown away. How can this show find all the talented people in the world? Seriously, I don't think there are any left because they took all of the best talent. Sorry 'boutcha American Idol.

What really caught my attention, equally as much as the brilliant talent on the forefront, was the behind-the-scenes talent. First of all, who's choreographing these dances. How do they even film all of these shows in such a short amount of time? How in the eff can a story have so much fluidity, and how can you pick all the songs to match the plot, perfectly complementing the emotion the actors are trying to encompass? Seriously, who's doing this?

The amount of genius behind one television show is astounding. People can argue. People can hate. But I have two points that can't be rebuttled: 1) If you can write something/do something/sing something so much better... then do it. It's obvious the talent here has proven themselves. Until you prove yourself, keep the critiquing constructive, and let the professionals do their jobs. 2) If you don't like it so much, why are you still watching? There's clearly something bringing you back. /rant

This isn't a post about the haters or the bullies though. This is a post about what Glee means to me. And the genius behind the show, they've helped me change my perspective on a lot of things.

Sure, I was an underdog in some respects; but not your typical in-the-closet, bullied, torn-jock, dream-follower, type of underdog. On the surface, I actually had it pretty good. BUT... just a little more background for you... I didn't really have goals. I wasn't bullied. I wasn't really torn, because I had one great talent: playing soccer. I didn't really have a dream. And the view I had on a lot of things, well I grew up in a Republican, Catholic family of 6. You do the math.

Not that I "hated" people for being gay. Not that I made fun of people that wanted to follow their dreams, instead of becoming something like a lawyer or an accountant. Not that I thought the arts were dumb. I actually encouraged other people to do this stuff. I just didn't know how to be comfortable with a lot of it.

Okay, okay... enough with the rambling. What's it all got to do with Glee?

People ask me all the time, "Why do you love this show so much?" or "Why is this show any different from other shows on TV?" My answer is always the same: "Glee is changing the world."

You may not realize it. But it is.

How much money has Glee raised for the arts? How much attention has it brought to the importance of art and theater programs in schools? That could change one person's life. Chances are it's changing lots of people's lives.

How many people with disabilities have realized they're no different than anyone else, and that even though life might be a little tougher for them, they can still accomplish everything they set out for?

How many doors has it opened for teenagers struggling with their sexuality? I'm not gay, but I have gay friends, and I can tell you that 3 years ago, had they come out to me, I wouldn't be as open and comfortable with their lifestyle. Again, not to say that I would love them any less, because I wouldn't. I just was unaware on how to be comfortable with it... there's a difference. Literally, my two best friends are gay. I lived with one of them for a whole year. He came out to his family, they were so accepting and grateful that they told him. But it also pointed out that this isn't the experience that everyone has. And more times than not, it isn't this picture-perfect. That makes me sad. If it makes me sad, think how it makes people feel who have to live a different way, just so they don't "hurt" the ones they love. Whoa. That's just heartbreaking.

In my opinion, Glee slowly but surely, is changing this perspective for many people. Not only are they teaching people how to be comfortable with the loved ones they know who are confiding in them, but it also gives hope to those that need it most. I've found, thanks to Glee that hope is the idea that can make the most difference. Think about it.

Hope for a better day tomorrow. Hope that you know one day you'll get out of the school where kids are bullying you. Hope that you'll find what gets you excited, and makes you want to do something. Hope that YOU can make a difference.

Those last two "hopes" are where I'm at. THIS is what Glee means to me:

Just so the record states, I'm happier now than I ever have been in my life. No I don't sit on my couch and watch Glee all day. I go out with friends. I work 50 hour weeks. I play in rec leagues. Because I'm over 21, I like to enjoy a drink or six from time to time. I have a lot of fun. But I think it's largely in part to this blog, these characters, these fans, this community... this life that I'm now living because of this show.

Let's take this little blog, that I so dearly love, for instance... Fast forward, circa 2011... Someone else from this little soccer shop I work at shares my love for this TV show. We decide to start a blog. We pay $10/year for it. We lose money shipping stuff out for giveaways. We don't advertise because we don't want to, and quite frankly we'd make like $4 off of it. We don't have time to write. We don't have time to keep up with maintaining it. We're literally broke because we drop any of the dollaz we make to be the equivalent of The Beatles' groupies except for Glee... But all of that's okay, because we F*#%ing love it. Seriousy, this blog is like... the best thing to happen to either of us. (We're getting TMB tattoos - See above.. those are permanent. And we're excited about it. THAT'S how much this little blog means to us). True story: I've had a relationship partially end because he thought I spent too much time on Glee. I thought he was an attention-whore, but I'm not here to bash. Different story. Different day. But THAT'S how happy this show makes me. I lose money, time, and apparently some relationships, because I find this show so important.

One of the "hopes" that Glee has given me: Hope that I'll find what gets me excited and makes me want to do something.

I want to be a writer. Clearly from my novel, you can see that I love to do it. But if it weren't for this insanely and quite literally unbelievably genius writing staff and crew for making a story so successful, I don't think I'd have found that. Do I think I can go to LA tomorrow and be a writer in HOllywood? Nope. Am I giving myself deadlines, and making plans to try and follow my dream, straight up Rachel Berry style, though? Yep. Sure am. 18 months, I want to be in LA. I don't care if I have to work on a 6x6 set, writing plays for the community center. That's where I want to be.

Some of it's already happening. You know in Almost Famous when they say "It's happening?!" That's how I feel. Every step we take with this little bloglet we have here, is one step closer to making my dream come true.

"Hope" number two: Hope that I can make a difference.

I always say, "If I could change one person's life for the better, I know my life is worth living." That's all it takes. One person. It's the "pay-it-forward" effect. If you make a difference in one person's life, they might make a difference in another person's life because you've inspired them. It's also the waterfall effect. If you can do something good for one person, it might have benefit for all people. Literally, that's all it takes.

I started this post out talking about all the differences Glee has made for schools and art programs, etc. I said that it could change one person's life. For this reason, I know Glee is worth watching. It's worth putting on TV... Because it's changed one person's life.

But this show has done so much more than that. Raise your hand if you haven't been affected by this show and you're reading this post. There probably aren't many of you out there.

SO... since I've been rambling on and on now. I just have to say, that to make a show successful for 3 seasons, and onto a 4th season -- with a completely different plot, but it's still the most anticipated show to hit this Fall -- you've got to be doing something right.

Cast, crew, New writers, Dante and Robert, and especially Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan... To you guys, I say (even though I'm sure any of you that have come across this post stopped reading 4 hours ago)... Congratulations, you should be proud, and I hope you have realized what you have created. There's always a reason to celebrate Glee. This television show has made history, and it's still airing. How often can the people that are a part of a television show say that? That's pretty damn special.

Being a part of something special makes you special, right?

Thanks for reading everyone!

-Bonnie & Spoken for Whitney because I know she feels the same

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Deleted Klaine Box Scene Video Exclusive

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Straight from the man himself, Mr. RP Murphy, we've finally got an exclusive look into the deleted Klaine scene that was cut from the Christmas Special. Patient, patient Gleeks finally gettin' some action. While we're not super-Klaine fans, we still think the scene is pretty cute. Shoot, I'd love Darren Criss if he promised me all of those things, too! So, without further ado, here's the infamous "Klaine Box Scene".

What'd you think Gleeks? Did you love it?! We can't wait to find out what happens to Klaine, Finchel, Brittana, and all of our favorite Glee couples in just 42 short days. #6weeksandcounting.

Tell us what you think might happen in Season 4 on Twitter or in the comments below!

-Bonnie & Whitney