Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TroutyMouth Writers Gets Slushie Facials

If you all remember when Naya Rivera was on Wendy Williams, she mentioned that getting a "slushie facial" felt like getting slapped in the face with a glacier. She also said it's really hard to hold on to the cup... Well, we can confirm that rumor: it's 100% true.

The writers of TroutyMouth.com decided to give each other slushie facials... something we think all true Gleeks should do. Was it worth it? Probably not... especially since I got rocked in the face with a cup (Thanks Whitney! :) Just kidding.) It was fun. And maybe we'd do it again for some Glee VIP tickets or something... at any rate, it made for an incredibly hilarious video. Watch here:

Hope you enjoy! We've already lost our minds from this summer haitus... four more months.



Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!!

On this day, 21 years ago, the great Chris Colfer was born! To someone who has accomplished so much in his short short life, this video does not even remotely do any justice. But, it's about the only thing we could do to show him our love.

Chris- cheers to you being 21! We're amazed at your elegance, poise, and dedication to your career. You're not just a role model, but an inspiration to everyone. You have single-handedly changed people's lives. For that, we say thank you, and we hope you have an incredible 21st Birthday! PS- feel free to hit us up for 21st birthday shots when we go see you in Chicago. We'd be happy to go out :)

Hope you enjoy the video! Have a good one Kurtsie!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glee Nationals - Season Finale Gleecap

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I don't know why you'd ever miss the season finale of Glee, but in case you did a) kill yourself and b) as if. Here's what you missed:

Obviously, Nationals takes place in New York, so the show opened in New York. It was crazy chaotic and people were running all over the hotel, and Puck and Zizes tried to order Manhattans, but then Mr. Schue locked them in a room until they figured out the original songs that they were going to sing. Brittany made up a song called "My Cup". It was awesome. 

So, they decide to go out and explore the city. That's when you hear the New York New York/I Love New York Mashup. They sang and danced all around New York. They looked like they had fun.

Then it shot back to the boys in their hotel room chatting about Rachel and Finn dating. Then the girls shot in the hotel room, and they all had a pillow fight? But where was Will? Oh yeah, he was out singing the Matt Morrison original song "Still Got Tonight". Even though it's not a Broadway song, and even though we didn't care to see it... he did it anyway. Oh well. Then it shot back to the kids...

Then later that night, Finn took Rachel out on a date where they met Patti LuPone and Rachel told her she was her idol. Then Ms. LuPone told her to never give up... and that Finn was cute. Then they took a romantic walk down the street, where they were serenaded by the fellow Glee club boys, singing "Belle Notte". Finn finally had the nerve to kiss her, but Rachel told him she couldn't.

After that, they went back to the hotel room to write. It shows them in the hotel room together, and Kurt comes in and tells Rachel that they are going to have Breakfast at Tiffany's. They do. Then they go into the Gershwin Theater. They got caught, but then the guy that worked there gave them fifteen minutes. So they sung "For Good". Then Rachel decided that being on Broadway was her only true love.

Quinn decides she wants to sabotage the Glee Club's try at Nationals because she wasn't ok with the fact that Finn dumped her for Rachel, but Santana and Brittany talk her out of it. Mostly Santana with her vicious vicious words... well they weren't vicious, but she was her normal fiery self. Then Quinn said that she just wanted to be loved. Santana clearly felt for her, and they all sat down together. Santana suggested a hookup... well not really, but Quinn thought she might... Really Santana suggested a haircut. Then they all shared a moment.... Then Quinn got a haircut.

Then, it was Nationals time. Finn wrote "Pretending" which is the first song sung by New Directions, with Finn and Rachel on the leads. They became overwhelmed with their emotions, and the scene concluded with a Finchel makeout sesh... Oh, and Jesse St. Sucks showed up for about five minutes.

Then they sang "Light Up the World" where Santana, Artie, Brittany, and Finn took the leads. Both performances were great. Afterward, they were really excited about the way that they had performed, except Jesse said that the kiss was going to cost them Nationals.

Well it did... or something did... because they didn't place in the top 10. In fact, we learn later that they placed 12th. It was sad. And all of the Glee Clubbers were uber pissed at Finn and Rachel.

They were so pissed in fact that when the New Directions returned to Ohio, Finn had to hide out, and Santana made a Rachel Berry Voodoo Doll. But Rachel talked Finn out of hiding. And even though she told him straight up that she was leaving, he told her that they still had one more year. Then he kissed her.

Then Santana and Brittany had a final locker scene for the season. Basically Brittany told Santana that she loved everyone in Glee Club, and that they were like a family that accepted everyone for who they are. Then she told Santana that she loved her more than anyone else in the world, and for that anything was possible. Then they hugged and Santana told Brittany she was her best friend. Aww. (No bang.)

Then they had their final Glee Club meeting, which we didn't really see...

And that's what you missed... on the season finale of Glee!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Glee Nationals Promo - Season Finale

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If you're like us, you can't wait to see the season finale of Glee tomorrow either! I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but just in case, here's a promo that Fox released today: the scene that features the "New York New York/New York I Love You" Mashup!

We love it... probably for obvious reasons. But the song is phenomenal, and it looks like they had such a blast doing this song! Enjoy :)


Make Dreams Come True - Donate to Andra's Hand

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As many of you know, I have been a part of one of the best experiences anyone could ask for. I was generously given extra passes to the Private Glee Live Dress Rehearsal on Friday May 20, at Mandalay Bay.

The person who gave me these passes only had one request: Donate to this organization www.andrashand.org. It is an amazing organization that benefits autism. 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism per year, and Andra's Hand helps raise awareness and knowledge, and it provides families affected by autism with scholarships and educational support. It is a wonderful cause.

I would love for everyone to donate to this organization, though I know that's not a likely scenario. However, if you do have some extra time to take a look at the website, pass it along to friends and family, and if possible donate whatever you could possibly donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

I could not have had the amazing experience I had in Las Vegas if it weren't for the gracious family who offered up their extra passes. The least I can do is make a donation, and I encourage and would appreciate if you would too.

Thank you, and peace, love, and Glee :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bonnie's Lucky Gleecation

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First of all... I apologize for the novel that you are about to read. I got carried away, but I just need to make sure to document every detail. Second... if you haven't seen the concert, and you don't want it to be spoiled, don't read... I go into details...

Here's the story of how one lucky gleek got herself into the Private Glee Dress Rehearsals at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

First of all, we didn't have concert tickets for the Las Vegas show. We have concert tickets for Chicago. When my friend approached me and asked to go to Las Vegas (as a graduation present to ourselves...), of course I said yes... but there was one stipulation... we had to go when the Glee Cast was going to be there. Sure enough we booked our trip Wed-Saturday, and the cast arrived Mon/Tues. So, we were golden.

It was an ongoing joke prior to this that we were going to "hang out with the cast". So I brought a Flipcam... just in case (Thanks Tony!), especially since I know how much Cory Monteith loves his Flipcam. I thought that would be my in...

When we arrived Wednesday, we immediately trolled Mandalay Bay. We held our ears up to the doors to the Events Center, tried to get in there, asked staff where they'd be hiding. No luck.

Thursday we didn't do much trolling of Mandalay Bay, but we went to the best night clubs hoping that if they went out at all, they'd be there. We used my knowledge of Chord and Naya's birthday parties to figure out where to go... so, we hit up Tao and Bank. Still... No luck.

Then Friday happened. Since this was a vacation, we decided to go have dinner and do a little gambling on Freemont Street. Since we took the bus downtown, we figured that on the way back we could stop at Mandalay Bay and troll a little more, because I knew that they were having dress rehearsals. When we got there, they were setting up and there were a group of girls standing outside. So we started talking with them. They didn't know each other, and we didn't know them, but we ended up hanging out with them all night. We started a little bond haha.

Well, after several hours of talking to stage crew, sound crew, and hotel staff, we were just about to give up. People were told to be there at 7:30, and it was about 7:30 when were started thinking this was our last hope.

Well... I stood in line at the table giving away the wristbands when I noticed Becky standing with a couple of people who had some wristbands and all access passes... There were a couple of girls standing with her. I immediately got out of line and went to Becky.

I learned that Eric and his daughter had two extra tickets. They were staying at the Mandalay Bay with his wife and his son. His wife and son decided not to go to the dress rehearsal, so they had two extra tickets... there were four of us girls standing there.

Since it was Becky's birthday, we had just graduated, and I am the gleek that I am... I offered to make a charitable donation to the organization of his choice. It just so happens that he is the chairman of Andra's Hand (www.andrashand.org), and he said that if we would do that, the tickets were ours.

Disclaimer: Not only will I be making a hefty donation because he so graciously gave us tickets to the best experience of my life, this is actually a really, really great cause. So I encourage you to make a donation too :)

So, that was it... we were in... Turns out the wristbands he gave us were VIP bands so we had an open bar and open buffet of food available to us to eat, as well. Really, thank you Eric!

Glee Memorabilia From Dress Rehearsals

We got in at about 8:30. We hung out a little bit, talked with some people. Somehow we scored front row seats, so that was awesome. And we were on the end, which really worked out amazingly for me, since I touched Naya Rivera, and Ashley Fink waved to me... oh yeah and Puck sang and played the guitar five feet in front of my face... but I'll get to that later.

The girls next to us were actually dating/married to a couple of guys in the Warblers, so that was also really cool. We talked with them a lot, and saw the guys give a little point while serenading them during the show. It was really cool.

Then, I noticed choreographer Zach Woodlee. I immediately spotted him, and he wasn't too far away from me. But then he walked back stage, so I had missed my chance to say anything to him... But wait, ten minutes later, he came back out, and I stopped him just to tell him what a fantastic dancer/choreographer I thought he was. He seemed a little taken aback that I knew who he was, and he shook my hand and said "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much". It was pretty cool.

So... now what you've all been waiting for: concert details...

Had to sneak it... the only picture I could take- Stage prior to the show

The concert started at about 9:40, and it ran for about a half hour. Obviously, they started with Don't Stop Believing. You know those intros that they do, well I died a little because sitting in the first row you could see all of them so well. Naya did a little smack of her butt. Mark did his infamous "Suck it" gesture. Harry did that pelvic thrust that he's so good at. Amber did her diva hand raise. At this point, I may or may not have blacked out because my adrenaline was pumping so hard.

Lea and Cory took the leads on DSB. No one else sang, which I was a little bummed about, because I love the regionals version oh so much. But it was still amazing, and I was dying inside.

The next performance was Dog Days are Over. That was great, because they did that thing where they sit at the edge of the stage and sit up one right after the other. And that was super close to me. Then they stood up and at the end of the song, HeMo was reaching out to touch a little girl's hand who was standing front and center. She reached so far, she lost her balance and had to jump off stage. It was really adorable, and made me love her for loving her fans enough to fall off stage just to give one a high five :) Oh... and it may not have been at me... but I did point to Heather at one point in this performance, and she pointed back in my general vicinity... so I can only assume it was to me... hey, I'll take it!

Then we heard Sing, which was again, amazeballs. There was no bad performance in this show, so you'll hear me say that a lot. During the performance, I noticed Heather run off stage... so I knew... Britney was coming. Sure enough.. it was. She had a little difficulty with the mic at this point. She was supposed to have a dialogue with Mr. Shue (he was on the jumbo tron), but we couldn't hear what she said. Something about Britney being her idol or something like that. Then... Slave 4 U.

Needless to say, she came out in this outfit that showed off her rockin' bod (yes, I'm super jealous), and she did those Britney moves better than Ms. Spears herself. It was awesome.

Then we had some other solos (in no particular order): PYT where Harry danced behind Kevin, and blew my mind up with his amazing dance moves; Ain't No Way, where Amber blew me away with her Aretha style vocals; Chris did I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which was a super sweet performance, and took me back to Grilled Cheesus; and finally Fat Bottom Girls.

I have to talk about this one for a minute because it came right after Chris' solo (I think... I don't remember because like I said, my adrenaline was pumping so hard, I sort of blacked out). I wasn't really paying attention to anything but the solo, and all the sudden I felt someone bump into me a little. I noticed it was a security guard... the person they were guarding Ms. Ashley Fink. Yes.. she does go out into the audience... So, as I was standing there wondering why Ashley was in the stands, I realized... Oh Em Glee... Puck is serenading her. So before the performance started, I turned around (since she was ten feet from my face), and waved to her. Much to my delight, with a big smile on her face, she waved back. I felt special.

The spotlight was on Ashley Fink during this performance, and she was shakin' her booty like it was her job. Totally awesome. Mark was performing on the back stage, not the main stage (which several performances took place on). All the sudden, I noticed Mark threw his guitar behind him and was coming down to meet up with Ashley. I died, because like I said... She was ten feet away from me-- five feet up the stairs, five feet away from my row. So, she walked down the stairs, Mark met her, and he sang to her right there. I tried to get a high five or something from one of them, but the security guards were blocking them pretty hard core. They did go up to the main stage though, and walked literally right past me. The security guards had to push me to the side a little.

Then, they rocked out on the guitar. Yes they: Not just Mark, but Mark, Chord and Ashley. It was awesome. That girl can rock!

After that, there was a little intermission, and the cast changed into their BTW clothes. Everyone wore their T-shirts, including Santana who sported 'Lebanese' and not 'Bitch'. The only person missing was Rachel... because after BTW, Rachel belted out Firework.

Now, I'm not sure the order this happened... again, I'm surprised I remember as much as I do, and I do think this came next... but there was also a segment in the show, that revolved around duets. This was one of my favorite parts of the show.

For all of you Heya fans... this is the Heya moment I described earlier. First of all, they had the main stage set up like the classroom. Chris and Lea performed Happy Days first. They performed on the back stage. While everyone may have been looking at them on the back stage, I was watching the cast goof around on the main stage. I'm pretty sure this whole time was improvised by the cast. Kevin was dancing... he really got down in that wheel chair! Cory was kind of observing.. tapping his feet along with the music, and laughing at his other cast mates. Harry was doing some sweet hand dances from his chair.

Naya and Heather turned to each other, and Naya put her hand up for HeMo. Heather put her hand up against Naya's so that they matched. Then they interlocked their fingers. It was a total BFF moment, and all of you Heya fans would have loved it.

Then, Kevin did a sweet dance move that made Naya crack up. He did a little snap up with one hand, then caught the snap down low with the other. Naya loved it. I loved it too. Go Kev!

After Lea and Chris' duet, Naya made a little comment about Trouty Mouth. Naturally, everyone cheered, and I just had to plug TroutyMouth.com. Then Sam and Quinn sang Lucky. Naya let everyone know that it was her time to shine, and that's when she and Amber came up big with River Deep Mountain High. Amazing performance.

So... after the Duets, we had the Warblers. The Warblers performed my two favorite songs that they sing: Teenage Dream and Silly Love Songs. They started on the back stage, then worked their way up to the main stage, where they performed Raise Ur Glass. Since we were hangin' with a girlfriend and a wife of two of the guys in the Warblers, we went with them back to the main stage. When they came down the stage, their guys did a little point and serenade to their ladies. It was cute.

So, when we went back to the main stage, they finished with Raise Ur Glass.

At some point in here, the whole cast walked down each side of the floor. I pretty much blacked out at what they were doing, because NAYA EFFING RIVERA high fived me. Yes. I touched Naya Rivera. *Dead* So, I don't know what they were doing... all I remember is having my hand out there, and got a double high five from my favorite cast member... Moving on...

After the Warblers, they had a couple more solos and the final group number.

During these solos, Lea outdid herself with "Don't Rain on My Parade" (I seriously can't understand how she does this so well. It was incredible). Then Cory sang "Jesse's Girl", which I love, because all I could think about was Finchel, and how excited I am for that to happen. Then... my favorite performance: "Valerie".

Yep, Naya sang Valerie. And Harry and HeMo danced to it. They had some other backup dancers in there too, but since Harry, Heather, and Naya were the only cast members on stage, there was some definite Heather/Naya interactions. They came out on the stage together and danced together, then Harry came out and danced with Heather. Their dance was a little bit different from what they did in the show, so get ready. It was awesome. Plus, Naya and Heather were dressed in almost the same outfits, which was cool for the next (and final) performance: "Loser Like Me".

In "Loser Like Me", which Darren was also involved in, everyone had on different outfits, except Naya and Heather, who had on the same outfit, just in different colors. And they sang it, then thanked everyone for coming... and just like that it was over.

They had to push everyone out pretty quickly, because after the show, they were trying to work out some of the kinks that they had incurred during the show.

So, we left. When we went out that night, we happened to run into one of the sound guys that we tried to get access passes from. His name was Matthew-- just a little shout out in case I happen to run into you in Chicago :)

And there it is... I feel so lucky to have been a part of this once in a lifetime experience. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about it... and if you're going to one of the shows, you're in for a treat. Even if you're not impressed with the set list (which, I will have to admit, I would have loved to hear some songs that were not included on this set list), you'll still be impressed with the show. It was fun, the cast was great, and I couldn't be more excited to go to Chicago after seeing the dress rehearsals!

Peace. Love. Glee :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glee Tour Set List

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As many of you (who follow us on Twitter), I was lucky enough to get into the Glee Live! Private Dress Rehearsals on Friday. We weren't allowed to take any pictures or videos... we couldn't even have our cell phones out. But it was a once in a life time experience, and I was literally in the front row. It was amazeballs!

I know there has been some controversy on set lists and what songs are actually being played and what songs aren't. Welp, I'm here to set the record straight, and let you know what songs are actually being performed during the 2011 Glee Live Tour!

Not the exact order (I had to do this all from memory), but awfully close! Here they are:

  1. Don't Stop Believing
  2. Dog Days Are Over
  3. Sing
  4. Slave 4 U
  5. Fat Bottom Girls
  6. PYT
  7. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  8. Ain't No Way
  9. Born This Way
  10. Firework
  11. Teenage Dream
  12. Silly Love Songs
  13. Raise Ur Glass
  14. Happy Days
  15. Lucky
  16. River Deep Mountain High
  17. Don't Rain on my Parade
  18. Jesse's Girl
  19. Valerie
  20. Loser Like Me

Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be posting all about the rehearsal when I get home tonight. Leaving Vegas now. Thanks for making my dreams come true Glee! Look out for a post all about it later! Thanks for following :)

After hearing about the Vegas Show tonight, looks like my setlist was correct, but we didn't get to see the Encore performances... they did FIVE! Encore Performances:
1) Single Ladies
2) Friday (acoustic)
3) Safety Dance
4) Empire State of Mind
5) Somebody to Love

OH EM GLEE! I hope they do this at every show... I NEED TO BE IN CHICAGO NOW!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another song: I Love New York/New York, New York

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Who loves mash-ups? WE DO! This mash-up for "I Love New York/New York, New York" could be on it's way to my favorite. It sounds fun and straight up full of energy and I cannot wait to see the actual scene to this! PS - Those are some awesome Brittany and Santana notes being belted out!

Level of Excitement from 1-10: 27,564,958+


For Good - First listen

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Okay, so this was just released on twitter and now I'm going to be listening to it all day. It's Lea Michele and Chris Colfer singing the song "For Good" from "Wicked". I don't have much to say other than I LOVE IT.


Just another reason to be excited for the season finale! :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glee Promo - New York

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Can you believe it's already time for Nationals? Me..either. It's crazy! While I'm very sad that the season is gonna end next week, I'm also very excited to see what happens. At this moment in time, I'm kind of doubting the last episode because I feel like there is A LOT to cover and not enough time in that one hour time slot. Here is the promo for next week:

Let's chat:
1) All the running around NYC looks super fun. The dancing, the fountains, the balloons. That alone pumps me up!

2) The glee club finding out that Will is leaving to be on Broadway! Yikers! Will it shake them and cause them to not be able to focus on winning Nationals? I think they will be sad but even more determined to win and try to convince him to stay (even though he's "only going for the summer")

3) Original songs! If you haven't heard them by now, you might want to check this out for "Light Up The World" and this one for "Pretending". I love both of them. What I love the most is that we are really banking on Santana being responsible for the first verse of "Light Up The World".

4) "Was that scripted?" "No." Due to the fact that I had spoilers thrown in my face, I believe I know what this is about HOWEVER what do you guys think? Either way it is intense and Will and Jesse are definitely like WTF.

I hope we can all get through the rest of this week and the weekend alive. Glee addictions are very serious..stay strong Gleeks!


Glee Funeral - Gleecap

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In case you live under a rock... or have meetings with your sorority every Tuesday at 7:30... here's what you missed on Funeral:

1. Jesse St. James is back to coach Glee Club as the "Showchoir Consultant". So the Glee club hosts auditions to see who the star of the club is. Santana killed an amazing version of "Back to Black". Kurt sings "Some People". Mercedes rocks "Try a Little Tenderness". Rachel belts out "My Man". All of them are amazing, but Jesse St. Sucks just likes to rag on them all. And quite frankly it just made me want to go all Lima Heights...

2. Sue's sister, Jean, passed away. Sue was incredibly broken hearted and didn't know what to do, and didn't understand why it was happening. Glee Club helps her to plan a service and clean her sister's room, but she gets upset. When Kurt asks her why she let them do this, Sue admits that it was just to make sure Jean had a full house at her funeral, because she didn't know a lot of people. I cried. It was sad.

3. At Jean's funeral, there was a full house. Then Sue tried to say some nice things to Jean, but she couldn't because she was too sad. So Will did. And then the Glee Club sang Pure Imagination. I also cried then... A lot. It was beautiful. A complete wow moment. And if you're going to watch for any reason, it should be to see this funeral. It was amazingly well-done.

4. Since Sue was so sad about her sister, she kicked Becky off the Cheerios. Becky wanted to join Glee, but Will said she couldn't until next year. Sue later told Becky that she was back on the Cheerios and would be captain next year.

5. Finn breaks up with Quinn. I haven't completely wrapped my head around this one yet, but he did it. Then he caught Jesse kissing Rachel in the auditorium. So many emotions.

6. Terri upgrades the Glee Clubs tickets to first class, and she claims to be moving to Miami. Funny story, Will is going to Broadway, too. He claims it's not forever. Emma thinks it is.

6. Will decides that the solos were all amazing, and that they were doing the Nationals numbers together, as a club. Oh.. and no Brittana moments.

Aaaaaand that's what you missed... on Glee!

Sneak Peak for Glee - Episode 21 (part 2)

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Hey Trouty Mouth fans-- Take a look at this sneak peak of tonight's episode. As the Glee club auditions for solos at Nationals, Jesse St. James seems to have something to say about it!


Naya Rivera vs Reggie Bush: The MJ Experience Dance Off (Part 2)

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So we posted the first dance yesterday, but if you want to see the final battle, here it is! It shows all the Naya parts, so we get to see our girl hangin' out with fans and talking about how she thinks she danced and all that good stuff too. Enjoy! It is amazeballs!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Naya Rivera vs. Reggie Bush: MJ Dance off!

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For those of us who missed this amazing display of dancing, here it is:

*We do not own anything!

Tribute to Santana Lopez

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Since Naya Rivera has been in the news so much, I thought I'd take the time to revisit why we love Santana Lopez oh so much.

  1. She's a raging bitch. Yep, and we love that about her. In fact, this scene shows you just the kind of raging bitch she is. And it's probably one of my all time favorite Santana scenes. Maybe she does get into fights with people, but it's pretty hilarious when she does.

  2. We've finally gotten to see some vulnerability. Lately, it's been all about Brittana, and Santana really sells it. You can really feel how much she's struggling, how sad she is, and how much she really loves Brittany.
  3. She's not afraid of anyone or anything... well, at least she doesn't let it show if she is. She's the only person that will stand up to anyone, and she's the only person to make sure she gets what she wants. As she states, so honestly, "she keeps it real, and she's hilarious".
  4. We also love the actor who plays Santana Lopez. Lately Naya has been in the news for the GLAAD Media Awards, she's been an inspiration to girls all over the world, she has an incredible voice, and she's absolutely hilarious. We love Naya, and we think she's a role model to young girls, women, and fans all over the globe!

I can count 670 reasons why we love Santana, but I'm just as interested to hear why you guys love her. Let us know with some comments!


PS. After watching MJTheExperience... I can think of 671 reasons. #671 being: She killed that solo!

Sneak Peak for Glee Episode 21

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I'm purposefully leaving out the name of this episode, in case people don't know, because it could be a spoiler for them. So, with that said, we've got a sneak peak for you guys for Tuesday's episode- episode 21. Funny, interesting, and poor Finn (we still love you)... Enjoy :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Prom Queen - Likes and Dislikes

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As I said before, I may be in the small minority that actually liked The Prom Queen. Even though Brittana fans might be a little upset at the lack of Brittana moments, I thought this episode really brought out what we have always liked about Glee.

So, without further ado...


Klaine: So, I'm sort of indifferent about Kurt and Blaine's relationship... until after this episode. Now I totally ship Klaine! What I really liked about this relationship during the episode was how each one of them had moments that they were vulnerable, but they were there for one another. Exhibit A: Kurt asks Blaine to Prom. When you find out how Blaine was beat up right after he came out, Kurt sweetly told him, if he wasn't ready to go, they could skip Prom and go see a movie. You knew he didn't want to skip his prom, but Blaine was more important to him, and you could really see this come out in this interaction. Exhibit B: Kurt was crowned Prom Queen. Obviously, he was incredibly hurt. Blaine ran after him and was there for him every step of the way. Then when Kurt and Karofsky were supposed to dance, Blaine was there to dance with him. It was an incredibly sweet moment.

The Bully Whips: "Teen Gay- you can now walk to the next check point without fear of violence!" 'Nuff said. Which brings me to my next point...

Nice Karofsky: As you know, we're not big Karofsky promoters here, but we loved the interaction that Dave had with Kurt. While he walked him to his next check point, he realized that he could be in Kurt's same position at that exact moment. Kurt was also trying to explain to Dave that he could make a difference in the school if he would come out and be who he is. It really seemed to take a toll on Dave, and he cried and told Kurt how sorry he was. It was really emotional.

The Music: Again, the music in this week's episode was awesome. There wasn't a song I didn't like... and they covered "Friday" by Rebecca Black. And to end it with "Dancing Queen", it really just made me smile.

Lack of Will Schuester: Other people may not have enjoyed this fact as much as I did, but it was nice to finally see that the show is about the kids again. Though I think that Will is an important character, I'm glad that the whole storyline focused around Prom.

Brittany: Brittany stole the show. She was not only hilarious, but she was also the one who had the "wisest" words to say. First of all, as cute as I thought the scene was where Artie asked her to Prom, I thought it was amazing that she turned him down. He hurt her, and she stuck to her guns! Total independent woman! Then, when Santana was crying to her about not being Prom Queen, Brittany was the one who told her it was because she wasn't being herself, and that she believed in her. Great choice of words Brit-Brit. Then, I thought this was the best part of that whole interaction: She told Santana to go out be there for Kurt, because it was going to be a lot harder on him than it was on her. How smart is this girl, for real?! She was amazing, this episode was all about her!


Noah Puckerman: So, I love Pizes. But I was a little upset to hear Puck question his manhood because of what Jacob said about "Lauren having his balls". They're a power couple if I ever saw one, and I think that he should embrace his relationship with Lauren, and rock it-- like they've been doing.

Figgins: I know the whole Prom Queen story line was written in long ago, hence the name of the episode. However, don't you think that Principal Figgins would have said something about it. Don't you think he would have put a stop to it? Don't you think he wouldn't have made Karofsky and Kurt dance together, knowing everything that he'd been through? I just found that part of the storyline a little bit annoying.

Whiny Santana: Lately, and Brittany pointed it out in this episode, Santana hasn't been herself. And we love Santana because she rocks being a bitch... not many people can do that. But this whole coming to terms with accepting herself thing is taking away from her character. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I don't think Santana's character really would have acted in that way. She just doesn't show any confidence in herself. Though I definitely think she would have cried. And I did like seeing that friendship interaction between her and Britney, because they are best friends, still. So, don't get me wrong, I love Santana, and I hate seeing her sad like this, but I want to see more of that confidence that she's known for!

Welp, that's all she wrote folks. I hope you've enjoyed reading. Let me know your thoughts, and whether you agree or disagree!

I'm interested in seeing how the rest of this season pans out! Two more days until the most anticipated (or if you don't know the name of the episode... lease anticipated episode) of the season!

Have a Glee-filled night :)


Glee Original Song - Pretending

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So, I'm a big fan of Finchel. I want them to get back together, so bad. And I'd think that Whitney would agree with that statement. We both think that Finn was much nicer when he was with Rachel, and we both think that his love for her was real, whereas his love for Quinn is a little bit superficial, AKA he thinks she's smokin'. If anyone's love for Quinn was real love, it was Puck. ANYWAYS... After hearing this new Finchel duet, we're definitely hoping that it's leading to something good. We get to find out in two weeks. But the speculating is so much fun. So, take a listen, enjoy, and tell us what you think :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brittana - The Prom Queen

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That awkward moment when Brad Falchuk says that the final three episodes will have heavy Brittana action so you expect it and create all these AMAZING drama filled scenes in your mind and then none of that happen. That was my life after this episode everyone.

While at first I was not pleased at all with "The Prom Queen" episode, I've decided that I actually do like it. The false hope that Mr. Falchuk gave me was what really ruined it for me last night. Then I decided that I should be grateful for the minimal Brittana that we did get.

While the ladies and Kurt were trying on dresses and giving fashion advice, there was a glance from Santana in the general direction of Brittany while she was showing off her dress however I'm trying to decide what was going on here. After reviewing the scene I've decided that it's either 1) a Brittana look or 2) a "man-I-wish-Kurt-knew-I-was-into-women-so-he-wouldn't-call-me-Satan-and-we-could-be-friends" look. I like to this it's a combination of both because I desperately want Santana and Kurt to be friends. Like great friends.

While Rachel was singing "Jar of Hearts" and while Kurt and Blaine were talking about Dave acting like he was straight, I think we all saw the look on Santana's face as well. I classify this as a Brittana look. She'd obviously rather be dancing with Britt and she is scared that people know that she's a lesbian and isn't ready to deal with that yet.

And finally, the classroom scene with Brittany and Santana both. Santana is upset that she lost Prom queen and she thinks it's because everyone thinks she's a lesbian (because she smells like a golf course). 

Brittany comforts her and tells her that she didn't win because people just know she's not being herself and that if she would've been herself, she definitely would've won. She then tells Santana that she voted for her and believes in her. I think the whole world thought we were going to have a kiss at that moment but of course, there wasn't one. Brittany also told Santana to go back out to the Prom and support Kurt because he's having a harder time out there than she would be (read the Gleecap by Bonnie to know the whole story). It was nice to see more brains from Brittany again. While I'm all for those two getting together, it was also nice to see a friendship moment from them as well since it's kind of been awhile.

Looking forward to the next two episodes even though I don't know how I am going to deal with the season ending!

Hope we can all make it through the weekend, Gleeks!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Back to Black First Listen!

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While most of you have probably heard this by now, here is the song "Back to Black" that Naya Rivera will sing next week! Enjoy!

PS - It's amazeballs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Glee "Try a Little Tenderness" - First Listen

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Oh Amber Riley... you done good girl! "Try a Little Tenderness" was just leaked and it's outstanding.. hear for yourselves! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Cory!

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As many of you may know, it's Cory Monteith's 29th Birthday today! So as a big Finn fan, we just want to give a big

Happy Birthday Cory!!!!!

from Troutymouth.com! Leave your birthday comments for Cory if you please and enjoy our fan-made video... yes, it features Finn's butt :)

Once again... Happy 29th Birthday, Cory, ya old man :) We love you!

-Whitney and Bonnie

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Prom Queen Glee - Gleecap!

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If you haven't seen The Prom Queen yet, there will be spoilers!

Ok, so if you missed the Prom Queen, you're crazy. People thought this episode was disappointing. I can see why, but I may be in the minority that thought this episode was phenomenal. I'll get into that sometime tomorrow. Right now, I'm just going to focus on what you missed... in case you live in a cave, or had a power outage...

1) Jacob told Puck that Lauren had taken his balls, so now he wants to regain his bad-ass-ador status, by recruiting Artie to help him spike the punch at Prom. Artie agrees after Brittany rejects his prom proposal, and Sue catches him. She almost pulls his teeth... but she doesn't. Artie misses most of the prom, but at the end he gets a dance with Brittany.

2) Brittany has fun at the Prom by herself. She dances with everyone else's dates. Girls, boys, girls with boyfriends, boys with boyfriends, girls with girlfriends... evereyone.

3) Santana decides for the Bully Whips to protect Kurt during prom week, because she thinks it will get her sympathy votes for Prom Queen. In the process, Kurt and Dave have a moment. Dave cries and apologizes to Kurt for doing all of the hurtful things he did to him in the past. It was sweet.

4) Kurt asks Blaine to prom. We find out that Blaine got the crap kicked out of him at a Sadie Hawkins dance right after he came out. But since he's crazy about Kurt he went anyway.

5) Mercedes is sad that she's not going to have a date for prom. So she and Rachel devise a plan to get Sam to be their date. They put together the little money that they had, and loaned Sam some money to go with them. They went to Breadstix.

5) Jesse St. James comes back. He apologizes to Rachel, and even though she had been set to be Sam and Mercedes' date, Jesse ends up taking her to prom. So the Breadstix date was a double with Finn and Rachel + Sam and Mercedes.

6) Finn sees Jesse dancing dirty with Rachel. So they fight. And they both get kicked out of Prom. It was crazy.

7) I guess Santana's gay-beard + Bully Whips plan backfired in her face. Dave Karofsky was named Prom King... But KURT HUMMEL was named Prom Queen. It was a cruel joke. Santana cried. Quinn cried. Kurt cried.

8) Then Santana said that she must have smelled like golf and that everyone must have known she was a lesbian, and that's why she didn't win Prom Queen. So she was going to move to a lesbian colony or Tribeca... But Brittany told her to embrace her awesomeness, and that she believed in her. Sweet moment.

9) Quinn thought it was Rachel's fault that she didn't win Prom Queen, because everyone knew Finn was really interested in Rachel... So she slapped Rachel. But then she and Quinn had a very powerful moment... it was like they were friends.

10) Kurt was furious that he was crowned Prom Queen. But he decided to embrace it, and make a difference. So he did. And he rocked it by telling Kate Middleton to eat her heart out. Then when he and Karofsky were supposed to dance together, Karofsky got spooked and ran away. So Blaine came in and danced with Kurt to Dancing Queen. Great moment.

And that's what you missed on... Glee!

Season Finale Original Song First Listen!

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Oh man, great news in the Glee world today. I mean not only do we have a new episode this evening but ol' Ry Ry Seacrest let us hear an original song from the season finale. It's called "Light Up The World". Side note: Santana, Brittany and Artie singing the first verse..awkward? Possibly but also awesome!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Favorite Character Nicknames?

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As many of you might also be doing, Whitney, our friend Alison, and myself are going to the Glee concert in Chicago. We're workin' on a little somethin' somethin' for the cast. But in order to do that, we've gotta come up with the best nicknames for each member that will be on tour.

So, we're asking your help!

What are your favorite character nicknames? To give you an example of what we mean: my favorite nickname for Will would be Count Boozey von Drunkaton or Spongehair Squarechin.

Can we get your help? You guys are great!

Thanks! See you at Prom tomorrow :)


Glee Rumours - Likes and Dislikes

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Potential Spoilers in this post! Use caution!

Sorry that we have been a little bit neglectful of the blog this weekend. It's crunch time at school for me, so I've been working on finals and stuff before graduation! Whitney's been busy pluggin' away at a little surprise we'll have for our followers... so stay tuned.

Since Prom is so close, but Rumours was so good, we're going to do a little "Likes and Dislikes" segment... like we do every week. This week's episode was epic. There wasn't a whole lot that I didn't love about it. But even though there might be way more that I liked about the episode than I disliked, there was still some interesting interactions during the episode. Here's what we think:


1)Fondue for Two: Fondue For Two was epic. It was one of those things you'd never expect to see in any television show, but something you hope continues to repeat itself. Brittany was hilarious, Lord Tubbington was hilarious, the theme song was hilarious. We couldn't wish Fondue For Two to be on more episodes than we do now. Please RIB-- Season 3 regular webisode!!!

2)The music: Literally, all of the music was phenomenal. It is so hard for me to pick a performance that I like the best. Ok, well I'd pick "Songbird". But the second place song literally could be any other song that was sung. Rachel did a bang up job on "Go Your Own Way". She totally put her 'Rachel Berry Feminine Twist', and it rocked. "Don't Stop" was great. And it was so cute to see Sam's little 'Trouty Mouth' family. Artie did an awesome job on "Never Going Back Again" (sidenote-- the original is one of my favorite songs, and I think Artie held his own...) Then you have a hilarious Fuinn performance. We even liked the way Schue sand "Dreams"! Really... there wasn't a bad song in this episode. 

3)A Vulnerable Sam Storyline: They even said it in the episode: "What do we know about Sam, anyway?" Sam has been an important character throughout the second season, but we haven't really gotten to know him like we know the other characters. It was really nice to see a Chord Overstreet storyline come to play. It made us more emotionally connected to Sam, and it fit the creative genius of a story line that Ryan Murphy and company have created.

4)Finchel: There was so much Finchel chemistry this week, we don't even know what to do! This is such a huge step in the right direction for Finchel fans. Rachel and Finn staked out together not once, but twice. Then they went to talk to Sam together. Looks like they're in more scenes together than Finn and Quinn... Let's hope things get interesting!

5)Brittana: For Brittana fans, there was also a step in the right direction this week. After Artie did something that we didn't like... see below... Brittany runs to Santana. And Santana was there with a love song. Step up your game Artie!

6)Sue Sylvester: Dressed up like David Bowie and Anne Coulter... 'nuff said!

7)April Rhodes: Usually we don't like April Rhodes... or at least I don't. I like Kristin Chenoweth, don't get me wrong, but her character tends to be a show-stealer when she guests. This week, I think there was the perfect combination of April Rhodes and the hilarity that she brings to the show. It made her character really enjoyable this week!

8)The Use of Fan-related Terms: It seems like they've started doing this a lot lately... using fan-related terms, or putting things in episodes that only real fans would know. Starting with the "Ferry Veil" reference in A Night of Neglect, to the use of "trolling" by Terri and the awesome shipper names in this week's episode. Keep it up, guys. Fans are diggin' it!


1)Artie No offense, Kevin McHale, we know you're not Artie, but man, we were upset with the way you talked to Brittany this week! The girl's got feelings, too! As we all learned from BTW-- She's with Stoopid. Not to mention, regardless of the cheating (it's not justification, but...), Santana is first and foremost Brittany's BFF. Of course she's going to defend her. Leave Brittany alone! Don't call her stupid again, or you'll get kicked to the curb, for sure... if you haven't been already...

2)Lack of Mercedes and Tina: We know this is said every week, and we know it's impossible for RIB to integrate 15 character-lines into 43 minutes, but those girls literally had like 2 lines this whole episode. We are sure that's bound to change... just know we miss you girls!

3)No 10 AM and I'm Drunk? According to spoilers, we were supposed to have an April Rhodes Song called "It's 10 AM and I'm Drunk". Didn't see it this time... maybe there's still hope, but that's something that we were really looking forward to from Ms. Rhodes!

As you can tell from the lack of "Dislikes" and the overabundance of "Likes", we thought this was one of the best episodes this season! I hope they do another album-centered show again, because I think an album can really address multiple story lines. Plus, it makes for an incredibly interesting storyline.

So, are you ready for Prom?! If the last two episode were any indication of how phenomenal this season is going to end... we're in for a real treat! Two more days Gleeks!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday - Glee First Listen

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Everyone has heard Rebecca Black's Friday, including the cast of Glee. Love it? Hate to love it? Either way, Glee has decided to cover it, and let's just say that it destroys the original version! Here it is:

It's so good. Can I just say how excited I am to have Puck singing this? Can't wait to see what the scene is like. Fact: I just got that much more excited for Prom!

Hope you loved it like we did!


Dancing Queen - Glee First Listen

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We all know that Santana and Mercedes sing awesome together. It all started with The Boy is Mine, then they did an amazing cover of River Deep, Mountain High. Now, they're tackling the classic Abba song, Dancing Queen. There's just something about this song that I love. But there's even more about this version of the song that I love. Particularly the fact that Naya Rivera and Amber Riley are amazing singers and they do a bang up job with it. See for yourself:

See? Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did... Particularly the extra belt out by Santana at the end of the song. Can't get over it!

Have an amazing day! Only 4 more days 'til we go to Prom!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rumours - Gleecap!

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WARNING: If you haven't seen Rumours yet, I wouldn't read anymore of this post :)

Ok, so, as we thought, the Rumours episode last night was epic. I don't even know where to start, but I'll sure try and break it down for you as best I can... So, without further adu:

1) Two words: Fondue for Two. (Shouldn't that be three words? I'm shaking my head like you're dumb for even suggesting it...) Anyways, the episode starts off with Brittany's new web-series Fondue for Two! In this, they want to get all the "hot dish", so she invites Tina Cohen Chang and Mercedes Jones to discuss it. In doing so, she sort of "outs" Santana... accidentally of course.

2) Sue brings the "Muckraker" back to McKinley. Why? Not for news.. for rumors. She's stirring the pot, getting all kinds of crazy rumors started. In the first edition, it says that Sam and Quinn were seen together, and that Santana has been spending "time in her closet". So, naturally, Finn gets really ticked off at Quinn and Sam, thinking that they are having an affair. Then, Santana gets really upset at Brittany for outing her on her "Stupid Melted Cheese Show", even though Brittany means she just stopped playing for the Cheerios and started playing for New Directrions... oh Brittany.

3) Artie finds out that Brittany has been cheating on him with Santana and gets really upset and calls her stupid. Really Artie? That was dumb. Good way to keep "the hottest girl in school"... Anyways, Brittany starts crying, and Santana is there to comfort the Sad Little Panda with an amazing cover of Songbird. You may have heard it when we posted it earlier. Well, I died a little, but that's beside the point. Brittany tells Santana to come on Fondue for Two so that she can ask her to Prom. She agrees. But doesn't come. Instead Brittany interviews Lord Tubbington.

4) Major Rachel-Finn-Quinn drama. Quinn tells Finn he can't do any solos with Rachel if she wanted to be with her. Rachel wants Finn to sing solos with her because she still loves him. Finn thinks Quinn is cheating and doesn't even know what to do.

5) April Rhodes comes back and wants Will to help her write a Broadway show. Rumors swirl that Will would quit the Glee club to do it. Emma even encourages it since Will has been so good helping her cope with her OCD. Heck... I encourage it. Be gone Mr. Schue. Or else stop being douchey.

6) During a stakeout, Finn and Rachel see Kurt leaving a motel room with Sam. They also see Quinn leaving a motel room with Sam. The only conclusion they could come up with is that he was hooking up with them. So they thought Sam was a slut, was a slut, was a slut!

7) Turns out Sam's dad lost his job, so their family lost their house. So now they live in a motel room, which is why Quinn was seen with him. Which is also why Kurt was seen with him. Then the whole Glee club felt bad for accusing him of being gay and hooking up with Quinn. So at the end they all rally behind him and sing Don't Stop with him to his sister and brother. It was a heartfelt moment. 

8) Other notables: Terri went trolling, Sue dressed up like David Bowie and Ann Coulter, Lord Tubbington can eat cheese because he is on Atkins, and McTina Cohen Chang-Chang and Pizes was created.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glee Prom Promo

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Prom is always crazy, but I bet your prom wasn't this crazy:

Let's have a little bit of a chat:

1) Santofsky? Gosh, please no one vote for them. After tonight's Songbird performance, no one's going to buy it Santana. Just freakin' dance with Britt already.

2) I don't know if you've seen the song list for this episode, but we get a little sneak peak of I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You which I personally love. Sounds awesome. Plus, can you say Dancing Queen?

3) The clothes. A) The girls, all of them, look amazing. Kurt? Not sure about that, but Finn nailed it... totally Braveheart. Can't wait to see everyone in their hot little get-ups.

4) Jesse St. James? First of all, ew. Get a haircut. Second of all, I used to like you. Then you cracked eggs on Rachel's head, and really all I want to do now is crack one of your nuts... right or left, that's your choice. Just quit ruining her life. If you even start anything... Finn will come after you...

5) Last, but not least... the big news... Does Fuinn break up?! (Gasp) This could be the Finchel break that we've been waiting for! Looks promising since Quinn punches Rachel in the face! Say whaaat?! I can't understand it... but this Prom is crazy!

Hope you are as excited as we are :)


Brittana - Rumours

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Spoilers if you haven't watched "Rumours" but I mean come on..how could you not watch it knowing that it was a Fleetwood Mac tribute?

Alright, so here we are, another week into the drama that is Brittana. If you need a recap on their whole deal, feel free to click here and read it from the beginning.

This episode starts out with a web talk show that Brittany has started called "Fondue for Two". Her, Mercedes and Tina are discussing rumors that are going around the school and eventually Brittany reveals that she has head that Santana plays for the other team and can confirm that that is 100% true. Oops..accidental outing? Well, not quite. When Santana yells at Brittany for saying that she plays for the other team, Brittany says that she does, she used to be on the Cheerios team and now she's only on the New Directions (team). Santana is a little frustrated with the wording that Brittany chose but seems to let go of that pretty quickly. Someone who is finally picking up on the Brittana action: Artie. Artie confronts Brittany about how there is something going on between the two of them. Brittany says that that can't happen because they are both girls and that's not cheating because it's friends talking with their tongues super close and Santana reassures her that that is not cheating. Artie says that Santana is just manipulating her and that if there is anyone else out there that is giving her something that he should be but can't, then that is too much for him to take. He goes on to say that Santana is aware of this and is using it to break them up. Brittany defends Santana by saying she's not this bad person that everyone thinks she is and then Artie says probably the worst thing he couldn't ever said and asks Brittany why she is so stupid? Brittany runs off crying because he was the only person at the school that had never called her that. Offensive. GTFO Artie.

During Artie's song, we see a little bit of Santana comforting Brittany in the hallway after she's telling her that Artie called her stupid.

Next up in their story: Songbird. This song leaked last week and we here at Trouty Mouth have been listening to it nonstop because Naya Rivera's voice is friggin' outstanding and we want her to get every solo. Anyways, she sings "Songbird" to Brittany alone in a room. Well, alone plus Brad. This solo is very intimate and heartfelt. I'm pretty sure I might've stopped breathing during this performance because it was so emotional. 

After it's finished, Brittany asks Santana why she couldn't sing it in front of everyone since her and Artie are broken up. She says that she's not ready for that yet and that people are already starting to treat her differently ever since her "playing for the other team" rumor was circulating (i.e. she was asked to join the golf team). Brittany asks if Santana will tell everyone about it if she goes first. She tells Santana to come onto "Fondue for Two" and Brittany will tell everyone her feelings for Santana, ask her to Prom and all Santana has to do is say yes. Santana says that she will do it. 

Well, the next episode of "Fondue for Two" airs and Brittany says that her guest was supposed to be Santana, however, she got a text from Santana that just said, "I can't." Brittany recovers nicely though, continuing the show with her cat, Lord Tubbington. PS - Lord Tubbington, please quit smoking, it's not good for you.

In the final Brittana scene of the evening, it's back to heartbreak for all of us. Jacob Ben Israel is questioning Santana about rumors of her and Karofsky doing it in a parked car in the cemetery. Santana says she has no comments about that rumor. Jacob then asks for comments about how after he looked up the IP address that that rumor was posted from how come it turned out to be hers and she says that her computer was stolen. Obviously this whole episode is happening near the lockers (where all Brittana heartbreak goes on) and Brittany can hear all of it. Santana tells Jacob that her and Karofsky are going strong in their king and queen campaign and to vote Santofsky. Jacob asks her if they are in love and soulmates, and when he does, Santana just looks at Brittany and says, "Yea..I'd say that was accurate."

That is the end of the Brittana drama from this episode. Next week is the Prom episode and then there are only two more episodes after that (depression!) so I'm sure some crazy things will be happening and I can't wait!


Rumours Preview - Dreams

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It's here! It's here, it's here, it's here! Tonight, possibly the most epic of Glee episodes premiers, and we couldn't be more excited. So, just to get you a little bit more stoked (if that's even possible), here's a final sneak peak at "Dreams". This is a direct scene from tonight's show, so don't watch if you want surprises :)

April Rhodes is back. The drama that is Brittana emerges. Fuinn looks to be unwinding, so does that mean Finchel is on? Can't.Wait!

Happy waiting until 7 o'clock :)