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TGP 2x09: Romanticality

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Another week down on TGP and another contestant gone. Let's cut the chit chat and get to it!

Robert approaches the group, as usual, and announces that the theme for this week is Romanticality! Oooooo…romance. Their homework song is More Than Words by Extreme. I loooooove this song so I was pumped. Everyone is SUPER excited and decide to pair off into couples to sing with during the song. This is when it starts to get awkward. They all made eye contact with the person they wanted to be with…Lily gets super mad because neither Blake or Michael looked at her. Oops. This then leaves Lily and Aylin without a dude…so they get to be together. Something I never really wanted to see. Ever. While all of the couples are rehearsing their lines together, Aylin and Lily secretly decide that it'll be a good idea to kiss during their part, hoping that their commitment will pay off and impress the guest mentor that pops by. Or maybe secretly Aylin just loves going against her family's ideals on purpose because she seems to do everything she says she shouldn't be doing...like every chance she gets. It turns out that during their homework performance, they will be accompanied by the composer of this song (Nuno Bettencourt). This is where the best part of the entire episode happened. Robert says that this is the song that he lost his virginity to. Just…amazing. So after that hilarious announcement, they bring in the guest mentor which is Darren Criss. Woo. #shrug Aylin is PUMPED because she loves when hot guys come to visit. As we see during the performance, Aylin and Lily weren't the only ones who wanted to kiss, Shanna and Michael also got their mack on a lil bit. Lily once again seems to severely overact exaggerate a bit on her acting during her scene. It's so painful to watch. After they are done performing, Darren says that Michael and Shanna didn't really pop which makes this Shanna's first criticism and she is not pleased about this. He also thought that Aylin and Lily were a little too terrible serious so he tells them to maybe lighten it up a little bit. Looks like their show stopping kiss was pointless and a waste of time. Lily is pretty steamed about this of course because she is the best actress and singer on the show and could sing and act her way out of a box. Her words, not mine. Ali and Blake OBVIOUSLY had the best chemistry and Darren definitely noticed that and ends up awarding Blake with his first win in a homework assignment! WOOO! GO BLAKE! Before Darren hits the road, he tells them that the song for their music video is We Found Love by Rihanna. Errrrybody is excited about this one! And because Blake is the winner, he gets to choose who his partner is in the video. He chooses Ali since they did the best the first time and they have chemistry. Lily is suuuuper jealous because she said that she has a lot chemistry with Blake. Hmm..talk about delusional must've missed that episode. Darren then puts Lily with Michael and keeps Aylin with a girl and chooses Shanna for her.

Over in choreography, the couples go over what they will be doing with the other one during their scene. #wanky Ali and Blake have may-jah chemistry still, Lily thinks that her and Michael need to work on theirs and that is a huge DUH. I mean…


Shanna is trippin' because she hates that she was criticized finally and is telling Aylin that she just HAS to redeem herself with her performance in this music video. She does not want to sing for Ryan. In the studio, however, things do not go anywhere but downhill for Shanna. She has a really hard time nailing her lines like she usually does. Nikki still makes her trademark "wow-that-really-sucks-and-my-face-is-clearly-showing-it-and-you-can-see-it-through-the-glass-but-I-can't-be-bothered" expression. Michael surprisingly does really well in the studio which is a rare thing. Very rare. Like…ridiculously rare. Nikki is ACTUALLY impressed with him this week. I had to rewind it to make sure I didn't fall asleep for a second and dream it. It happened. All of the pairs have been brought into the booth together so they can sing at each other and capture that chemistry in their voices perhaps. When it's Ali and Blake's turn, Ali does awesome and is glad Blake is in there. Then it's time for Blake to sing and it turns out he hasn't ever harmonized and has a lot of trouble with it. Uh-oh. The once flawless Blake now has a flaw. Ryan is gonna flip probably. While filming, it appears that all of the couples are pretty stellar other than Aylin and Shanna. Erik tells them that they don't really look natural together and that they are overdoing it or trying to push the idea that they are together too hard at the camera. Zach has the same feeling that they look too rehearsed and their playful-dancing-thing that they are doing just looks way too choreographed. Despite all the trouble, Erik is able to get something and the final video can be seen here. (People disabled sharing so I can't embed that schniz. Mad face.)

Let's mainly just talk about Blake's creepy smile/face that he's making in that very last scene. So awkward.

The judges seems to have a hard time coming up with who should be in the bottom three, especially when it comes to determining if Michael should be in the bottom three because he seemed to be holding something back during the video shoot with his partner Lily. However, they decided that the bottom three will be Shanna, Blake and Aylin. Shanna is FUMING. She believes that Michael should have been in the bottom three instead of her. She's also just really upset because it's her first last chance performance. I think they should have just had a bottom four personally but at the same time Shanna needs to realize that she did suck it up kinda fumble in the recording booth. Aylin is nervous this time around because she never thought that she would be in the bottom three with such stellar performers. It's pretty scurry. They are all given their songs: Aylin will sing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack (side note: She says she doesn't know this song and I'm like do you even watch this friggin' show? #brittana #holla)

Aylin messes up and forgets some of the words during her performance which Ry-Ry definitely calls her out on. When he questions her again about the importance of being on the show, she gives her "a lot of Muslim girls could relate to this" speech and then says it would mean the world to her to be on there. Sort of dodgy on that question but okay!

Blake sings REM's Losing My Religion

Blake sings his song and it's a performance. There wasn't really anything special about it but I think he's proven to be one of the top contenders on this show and should definitely be in the finals at least.

And Shanna will sing Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Shanna belted out her song and even got a little sexy during it which is something we aren't used to so that was a change. And she also totally boned those words over but she didn't really mumble any of them to make it that noticeable. However, after her performance Ryan asked her what kind of character she would play and she said something along the lines of the athletic girl who can sing or something and I was just sad because I'm not interested in that at all. Then upon finding out that she was not happy that she was in the bottom three instead of Michael, Ryan asked her if she thought that Michael deserved to be there instead of her. She straight up answered yes. They all said they admired her for being confident and honest, which I did too but that might have been a bad move…who knows.

After further discussion amongst the judges, Robert posts that dreaded callback list up. It turns out that Shanna is the one that will not be called back. I gotta be honest, I was shooooocked. I was shocked. I never think anyone will be kicked off the show if it's their first last chance performance…but I was wrong. At first I was raging about this because she does sing really, really well and because, once again, it was her first time in the bottom three. However, after reflecting on this, out of those three, I would have picked her too based on lack of being able to develop a character. So, that is what happened last week on The Glee Project!

Tonight is the new episode and Dianna Agron is the guest mentor and the episode is about Actability. Here is the final video from the shoot if you'd like a sneak peek!

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