Friday, April 29, 2011

Go Your Own Way - Glee Sneak Peak

This video has potential spoilers in it, as it is a scene from the Rumours episode... Watch at your own risk!

Just as we thought this season couldn't get any better, I've never been more excited for an episode in my life. Here's a sneak peak of Rachel singing "Go Your Own Way" on next week's Rumours episode:

OK, Let's go over a few things real quick:

1) Finchel tension: It's good tension. Signs of Finn and Rachel getting back together? I think so... Or at least there's definite chemistry there. She's singing to him, he's smiling at her. I sense a break up and a get-together coming soon! Not to mention, look at Quinn's face. She is not havin' this interaction one bit!

2) Bartie tension: First thing I noticed in this scene was that Brittany and Artie weren't sitting together. Say whaaat?! Then look at those fierce exchanges that they give each other throughout the song. It looks like Artie "just can't be bothered".

3) Puck and Finn rockin' out is just way too adorable. I cannot wait for this scene!

Hope you enjoyed it, and tell us what you think!

Happy Gleeking, dudes.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jenna and Harry!

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Have you ever seen anyone speak backwards fluently? Well a friend of our ours, Madi, can speak fluent "backwards talk". So we had her sing Happy Birthday to Jenna and Harry for us :) (sorry the video is backwards... but I wanted to get home and get it posted) Enjoy!

Also for your birthday, created a little rap and GIF just for you guys! Have a great birthday you guys!

Glee's Born This Way Likes and Dislikes

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As you know, the Born This Way episode of Glee premiered on Tuesday. Boy, was it good, too. Despite the fact that we thought this was one of the best episodes of Glee so far this season, we did have some "dislikes" if you will...

So, which do you want? The good news or the bad news? I guess we'll start with the good:

Kurt is Back at McKinley
Can we just say, we don't care how it had to happen, we're just so glad Kurt is back where he belongs. Not only were we excited to see Kurt back at McKinley, but he finally got a big solo, and he showed off his dance moves during Barbra Streisand! It was a great Kurt episode, and we even got one of the best Warblers performances out of it. This was by far one of the best songs we've heard them sing, and we loved all the emotion tied into it. All and all: A+

Lauren Zizes and Quinn
It may have been a "Quinnish" thing for Zizes to do-- going behind her back to dig up dirt on when she used to be fat. But Quinn has had her fair share of mean moments. Plus, it ended up working to Quinn's advantage. It's just nice to see that Quinn wasn't always the "captain of the cheerleading squad" type of person. Top it off at the end of their interaction they come away with a little spark of friendship. It was the first time we see Quinn be "real" and it's the first time we see Zizes "badassness" turn into her Born This Way "Bad Attitude". Overall: A

So, we don't really like Karofsky over here at Trouty Mouth... after made our boy Kurt leave WMH, and after he slushied our girl Santana... welp, he's just not alright in our books. But I did like the Santana interactions with Karofsky. I like how she called him out to his face about being gay... pretty hilarious, if you ask me. I also liked how they made the Bully Whips. What I didn't like was the whole thing about them dating now... even if it is just to be each other's gay beards. Karofsky is gross. It literally made Puck want to vomit. Not ok with that. But I was ok with Santana putting on the "Lebanese" t-shirt at the end, even though she's Hispanic. She pretty much stole the whole show with her hilarity and her storyline. Overall: A

Born This Way
The Born This Way performance was all I thought it would be and more. Tina finally getting to shine through on some vocals. Mike Chang was all front and center during the dance. The shirts were hilarious. Everyone sounded great and looked great. It was definitely a show closer. A+

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty Mashup
This was probably the best mashup Glee has done to this point. I mean I thought that Thriller/Heads Will Roll was going to be in the top spot forever. Yet, they pulled off another impeccable mashup and Lea and Diana both sounded amazing. TLC even approved of it. Well done Adam Anders, well done. A+

Somewhere Only We Know
Usually we're not huge fans of the Warblers, aka Blaine and the Pips... This performance was different, though. Maybe it was because it was an incredibly emotional performance, and it was nice to see the Warblers give Kurt a nice send-off. Maybe it was because Blaine sounds awesome when he's not doing every Top 40 song in the world that we hear each and every day... Whatever it was, it was perfect. Keep it up Warblers! A+

Say what? We just said we liked her five seconds ago! Yeah, you're right. This isn't really as much about Santana as it is about the conflicted writing of her character. What do we love about Santana? Well, for lack of a better word, she's a bitch... But not in a way like Quinn, where it's just kind of annoying, it's in like a Queen Bee kind of way... So, with that said, what was up with all the swooning over Brittany at the beginning of the episode. I mean, we know she loves her, but Santana doesn't swoon for anyone, especially if they're not "in" to her. It's great to see vulnerability in the characters every now and then, but this was out of Santana's character. Not a huge fan. C-

Lack of Sue and the League of Doom
We're still waiting to see what Honey Badger does, cuz Honey Badger don't give a $*@t! (If you don't know what that's in reference to, listen to Sue, and look it up on YouTube!) Anyways, after last week's semi-disappointing show with the League of Doom, we didn't see Sue once in this episode. Nor did we see any gleestruction coming from the League of Doom. Break my heart why don't ya! D

No real surprise here, but we thought Will was annoying again this week. First of all, way to speak up about how you "can't believe what [you're] hearing" right after Santana was finished talking about it. Also, please don't make Emma eat dirty fruit. Look, we want her to come to terms with her OCD just as much as you do, but that's no reason to shove dirty blueberries in her face... where's the old Mr. Schue that we loved so much? D-

Did Santana and Sam Break Up?!
So, we're fine with Santana having a different... unexpected... "love interest" but did she ever let Sam know? I mean, I know she wasn't very nice to him about the whole Trouty Mouth thing, but they never showed a break up. (PS-- we're really glad she sang Trouty Mouth to him...) I could definitely feel some tension at the end when they asked where Santana was and Sam said, "Probably off somewhere making out with Karofsky... well, he can have her." But I don't know if that constitutes as an official breakup...? D+

Karofsky is not in Born This Way
Whoa man, there were some mad rumors going around that Karofsky was supposed to be singing "Born This Way", and that he was supposed to be involved in the number somehow, yet, the only time we saw Karofsky was when he was wearing that flamboyant jacket as he pretended to be Santana's Lebanese Boyfriend... or something like that. So where was he? I'm not sure if I am disappointed because "Born This Way" turned out so great, but still... don't tease me, dude! C+

So, what do you think? How did you like the 18th episode of Glee? Personally, I thought Born This Way was one of the best this season, and maybe even in my top 5 for the series. Let us know what you think.

Only 5 more days until Rumours premiers. Oh, how I love this show...

Gleece out! (You know... peace out... not sure that one worked)


Rumours Preview!

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Sometimes, when I notice that the end of Glee is approaching, I get peeved and immediately start to curl up in a ball and cry and try to think of something that will make me happy again: next week's preview.

As seen from the preview and the title of the preview, this episode is a tribute to Fleetwood Mac, for the most part. Let's get down to business!

It appears as if Sue is up to something at the a class room..with students..talking about how when news gets out in the school, that it's out forever. I've got my hunches..what do you guys think she's up to?

"What blonde former cheerleader is having a motel rendezvous with another big lipped blondie?" Uh oh Finn, could Quinn be sneakin' off to meet up with 'ol Trouty Mouth? Scandy! Will Quinn cheat with Sam? I say no!'re so dumb and hilarious I love it and also know that deep down, you aren't that stupid!

Finnchel! Finnchel! Finnchel stakeout! I cannot wait for this interaction and probably the hilarity that I can imagine happening with the conversation that goes down between those two in the truck on the stakeout! And as for the stakeout of Kurt and Sam at the hotel, come on. I know you Klaine shippers aren't going to take this lying down! I'm quite confident in saying that Kurt isn't cheating on Blaine because he's like obsessed with him. It's a bromance, yo.

April Rhodes? Yes please! I wonder if she's stopped drinking yet…

And back to Sue..David Bowie.

Outstanding. And while do not like Terri, there are some hilarious things that come out of her mouth so I look forward to that! That is all.

What did you guys think/gather from next week's preview? Hit us up below!

Wanna check out some more in-depth thoughts (spoilers) on the Rumours episode? Boom, here ya go!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BTW Countdowns Revisited

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Let me start by directing people who may not have read my other posts, to those posts so you know what I'm talking about.

Countdown until BTW: Part 1
Countdown until BTW: Part 2

Okay so now that you've read those little gems, I would like to discuss how I was right and wrong.

The "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mash-up was pretty awesome and was probably my favorite musical performance of the evening and is probably my favorite mash-up. Sorry, "Halo/Walkin' On Sunshine"…there's a new mash-up in town. How many more times can I say mash-up?

Alright, so I'm also very pleased to say that I was pretty spot on with the Santana/Karofsky business. She even told him that she was into girls which I didn't really think was going to happen so that was an awesome surprise. And just to make things better, she used the term beards, which is hilarious. I'm not a big Dave fan and I thought that maybe I would be if he is teaming up with Auntie Tanna but..nope, I'm not diggin' him still. Not as of yet anyways.

Okay back to the mash-up, I was pretty off on where this was to be performed. I said the classroom, which there was a bit of a classroom moment but it was also at the doctor's office and in the bathroom and/or their rooms looking in the mirror. I thought this was going to be the "beautiful" moment that Finn and Rachel had together wasn't, but I tried. Despite being wrong, this was still my favorite song from the night, even over Gaga *everyone gasps with surprise*!

I hope everyone enjoyed the episode and these little predictions!


Born This Way - Gleecap!

So, in case you missed the epic Born This Way episode, because you've been hiding under a rock or have been locked up in prison (said in the voice used at the beginning of Glee):

1) Will wants the Glee club to come to terms with accepting something they were born with, since Rachel is considering a nose job after getting punched in the face by Finn. And then he asks Emma for help, but she decides to focus on the fact that she's a ginger instead of focusing on coming to terms with her OCD. She goes to see a therapist, and takes pills for it, and now she can accept it. 

2) Santana wants to be prom queen so that she can get Brittany to ditch Artie and fall in love with her. She thinks she can win prom queen by getting Kurt back to WMH -- How does she do it? Karofsky. She spotted Karofsky checking out Sam's butt, and her gaydar went ballistic. So she called him out for being gay. Then she came out to him, and they decided to be each other's gay beards. Plus, she talked him into starting an anti-bullying group called the Bully Whips in an attempt to get Kurt back, which she does successfully... but now she and Dave are like... dating, and Brittany thinks that's gross...

3) Quinn's real name is Lucy, and she used to be fat, but she went on a strict diet and got a nose job to look how she looks now. Since Lauren Zizes also decided to run for prom queen, she outed "Lucy Caboosey" to the whole school. Quinn thought her campaign was over, but all the other girls thought she was an inspiration. Finn did, too, and he kept Lucy Caboosey's picture in his wallet. 

4) Kurt decided to come back to McKinley after talking with Karofsky. He officially transfers and meets the Glee club out on the patio. Then the Warblers serenade him with a goodbye song, "Somewhere Only We Know", which was amazing. Blaine cried, and so did Kurt. The Warblers were sad to see him go, but the Glee club was happy to have him back.

5) The Glee club tries to convince Rachel that she doesn't need a nose job after she and Quinn went to get a consult and sang an awesome "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. Finn even called her beautiful, and that didn't do the trick. So Puck coerces Rachel to the mall, where Kurt had everyone breakout into the Barbra Streisand mall dance. It was fun.

6) At the end, they all did a breakout number called Born This Way-- you may have heard about it. They all wore shirts that displayed something that they were born with that they couldn't change. Santana's originally said "Bitch", but Brittany made her one that said "Lebanese" even though Santana is Hispanic. Well, really Brittany thought it said "Lesbian". Anyways, Brittany wanted her to wear the shirt to stop hiding that she was a lesbian, and come dance with her on stage. Santana was upset that Brittany never told her she loved her back. But Brittany really does love Santana. But Santana didn't perform. Though she did wear the shirt...

And that's what you missed on Glee! :)

For a full list of the born this way t shirts, take a look at our previous post and all of the comments!

Also- feel free to tell us what you thought about Glee's Born This Way episode!



Songbird - Naya Rivera - First Listen!

As you already know by now, we're big promoters of Santana Lopez, here at Trouty Mouth. So, when we found out she was singing "Songbird" in the upcoming Rumours episode, we were stoked. After listening to it about 300 times collectively (no exaggerations here), we decided we had to share it with the world. Thanks to YouTube, we can. Enjoy!

We'll write about last night's episode and what's to come later tonight! Until then...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Countdown until BTW: Part 2

Yesterday I made a little post asking you guys a couple of questions and in one of my answers, I said that I was really excited for the "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. This still stands true but I would like to address another spoilerish thing that has to do with this scene. So once again, if you are offended by spoilers, you should turn back now.

I've read via that there is supposed that "Rachel and Fin will have a "beautiful" moment together. But not "together". Everybody else will be there but it's "beautiful".

I'm really counting on this "beautiful" scene being in the classroom during this mash-up. I don't know why but this just feels like it would be right. Quinn's with Finn..Rachel loves Finn..Finn still loves Rachel…Rachel doesn't love the way she looks but Finn does…

I mean it just sounds right to me. What do you guys think will happen?

Only a short time before we are hit with this 90 minutes of awesomeness. Be patient Gleeks, it's almost here!

Enjoy the show tonight!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Countdown until BTW: Part 1

That's right everyone…just a little less than 24 hours (for me anyways!) until the "Born This Way" episode airs and our minds are blown! I have been so excited about this since..well, last week and it's almost time! Due to this awesome event of a 90 minute episode that is supposed to be seriously packing a lot of gleeness, I thought I would ask our outstanding readers a couple questions to hold us over until tomorrow!

What song/performance are you most looking forward to?

What would you like to see happen on tomorrow's episode with your favorite characters?

I'm somewhat torn between the performance and song. I really like "Somewhere Only We Know" however I have already watched that online so I'm going to go with "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. I listen to this song all day at work and am just dying to watch it and see how it all pans out.

As for my favorite character and what I need to happen, that one is obviously going to go to Santana. The following statement could be considered a spoiler due to the fact that I have read various spoilers to come up with this little bit of business that I want to happen. Turn back now if you hates you some spoilers!
I've read that there is something to do with blackmail in this episode, someone gets caught checking out Sam's butt and there is an anti-bullying group involving Karofsky (and Santana). Alright people, here is what I want to go down: Santana will see Dave checking out Sam's butt and be like umm…odd, finds out that he's into guys, blackmails him with his secret and tells him to start this anti-bullying group. Could it happen? I think so!

Well Gleeks, leave a response to my questions, we'd love to know what you guys are thinking out there!

Keep it real,

Glee Filming Live in NYC!

Absolutely can't wait until Nationals? Glee is filming in NYC this week, and thank God for technology, because we've got a live feed comin' at us! If you want to see how filming is going, and plot your own storylines based on what you see:

Click here for a live feed of Glee in NYC!



Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Have Fun in New York!

Looks like the Glee kids are off to Nationals! According to Twitter, Jenna Ushkowitz left last night to head out to the Big City. She rode American Airlines, and even had her own massage chair. Uber jealous.

IJennaUsh: LAX---> NYC baby!
IJennaUsh: Massage option on my seat? Yes please. Alright American airlines I'm not mad. #showmewhatyagot
IJennaUsh: Hello NY. Happy Easter everyone!

Lea Michele also graced us with some NY tweets:

msleamichele: Woke up in LA and with the blink of an eye I'm walking down the streets of New York. All I hear is Jay Z!!!! Now you're in NEW YORK!!!!
msleamichele: Happy Easter! So grateful to be home with my family on this beautiful day:) XO

If the other Glee kids aren't there yet, we know they will be. Filming for Nationals starts this week :) Can't wait for the upcoming episodes. I think Glee is going to go out with a huge bang this year!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and hope you have an amazeballs day!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Santana + Bitchiness + Our excitement = Santenergy

So every day, Whitney and I chat about Glee through about 95% of our work day. Let me tell you about a little conversation Whitney and I had yesterday...

She texts me "Santana. Santana. Santana..." and there was more but that's irrelevant to this post.
I responded with a "Your Santana energy is at a high today." What came next was a stint of genius.

Whitney replied with a quick witted: "It's Santenergy. That just happened."

Well played, Whitney, well played. I think you need to copyright that word.

In the spirit of the newly coined "Santenergy", we've decided to post a video of Santana doing what she does best in the Born this Way episode: being a bitch. It's hilarious.

Enjoy, and have a gleektastic day!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Listen to the "Unpretty/I Feel Pretty" Mash-up

Oh..em...glee. While on my lunch break, I found a blog (that also has provided with me other great glee information from time to time :)) and saw that they had the Quinn and Rachel mash-up that's supposed to be in the "Born This Way" episode for our listening pleasure. I won't hold you guys up anymore...enjoy!

Unpretty/I Feel Pretty Mash-up


Foreshadow of Guest Stars in Glee

There have been some rumors going around that Jennifer Lopez may be a guest star on Glee. And she may show up as Santana's mom... If that's the case, then Glee has a trend of foreshadowing their guest stars on the show before they appear.

Exhibit A: John Stamos

In season 1, Emma says to Will "It takes more certainty than talent to be a star. Just look at John Stamos."

Aha! Interesting. Little did we know at this point that John Stamos would be a recurring guest role and Emma's future husband... Did Glee know this?

Exhibit B: Gwyneth Paltrow

Also, in season one, while Quinn is pregnant, Finn starts talking baby names for "their baby" with her while in Spanish class. He mentions that Gwyneth Paltrow named her child Apple, and that he liked the name.

Little did we know... Gwyneth has become one of our favorite guest stars and Apple has even been on set. Interesting, Glee writers... Interesting...

Exhibit C: J. Lo

Now, in A Night of Neglect there were two mentions of Jennifer Lopez. First, our lovely lady Zizes tells Mercedes that Jennifer Lopez demands things because she knows that they will meet her demands. That's what real divas do, right? Oh yeah, and we all remember when Karofsky calls Santana J.Lo when she asks him "The truth about what?" And he answers "None of your business J. Lo!"

Now, are the rumors true? Is J. Lo the next foreshadowed guest star? Possibly for a recurring role as Santana's mom? I guess we will find out. If it is true, I know I'll start paying very close attention to the other celebrities mentioned on the show...

What do you all think about this? Do you want to see J. Lo on Glee? And if you do, do you want to see her as Santana's mom? The Lopez name is fitting... maybe she'll guest star as herself :) Let us know what you think below.

Have a Gleektastic day!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Born This Way" first listen!

I was just roaming around the internet and found this little piece of sweet sweetness. It's a first listen to the Glee version of "Born This Way"! Take a listen and let us know what you think!  I'm loving it and I cannot wait for this episode!

Check it out here!

New "Born This Way" Promo

Here it is everyone, the new Glee promo for the "Born This Way" episode. I love Glee and I love Gaga so I'm excited times a million. Take a look below:

Time to chat.

90 gleekin minutes!? YES PLEASE! Every week should have like 3 hours long episodes. Okay that's a bit much but I just cannot get enough of this show! Looks like Will is ready to get the Glee club into top shape for Nationals. From previous previews for this episode, us over here at Trouty Mouth were scared that Santana was missing throughout a lot of the episode which could still be the case but we did at least see her practicing with them in the auditorium (check at about 7 seconds in..over on the right) in this preview which made me have a much needed sigh of relief. However she still seems to be absent in the BTW t-shirt scene. Perhaps she will be doing a reprise at the end (cross your fingers and pray for this because we are!)?

Another glee mob at the mall? OUTSTANDING! I definitely remember the greatness that was "Safety Dance" at the mall and I'm excited to see another one. Not to mention Kurt looks and seems to be dancing something fierce!

Zizes running for Prom Queen? Yes, yes and yes! She would definitely be getting my votes. I would love to see Quinn get beat out because 1) typical choice, 2) Quinn isn't my favorite and 3) I want to see Quinn lose it when she loses the race. Simple as that.

And finally, Kurt Hummel is back at McKinley! Yaaaaay! There has been a lot of speculation as to why and who brings him back here. We are still holding out for Santana to bring him back to McKinley (I think we all witnessed the Kurtana moment in "A Night of Neglect"). However, in the preview you can see her, Quinn, Tina, Mike standing there when he announces that he comes back and some have suggested that because they are standing there and shocked that he is back that it can't be any of them that get him back.

Excited for the 90 minutes? Thoughts on why Santana's not visible in the BTW t-shirt performance? Who do you want to win Prom King and Queen?*** And do you think someone talks Kurt into finally coming back to McKinley - or what are your thoughts in general on his return? Post them below!

Have a gleeking awesome day!

***Yes, we are aware of the recently leaked information on the winners of Prom King and Queen, however let's a) act like we never saw those and pick who we want, b) act like they are reshooting those scenes.

A Night of Neglect Recap

Well, the wait is over gleeks. We finally made it through that way-too-long hiatus! Glee came back last night with “A Night of Neglect”. We want to break down our thoughts and opinions about it, and we want you to share what your thoughts were on the episode.
First of all, though I did like the episode, I think Whitney and I had higher expectations. So, let’s break it down. First, what we liked:

Obviously, we love Santana. Last night, however, our love for her spiked out of control when she put her “Queen Bitch” status to good use. First of all, Whitney called the Kurtana Relationship in an earlier post. And can we just say how excited we are for that. We want Santana to be the one that brings Kurt back to McKinley, so last night was definitely a step in the right direction. Plus, she stepped up to Karofsky with sass and class with an extra bit of hilarity-- the perfect Santana recipe. Couldn’t have been happier to see that scene!

Rachel and Mercedes

I personally really enjoyed this interaction. For the first time, Rachel was totally normal and made complete sense. It was nice to see her softer side, without it being overthrown by her desire to be in the spotlight. It was actually her acknowledgement that Mercedes was just as good of a singer as Rachel, and of her desire to be in the spotlight that was so endearing. In fact, when she says “I’m not saying it’s healthy and I’m not saying that it’s better than being loved…” is the point where I decided that I really like seeing this side of Rachel. She knows what she wants, and that’s why she is the way she is. But, she can acknowledge that it’s by choice. She gives up being loved, she gives up her mental health, she gives up everything, just for one shot in the spotlight. Plus, I don't like Mercedes acting all diva-ish. She's great, but part of what we love about her is that she has this phenomenal voice, and she's just so modest about it. Wise words, Rachel Berry. 

Charice’s Performance

I wasn’t stoked about Charice singing “All By Myself” but after seeing it last night, I’m so glad she did. She belted that tune to the point that Puckerman wept. Yep, that’s saying something. She has an amazing voice, and never did I doubt that, but she also performed this song perfectly!

Mike Chang’s Dancing and Mercedes’ Singing

Anything with Mike Chang is amazing. And that’s exactly what his dancing was last night: Amazing. And Mercedes. All I can say is WOW. There was a reason Rachel Berry didn’t follow that up. She was right—It couldn’t be topped, and you definitely closed down the show!

Brittany's Knowledge of Cat Diseases
Brittany is our resident "dumb girl", but we love her for it. It's endearing, and it's hilarious. So when she lead the Brainiacs to a victory, we loved it. How did she do it? She knew everything that a person could know about cat diseases. That's right. From "feline AIDS" to "kidney failure" and "conjunctivitis", she knew it all!

Ok, now let’s go over the things we didn’t like:

Gwyneth Paltrow Singing Adele
Ok, don’t hate me for saying this. I love Holly Holiday on Glee. But Adele is just not the type of song Gwyneth should be singing. I think Gwyneth is best at singing the “fun” songs, like Cee Lo. (Although she did do a bang-up job on “Landslide”.) Adele is a particular kind of artist. Not everyone can sing Adele, and no one can sing Adele like she can. So, if I were to choose a singer for this song, it would have been Mercedes or Santana. But, that’s probably why I don’t write the show. I understand the reason they had her sing it, and I thought the tone of the song was appropriate for the message she was trying to convey. But still… Holly needs to stick to the fun stuff, like sex and gold diggers.

Slushee Whiplash

We were heartbroken when we saw the promo video that featured Santana’s Slushee Whiplash. However, last night, it just wasn’t that big of a deal. Well guess what? It’s kind of a big deal to us. We expected a heartfelt conversation between Santana and Brittany, and Karofsky was going to ruin it and give Santana whiplash. It wasn’t that way… Little details, but still…

League of Doom

The League of Doom meeting was hilarious. But after that, I felt like it failed a little bit. There wasn’t as much hilarious destruction as I thought there would be. Hopefully, there’s more to come, though, since the Honey Badger has yet to attempt destruction.

To sum up the episode in just a few words, here are the key points, in case you missed it:
1) Mercedes wants more solos.
2) Will and Holly break up.
3) Carl filed for an annulment from Emma, and her OCD kicked into high gear.
4) Santana stood up to Karofsky while he was bullying Kurt and Blaine.
5) Sandy is terrible when it comes to the League of Doom.

Other than that, the episode was a good filler. We expected more, but it wasn’t bad at all. Hopefully it was a fantastic lead to bigger things to come :)

What’d you think of A Night of Neglect? Was it everything you hoped for? Share it with us!

Have an amazeballs day!


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Future of Dave Karofsky

As some of you readers probably know, I am not a huge fan of Dave Karofsky. With the upcoming slushy that he delivers straight to Santana's mug (tomorrow night!) and the death threat to Kurt, how can you expect me to like him? However, I found this article on the actor who plays ol' Dave (Max Adler) and surprisingly enough, I read it and enjoyed it.

Here is the article (SPOILERS)

Okay, so now that you've read and enjoyed that, there are a few things that I just want to throw out there and possibly chat about. And again, there will be some spoilers in this part below so turn back now if you aren't interested in that:

So, Karofsky singing in "Born This Way." Something we've all heard and read about already and I'm fine with him singing in it, as long as he doesn't get to sing, like all of it. Which I'm fairly confident that he doesn't. While his storyline is important and I am anxious to see how it plays out, I don't want him to take over songs, parts and time from other characters that are actually signed as full time cast.

Which then leads into the fact that he could possibly be going out with quite an impact, which would allow him to have more screen time, especially if he's never going to return. Yes, I'm referring to the suggestion that Dave could possibly be committing suicide in upcoming episodes. Just because I hate the guy, doesn't mean I want to go this route! I would love for him to come out and be able to be happy and accept the fact that he's gay and then just live a happy, gay life. As the article says, Ryan Murphy and his Nip/Tuck shorelines and things that happened on that show..were crazy at times. Straight up this is a huge possibility. And there is rumor of a death coming up in the 21st episode of this season.

While discussing this with Bonnie today, we discussed that possibly having him attempt suicide but not succeeding would still be very dramatic and have an impact but wouldn't be as morbid as him dying. I think that or not having him commit suicide at all would be the best route to take. I love drama and emotional stuff and am all for the shock but I do not see Glee as the show that should go THAT heavy. Some will agree, some will not…let us know your thoughts below please!

Well, everyone get a good nights rest and gear up because the hiatus is finally over tomorrow night and we can all watch "A Night of Neglect" and be happy again! Maybe that's just me..

Have a gleeful evening,

Glee Spoilers -- What are the Craziest Glee Rumors You've Heard?

With the recent "way-too-long hiatus that is spending Gleeks into a state of crazy rumors and "whats to happen next thoughts", we have decided to dedicate a post specifically to the crazy rumors that have been thrown out on the inter-web over the last four weeks!

WARNING: There are potential spoilers in here. None are confirmed, however, if you don't want to know crazy things that may (or may not) happen in future episodes, then stop reading NOW!

  • As we have previously mentioned: Santana quits Glee club to become the captain of the Cheerio's Source
  • Sam a.k.a. Trouty Mouth might possibly be gay? Source
  • Karofsky might tragically end his life as he struggles with his closeted homosexuality. Source
  • Kurt wins Prom Queen and Karofsky wins Prom King. Source
  • Santana and Jessie might end up together. Source
  • There's a death in episode 21 Source
  • Unlikely pairing will evolve by the end of the season. Source
  • Rachel brings multiple dates to the prom. Source

We aren't confirming or denying any of these rumors, because it's a guessing game for us, too. What's the craziest things you've heard about Glee? We know this hiatus has been killing you guys, too! Let us hear!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Santana Lopez Might Leave Glee?!?!

We all know that Wikia's aren't the most reliable sources, but it's the first place we all go to when looking for information. Naturally, the Trouty Mouth writers investigate the Glee Wikia on a daily basis. What were we stunned to discover today? Comments on Santana Lopez's Wikia page saying (brace yourself...)

Santana is quitting Glee Club to become the captain of the Cheerios!

(Sigh of disbelief)... At first when I heard this, I cried a little. Then I got really pissed off. And now I'm just in denial. I'm not saying I believe this, but the thought....This CANNOT happen. Not only will we be devastated if this is true, but I think that Glee fans may riot outside of Ryan Murphy's house.

Here's how I see it:
  1. Santana's character is too important to the story line. If she quits Glee, fans will rage. It wouldn't be in Ryan Murphy's best interest to write such a story. Fact: He's a genius. He wouldn't do something like that.
  2. Naya Rivera is an AMAZING singer. She's getting more and more solos because fans love her voice. Seriously, I could listen to it all day. So why would they take out one of the best singers in Glee club?
  3. Sue sucks. She calls Santana "Tweedle Fake-boobs" and quite frankly, Santana's not in any emotional state to have to deal with Sue's nonsense. So why would she choose to put up with it? Plus, Sue created the League of Doom to destroy Glee club. Santana's not in the League of Doom, and her absence would destroy Glee. It wouldn't make sense to write up a story for the League of Doom then, when it would be so simple to just take Santana out of the mix. Won't happen.
  4. The girl's got style. We're all so used to seeing her in street clothes now. If she goes back to that Cheerio's costume + tight ponytail, well, we'll be ticked off. It's been nice being able to get to know the characters through their style.

We did hear a couple of things about Santana over this hiatus, though. Here's what we know is going to happen: *(Spoiler Alert)*
  • She's going to have a love interest, and it will be a dude.
  • She is a full-blown lesbian, and will be dealing with her acceptance in the next coming episodes.
  • She is going to do something that may change the Glee club's dynamic
  • Speculation that she might go to prom with Karofsky

Is this happening? What do you think of all this? What crazy Santana rumors have you heard?

Only 2 more days until we finally get to see what's starting to develop! I can't wait anymore!

Have a Gleekabulous day!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Amber Riley Adele Video- Thanks again Twitter!

So, Amber Riley tweeted this last night, causing some gleeked-out freaking out for fans:

MsAmberPRiley: How did you gleeks get my video of Someone Like You? Omg that's crazy it was private link I gave to my friends lol thts Crazy!

Well, naturally, since I'm a HUGE fan of Adele, I followed this business closely! Later she tweeted:

MsAmberPRiley: Omg it's on Perez

So, thank you Ms. Amber Riley, because I definitely had to check this out. And then post it for all of our Trouty Mouth fans to see! You sound BEAUTIFUL. And, that just confirms my mixed feelings about the Night of Neglect Song List that we talked about earlier. I said it should be Mercedes, Tina, and/or Santana. Clearly, Amber Riley seems like she's up for the challenge! Come on Ryan!

Anyways, enjoy the video!

Didn't she sound great? Tell us what you think about Gwenyth singing Adele in the next episode!

Only 3 more days 'til "Night of Neglect"! Have a gleektastic day!


Friday, April 15, 2011

The League of Doom: Sneak Peak

The League of Doom is something that Trouty Mouth has been looking forward to for quite some time. Now, we had been unclear if it was the League of Doom or the Legion of Doom… apparently so is the League (or legion?). Let’s just hear it straight from Sue in this hilarious sneak peak of the Legion of Doom.

This is making us so excited for "A Night of Neglect"! Visit for more sneak peaks, including what guest star Charice has to say about the episode.
Only 4 more days Gleeks! Cannot wait!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Need new dance moves?

How many times have you been dancing at the club and realized that your dance moves just aren't what they used to be? Too many times if I had to guess. Don't worry, we've all been there and it's time for a change! We've all seen her do it and now it's time to look to and thank Santana Lopez for...the Santana Hand Clap! Make this fun and amazing action your go to dance move from here on out! Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naya Rivera on Wendy Williams

As most of you know, Naya Rivera was on "The Wendy Williams" show today doin' a little chatting and a little slushie action. Below are a couple of links to youtube of the interview. They are really low quality but I couldn't find any better right now and I reeeeally wanted to post this. While I find Wendy Williams extremely's  first interview without having the rest of the cast with her so it's kind of outstanding. And she looked super cute.

Part 1
Part 2

So, who are the super lucky girls that I'm super jealous of that get to get a slushie to the face via Wendy and Naya? A couple of girls named Gabby and Sara. Gabby recorded a sort of reaction/recall video of what happened and how she felt after meeting Naya that you can view here.

I'm just hoping that us over here at Trouty Mouth get to meet Naya + the rest of the cast some day..or in Chicago on June 4. Seriously...someone make this happen..

Have a glee filled evening!



A part of my daily routine, though I try to hold back, is to try and find glee spoilers. While trying to find these spoilers I came across something else that could be even more helpful or just get my hopes and then stomp my heart in the end. I'm talking about what could happen according to other gleeks. Now I've looked around so many different websites that I can't remember at all where I have read these things but I have thought about and read others' thoughts on how it's possible that Santana and Kurt could soon be developing a friendship from the hard times that he goes through with Karofsky and her new found love for the ladies. In an earlier post (here), that contains a large amount of spoilers, I discussed how in the Fox press release for the "Born This Way" episode says that Santana may somehow do something that can permanently change the glee club dynamic. Now, I love Santana and I'm a little ashamed to say that I assumed that it would be something bad but let's be honest, using the wordage of "could permanently alter the glee club dynamic" is scary and sounds like something bad. Maybe what she does to change up the dynamic is somehow get Kurt to come back to New Directions…huh? Huh? That would be awesome because I like me some Kurt and I love me some Santana and I think with the hard times Kurt has had with Karofsky, the possible hard times that he may have coming back to McKinley, plus not going to Dalton anymore (with Blaine) + Santana being confused about her sexuality, her love for Brittany that she's scared to have people know about, Bartie still being together = a great recipe for a fantastic friendship that no one would have suspected in the beginning. Not me anyways. And even if that doesn't happen..I would still love to see them interact in a nice way and bonding over their similarities. I'm..just…saying'…
They are also a couple of fierce divas that I need to join forces..c'mon Ry Murphy.

Would you like to see Santana and Kurt become friends? How about at least have a touching moment together? Talk about it below!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Kevin McHale's Twitter Stirs up a Naya Rivera GIF

So, today Kevin McHale shook up the Twitter world when he said:

druidDUDE: ok guys, that gif of @NayaRivera in 'imagine' so wrong/funniest thing i've ever seen/the reason im not asleep cos im still laughing.

Everyone wanted to know what this picture was all about, including the Trouty Mouth writers. Well, he said it. It was wrong, but it was also hilarious. 

Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed!

Glee "A Night of Neglect" Song List

Glee has released their song list for "A Night of Neglect", and we definitely have mixed feelings about some of these songs! Let's see what they've got in store:
  • How by Lisa Loeb, Sung by Rachel
  • One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head, Sung by Sandy
  • All By Myself by Eric Carmen, Sung by Sunshine
  • Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin, Sung by Mercedes
  • Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson, Sung by Quinn
  • I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li, Sung by Tina
  • Turning Tables by Adele Sung by Holly Holiday and the New Directions
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, Sung by Blaine, the Warblers, and the New Directions

Ok, where do I begin? How about with:

One Night in Bangkok: I'm excited for this. Fun song + Sandy = entertaining performance (hopefully). This could be interesting.

All By Myself: As much as I like Sunshine, and I think she has an excellent voice, I'd rather see this song come from Santana. Grant it, I'm not sure how it will fall in the story line, but I knowing where the story lies, I think this would be perfect for the Santana/Brittany situation. I'd rather see Sunshine sing something else.

Ain't No Way: Well, mostly because I love Mercedes, and think she has one pow'rful voice, I think she'll definitely do this song justice. I can't wait to see her bust out some Aretha!

Bubble Toes: I like this song, and I generally think Quinn sings well. The only thing I am not looking forward to for this performance, is that I'm kind of sick of seeing Quinn sing songs like this. I feel like this "guy and a guitar" music is her specialty, as seen when she and Sam sung "Lucky". I just want to see Quinn belt something sometime, though!

Turning Tables: Can I just say how excited I am that they are singing Adele? Can I just say how not excited I am to have Holly Holiday singing this. Don't get me wrong, I love Gwenyth on Glee, but the Glee cast has been asking for Adele since her new album came out, and I'd love to see one of those talented kids (namely Mercedes, Tina, or Santana) take the leads on this one.

Clearly, as you can see from my notes above, I'm wanting to know where the heck Santana is. Also, what about the dudes? I'm hoping they have a big episode for them in store.

What do you think about the song list and who's performing? Who did you want to see in this episode, and what songs were you hoping to hear? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, have a delicious day.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finn & Quinn or Finn & Rachel? Which pair do you prefer?

We all have our favorite couples when it comes to Glee, whether it be Puckleberry (Puck/Rachel), Quick (Quinn/Puck), Tartie (Tina/Artie), Bartie (Brittany/Artie), Santittany or Brittana (Santana/Britney), Klaine (Kurt/Blaine), Mina or Tike (Mike/Tina), we've got our favorites.
*I'm not confident on all shipper names being spot on and took the liberty of doing the Mike and Tina combo.

Today while I was thinking about what to discuss, I was thinking of the triangle that is Rachel, Finn and Quinn and who I preferred Finn with. It was an easy choice for me: Finn and Rachel. While the fact that they took all of season one to get together finally, I don't ever remember getting bored with watching them figure out that they wanted to be together, which usually happens for me when I watch TV shows. When Finn and Rachel are together, I feel like they are both more likable. Finn is just nicer. This season, when he hasn't been with Rachel, I feel like he is really douche-like at times (Silly Love Songs…dollar a smooch). Or that he is nice to Rachel in private but weird to her when they are around people i.e. when she wanted to sing original songs at Regionals and Finn didn't support her in the choir room but told her in the hallway when they were alone that he thought it was a good idea and that his vote wouldn't have mattered. I think if there would've been more than one person that thought that, the idea might've been considered a bit more. Finn also breaks up with Rachel because kissed Puck while they were together, so cheated on him..but Quinn also cheated on him but he wants to get back with her now? Confusion.

So why do I not like Quinn and Finn? Well, besides the paragraph I just wrote about, she seemed to be nicer when she was single. Or maybe it was the fact that she was also pregnant and emotional but I loved Quinn when she was friends with Mercedes. In season two, she just seems to be mean and only cares about being Prom queen. Pregnant Quinn = Good; Not pregnant + Cheerio + Finn = Bad.

Now that you know my thoughts on the matter, here is a question to you all: 

Which do you prefer - Finchel or Finn/Quinn (not sure about their shipper name since they would equal Finn and Quinn). Leave your thoughts below!

Have an OUTSTANDING evening,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Darren Criss Spinoff? Is it Blaine and the Pips?

At an Oxygen Upfront Presentation this week, Darren Criss said that he would be open to a spin off starring: him

Ok, let us just say, we like Blaine. Over at Trouty Mouth, we root for Blaine. We can't wait to see him fight Karofsky, as last week's awesome preview showed, and we're so glad the he and Kurt are finally together. But really? A spin off?

Was it not in Original Song that Kurt said that sometimes he felt like the Warblers were "Blaine and the Pips"? I know Whitney will disagree with me here, but I don't mind the Warblers (They're definitely no New Directions), but I do get tired of everyone singing behind Blaine all of the time. If he gets his own spin off, isn't that what it will be?

Call me crazy, but I probably won't be tuning into that. Part of the reason I love Glee so much is because every cast member has an incredible voice and brings something special to the group. Take away Santana? Yeah right. How about Rachel? No way! Fine. What about Puck, or even Sam? No and no. It can't be done. Each member is totally important. Take away one of the pips? We wouldn't know.

So, as interesting as I think that the Warblers are, I don't think it would make for good television, and I don't think Darren Criss would make for an interesting show. Grant it, I haven't seen a story line, so I could be wrong. I mean, you can't blame the guy for being open to it. He's a great singer, and he's got swagg on Glee.

That said, we do love Blaine on Glee, and we definitely don't want him going anywhere! We hope he sticks around until he graduates, and depending on what happens to the cast after graduation, we hope he sticks around even after that... If he does get his own spin off, though, let's just hope he proves Trouty Mouth wrong!

Disclaimer: None of this has been confirmed. It's just swirling around Glee land, which is generally full of rumors. So, pardon the preemptive speculation.

Have an awesome day, Gleeks!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Born This Way press release - what the what!? (Definite spoilers)

Just gonna say upfront that there are some spoilers/thoughts that could reveal things in this post so turn back now if you are not interested!!

Okay, on Wedensday April 6, Fox released a press release about the "Born This Way" episode that is set to air on April 26, 2011.
In the “Born This Way” episode, MR. SCHUESTER (Matthew Morrison) teaches the glee club a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes you unique through the music of Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, LAUREN ZIZES (guest star Ashley Fink) and QUINN FABRAY (Dianna Agron) go toe-to-toe for the prom queen crown, MS. PILLSBURY (Jayma Mays) confronts her obsessive issues, RACHEL BERRY (Lea Michele) struggles with a life-altering decision and SANTANA LOPEZ (Naya Rivera) has something up her sleeve that could permanently alter the glee club dynamic.
Whaaaaat!? I am so excited for the next episodes of Glee that I can barely handle it. There are a lot of interesting things that seem to be coming up, including the oh so talked about "Born This Way" t-shirts that you can see/discuss here. According to this release by Fox, there's more than we all thought in store! Lauren Zizes and Quinn going head to head for Prom queen? That is something that I am ready to watch because Zizes is legend. I personally hope either Lauren gets Prom Queen or there is another unsuspecting contender that gets it's because Quinn is just so typical.

Seeing Emma confront her obsessive issues…is this of her own accord or does someone help her with this (please show more John Stamos)? Last we saw, Carl was not too impressed with Emma due to the fact that she was "confused" about her feelings when it came to Will. Maybe Sue will try to give Emma another type of pep talk/tongue lashing about taking control of her body. I'm hoping for the Sue possibility due to the hilarity that will ensue.

Rachel has a life altering decision to make - it's been rumored that she will be considering a nose job. If this is the case, I say NO because it's part of who she is and if she changed it, she would be losing part of herself. I mean that's pretty much what "Born This Way" is about. Boom.

And finally, Santana Lopez has something up her sleeve that could permanently alter the glee club dynamic. This is the one that really got my attention because 1) I love Santana and 2) it's so intense and scary sounding. Here at Trouty Mouth we have been trolling the internet looking for anything related to Santana because her storyline and character has become so interesting and based on other rumors we've read, here is something that I think may happen. So we know that Kurt makes his way back to New Directions. And it's been said that Santana will take Dave Karofsky to the Prom and/or possibly be a new love interest for Santana. Could this be what shakes up the Glee club? The press release makes it sound a lot more serious than just this but given the fact that Karofsky did threaten to kill Kurt, it's pretty serious.

What do you guys think about all of these situations? Chime in below gleeks!

Dig it,


Santana And Karofsky Parallels- What about 'em?

As you could figure by the name of this blog, the writers of Trouty Mouth are big fans of Santana. However, neither one of us really like Dave Karofsky. After hearing some rumors that *Possible Spoiler Alert* Santana and Karofsky may be going to prom together, we were, to say the least furious!

After talking about it and discussing it a little more, we wondered to ourselves, "Why do we dislike Karofsky so much?" A few reasons come to mind:
  • He threatened to kill Kurt
  • He bullies everyone, particularly the Glee club
  • He slushies people in their faces (and it breaks our heart, especially in the Night of Neglect promos...)

But what are the reasons we love Santana? Aside from the fact that she's hilarious, and a phenomenal singer, we really love her because she portrays (for lack of a better word) a total and complete bitch. She bullies Rachel, she fights Quinn and Zizes, and she even threatens to kill people (namely when she says to Zizes "...affores I ends you").

So what's the difference between her and Karofsky? Maybe they're more alike than we thought. Santana contributes her bitchiness to the fact that she has all of these feelings that she can't express-- feelings for Brittany. Maybe Karofsky is the same way. Maybe he's such a jerk because he has all these feelings that he can't express-- feelings for Kurt.

Santana herself even says in the episode Sexy "I'm afraid of what people will think. I mean you saw what happened to Kurt at this school." Maybe for Dave Karofsky, he too was afraid of what people would think. So he turned his homosexuality into anger toward Kurt for being able to be himself, which is why he picked on him so much. Maybe he wanted to cover up the fact that he might even possibly be gay by putting on a "homophobic" front in front of everyone, and taking that out on Kurt.

Needless to say, there are parallels between the one we love (Santana), and the one we hate (Karofsky), but thinking about the fact that they are both struggling with the same thing, makes a potential prom couple less infuriating. With that said, it even makes us dislike Karofsky less than we did before.

(We still don't like what you did to Kurt, Karofsky!)

All I can say, is we totally agree with what Naya said at Paleyfest a couple weeks ago: Santana is so damn sad, and we really don't like it! Hopefully things will work out, and maybe we'll see the softer side of Karofsky, maybe Santana and Karofsky will help each other come to terms with their internal struggles. We can only hope!

Tell us what you think. Do you agree or disagree? How about them paired together for prom?

...And that's how Bonnie... sees it. Have an outstanding day!

- Bonnie