Top 10 Characters

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Brittany S. Pierce
Age: 18
Profession: Captain of Awesome
Alias: The Human Brain

What's not to love about Britney S. Pierce? Clearly, she's the breakout star so far this season, getting more solos, dance numbers, and screen time than we've seen in the past 3 seasons combined. Plus, she's a genius, former class president, awesome friend to basically everyone, and she handled that break-up with Santana with the utmost class. She didn't even get mad! And let us tell you, WE were mad. Let's face it. She's everything good in this miserable, stinkin' world!

Rachel Berry
Age: 19
Profession: NYADA Student
Alias: Schwimmer

Remember when Rachel used to be kind of whiny, and though hilarious, kind of just unlikeable? Well, this year she stopped being a girl, and started being a WHOA-man. And whoa, man... let's talk about when she went off on Finn like nobody's business. She's stood up to Cassandra a couple of times. She made us weep within the first episode, and she's killed us with her songs already. ("New York State of Mind", anyone?) Bottom line: the new Rachel... is all kinds of awesome.

Kurt Hummel
Age: 19
Profession: Intern at
Alias: Garcon

Kurt's really stepped it up this season in his new found independence from Blaine. Not only did he move to New York on a whim, but he's also been nothing but civil when he found out that Blainerz cheated on him. Not to mention, he gets all the best songs, and works for Carrie Bradshaw Isabelle Wright. Did we mention he's ROCKING his internship at Kurt's kind of a big deal.

Kitty Wilde
Age: 16
Profession: New Head Bitch
Alias: Young Quinn Fabray

While we're not a fan of what Kitty's put Marley through this season, we have to give her some credit. Her monologues and insults are impeccable, and have us doubled over nearly every single time she opens her mouth. And while we don't approve of her meanness, it sure is entertaining. I mean, come on. A fake rapture? Brilliant. Patty Simcox? Who the hell is Patty Simcox?! Not only are her insults hilarious, but she delivers them perfectly. We can't help but make Kitty one of the best characters, even if we actually hate to love her.

Marley Rose
Age: 16
Profession: The New Rachel
Alias: Absolutely Stunning Kind-Faced Blue-Eyed Girl

Marley has been another breakout star this season, with her heartfelt storylines, her pure and kind heart and her obvious pipes. The girl can saaaaang. Plus, she's just generally likeable. Her storyline is relateable. And she's got two studs fawning over her. Why wouldn't we put a gal like that right smack dab in the middle of our list?

Tina Cohen-Chang
Age: 17
Profession: Dottie Kazatori's Boss
Alias: Tina Blowin'-Wang

So remember when Tina is a senior now, and we're tired of seeing her in the background? Tina's sick of it, too. Which is exactly why she's on our list at the #6 spot. First of all, hiring an assistant? Gold. Keep it up, Harujuku Girl. Also, she's not afraid to get mouthy. She's voiced her opinion about how she should be the new Rachel (we agree), and how Finn should not be running Glee club (we also agree... although we'd rather see him than Schue!). Plus, when Mike told her he made a mistake, she didn't go running back to him. She was like "I LUH MYSELF, BOY!" and THAT'S exactly why we luh her, too!

Cassandra July
Age: Unknown
Profession: NYADA Instructor
Alias: The Biggest Trainwreck in Broadway History

There are so many reasons to love Cassie. First of all, have you seen her abs? Second of all, she's like Rachel's personal Sue, only more bitchy and less psychotic. Plus, she's got a voice and some dance moves on her that make her a cross between Fergie and Jesus. Lastly... She's having student-teacher sezzual relations with a complete stud. Not only do we love scandal, but he's smokin'. Four for you Cassie July, you go Cassie July!

Emma Pillsbury
Age: 33
Profession: Guidance Counselor
Alias: Professor Dollface

Emma has always been a likeable character, although we're not entirely sure why she's wasting her time with Will. Her standout moment: standing up to Will. NO she will NOT be his puppy dog and follow him wherever he goes. Which brings us to our next point, and why she's on this list: her moments without Will are our favorite and we're hoping to see more of that now that he'll be in Washington!

Sue Sylvester
Age: 52 (31, according to her)
Profession: Cheerio's Coach
Alias: All Coffee And No Omlette

We were kind of worried about Sue's storyline and how it was going to unfold as the season's progressed, but let us tell you, Original Recipe Sue is back! Her one-liners this season have been on point. Plus, she's gotten wreckless already, and we're not even halfway through. Yep, she loves to throw students around and tear ish up, and we love to watch her do it. She's still trying to destroy the Glee club, but this year it's by taking out Finn Hudson, and it's adding a whole new dynamic to the show. Plus... she's still able to tug at your heart strings in her tender, caring moments, especially with her daughter. We. Love. Her. Weloveher.

Ryder Lynn
Age: 15
Profession: Football Jock
Alias: Mega Stud

We haven't seen much from Ryder yet this season, but what we have seen, we like. Take that back... we love. Not only is he giving bad boy Jake a run for his money, but he's also boosting Marley's self-confidence and giving us yet another heartbreaking, and relatable storyline as they unveiled his learning disability in episode 7. Yep. Seems like Ryder is going to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. A real Mega Stud. He can sing, dance, look pretty... I mean...

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