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Our favorite songs and performances from the past episodes!

Valerie - Episode 2x9 "Special Education"

This is Bonnie's all-time favorite performance. In fear of copyright infringement, I'm not going to post this video, but if you want to see it, you can enter here, but enter at your own risk!

I love this performance not only because the singing is flawless-- I think Naya Rivera did an impeccable job with this song, and it's definitely when I realized "Damn! This girl has some pipes!"-- but I also love the dancing. Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. are amazing dancers, as we all know, but this performance goes above and beyond. Heather Morris- one of my favorites. And I love me some Mike Chang! The two are awesome in this performance. They flip, the jump, they swing... they do it all. It's amazing, and I really admire the dancing in Valerie. Amazing job, New Directions!

Me Against the Music - Episode 2x2 "Britney/Brittany"

Whitney's all time favorite performance is Me Against the Music.

"Get up in my grill..cuz Britt's and I wants to get our anesthesia on!"

What a perfect way to start of an amazing musical number. I've been thinking really hard about what my favorite performance would be and I have a lot of contenders but next to Valerie, this one is my choice. This is pretty much a recreation of the original video with B. Spears and Madge but with the magic that is Santittany.

Before converting to a Santittany fan, I was all about Brittany, her dancing and her hilarious one liners.  I heard in an interview that Heather Morris was told to sing like Britney and she does just that..maybe even better. Yeah, I said it. Not only do I love the way Heather sounds in this…her dancing. It pretty much leaves me speechless/blows my mind that someone's body can even move like that.

Now, this is a duet so I also have to give a shoutout to Naya Rivera. She does an excellent job recreating the Madge part of this video and I love her voice as much as I love Heather's dancing. It's really fun to see these two doing a song together and dancing together since they are like BFF in real life, which I love. Spectacular dancing and singing = super fun and energetic video that pumps me up.

It's Brittany…..bitch.

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Hall Of Fame:
Get it Right Episode 2x16
"Original Song"

Loser Like Me Episode 2x16
"Original Song"

Singing in the Rain/Umbrella Episode
2x7 "The Subsitute"

I'm a Slave 4 U Episode 2x2

Thriller/Heads Will Roll Episode 2x11
"The Sue Sylvester Shuffle"
River Deep Mountain High
Episode 2x4 "Duets"
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  1. agreed. Valerie is top notch! <3 Anything Santana/Naya sings is tho! ;)