Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to Trouty Mouth!

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Oh.Em.Glee! The official Trouty Mouth Glee blog is officially launched. We'll talk news, gleewinds, quotes, faves... everything pertaining to Glee, especially the hilarity that is Santittany. Or Brittana. Whichever you'd prefer. Here's the inspiration behind our blog: Trouty Mouth, sung by the very talented Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera).

The writers of this blog own nothing. All rights to Fox and Ryan Murphy Productions.

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  1. Oh.Em.Glee is right! When I first heard trouty mouth it was life changing. It made me believe even I could produce a song that was as famous as this. Maybe even glee will pick me up to be on their show. First song idea: Tarsier Eyes