Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello Missouri

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The writers of Trouty Mouth are from the great state of Missouri. Now, Missouri doesn't get much lovin' in TV. Most people probably don't even know how wonderful Missouri is. (Except the weather. The weather really sucks). Oh snap! That's a lie. Glee knows what's up.

Glee has made several Missouri references throughout the last two seasons. First of all, they reference Branson. Having grown up spending summers in Branson, this could be my favorite reference of all of them. If you can't make it on Broadway, go to Branson! Or, if you want the country version of Broadway, go to Branson. Will talks to April Rhodes about trying to make it in Branson twice. Glorious!

Second favorite reference wasn't a direct reference, but it represented nonetheless. Can I get a shout out to my boy Nelly? I'm from the Lou, and I'm proud, so to hear the Glee cast sing Ride Wit Me by Nelly! I died a little, I think, because I was so happy. This is one of my all-time favorite songs by my hometown celeb, and I thought the way the Glee cast performed this song was so much fun and out of the ordinary for them.

Third reference wasn't anything special. We just like to hear them talk about Missouri! In season 1, Will references the Missouri Compromise, which technically isn't just a Missouri reference, but hey, the name is in there!

Finally, and this is another great reference, because it is attributed to one of our Fab Five favorites-- Coach Beiste. That's right, before Coach Beiste came to WMHS, she won her fifth consecutive All-Missouri High School Football Championship! That's right, Shannon the Cannon, you represent!

Maybe one of these days the Glee cast will come to Missouri to show some love to this great state that they attribute so much to in these episodes. I'll tell you what, if they do, I'll be the first in line!

Hope your weekend is filled with Glee! I know mine will be!


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