Monday, September 12, 2011

Tips on Surviving the Last Week of the Hiatus

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We asked you how you were surviving the hiatus, and boy did we get some CRAZY answers. Looks like this summer without Glee has been driving us more insane than we thought! So... we decided to give you some tips on how to survive the last 7 days of this hiatus.

1. Hide all sharp objects...

This is a joke.

Seriously, though - watch Glee Season 1! Over and Over and Over and Over again.

2. Make sure you have Season 2 pre-ordered (or go pick it up in stores tomorrow). You can preorder it on DVD or on Blueray on

3. Have your bases covered: You may as well sign up for email updates for when Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is released for pre-order... also on

4. Participate in some Glee Fan projects. Make sure to follow people on tumblr & on Twitter to find out where you can participate. Some are really fun! (Looking for some? We've got a couple going on... Gleeks Around the World & Harry Shum Appreciation -- #JustSayin)

5. Are you following the cast on Twitter? Maybe you should be. The post a bunch of fun stuff that gets me WAY excited for the season. Here they are if you need their Twitter handles:

Jenna Ushkowitz
Kevin McHale
Naya Rivera
Cory Monteith
Dianna Agron
Lea Michele
Harry Shum Jr.
Mark Salling
Amber Riley
Chris Colfer
Darren Criss
And just in case:
Ashley Fink
Chord Overstreet

6. Keep an eye out for magazines with the cast in them. Like Naya's InStyle shoot. Or Lea's Bazaar shoot. Or how about Harry in Cosmo? Yep, I've done my research...

7. Listen to the Glee music. Morning. Noon. Night. In the shower. In the car. On your iPod. (These might be tips on how NOT to survive the hiatus... I may be too crazy to know the difference.

8. Use Glee references in every aspect of your life. Make a game out of it. Quote it... oh... 20 times a day, or so.

9. Force everyone in your life to become Gleeks. Seriously. It worked for me. Converted 3/3 roommates into Gleeks. Whitney's almost 2/2 on her roommates (*Disclaimer: her 3rd roommate was already a Gleek)

So, there are 9 tips on how you can survive this hiatus. What are some other ways you all are coping? Well here are some of the responses we got:

- "totes rewatching season 1 (check!) and season 2! (halfway check!)"

- "watching season 1+2. Listening to songs & role playing! haha just joking I'm not doing the last 1 but would love to xD"

- "Rewatching Glee and TGP :)"

- "writing fanfics up the wazoo :p"

- "just barely. i'm going on to a new obsession - those disney shows. lord help me. ;) JK!"

- "I'm torn between focusing on my project, due in 4 days, or obsessively stalk the internet to get through the hiatus"

Think you can make it 7 more days?! Hopefully these tips will help! Good luck Gleeks!


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