Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glee Crossword Puzzle

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Thanks to our dear friend Lacey (@mslaceyloo), we've got a lil' som' som' that might be fun for you to do in your spare time! It's a Glee Crossword Puzzle! All the clues are below. Print out the crossword & see if you can get the answers right! Once you're done, you can compare your answers with the answer key here: Crossword Answer Key

3) Jenna Ushkowitz was born here
6) Kurt and Blaine's old school _____ Academy
7) One of Chord Overstreet's nephews
8) Santana got these
9) Naya Rivera signs her name with this symbol
10) Not Anderson
11) Amber Riley auditioned for American _____
15) Blaine's former crush
16) Glee films at _____ studios
17) The Lima _____
18) Not Lord Voldermort but
21) Heather Morris was her back-up dancer
22) Dakota Stanley
23) This isn't dating
24) Just gay sharks
28) Santana wrote _____ Mouth
29) McKinley High yearbook
32) Fashion's _____ Out
33) Sue's song
34) Day that Glee currently airs in the United States
35) Popular eatery
36) Mark Salling's dog
37) Not Pierce
38) Tina faked this

1) Quinn lives on _____ Road
2) Sweet lady _____
3) Rachel's rival
4) Dianna Agron's uncle is from here
5) Not a warbler
12) Santana, according to Brittany
13) _____ Land
14) Gleek, for one
19) New _____
20) Puck loves these
25) Shelby was this once
26) _____ McKinley High School
27) Glee creator Ryan _____
30) Grilled _____
31) Rachel and Finn met Patti _____
35) Buck and Quinn's daughter

Click the picture to see the original size. Or click here: Crossword Puzzle

Thanks for playing & thanks to Lacey for putting it together for us! You should all follow her on Twitter: @mslaceyloo

-Bonnie & Whitney

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