Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gleecap: Glee 3x06 - 'Mash-Off'

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I don't know why you'd miss the most anticipated episode of the season, but in case you had locked yourself in a dark hole after the "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" mashup was released, and couldn't bring yourself to come out, even for an hour for this episode, which is probably a good thing because it was more than a tear jerker, then here's what you missed on Glee:

Everyone is fighting. Puck is fighting hard core for Shelby (By singing "Hot for Teacher"... HOT by the way). Sue's fighting dirty in her campaigns against Burt & telling lies. Glee clubs are fighting against one another because each thinks they're better than the other - particularly Santana and Finn.

Will & Shelby decide it's a good idea to channel all the angst into a mash-off competition.

Quinn asks Shelby if she can join the Troubletones

Finn & Santana trash talk each other- beast mode style- and then Finn challenges her to a dodgeball competition.

Rachel & Shelby share a mother daughter moment. She asks Shelby to sign her letter of recommendation & Shelby tells her how proud she is. Then Rachel suggests maybe she should write her letter herself.

Rachel tells Kurt she misses being his friend. He doesn't buy it.

Queue incredibly fun dodgeball scene. Troubletones win! Santana nails Finn and that's that... oh, then they bombard Rory with dodgeballs and Kurt steps in to his defense.

Mercedes nominates herself for Troubletones president. Everyone but Santana agrees. Then they decide on an Adele mashup for the Mashoff competition. Then they tell Santana she has to start playing fair.

Then Santana goes to apologize. Instead she just insults Finn like crazy. So... he outs her. In the hallway. In front of anyone passing by.

Puck tells Shelby about Quinn calling Child Protective Services. And he also tells her he wants to be a family with her and Beth.

New Directions wins the mashoff faceoff so they go first. They perform a mashup of "You Make My Dreams Come True/I Can't Go For That". It was pretty amazeballs.

Class President speeches: Not too exciting. We found out the hockey jock's name. It's Rick "The Stick" Nelson. Then Brittany gave her speech. Nothing really made sense except Topless Tuesday. Then Kurt gave his speech, saying that he didn't want anyone to feel bullied. And that he wanted to protect everyone as best as he could. First step: Banning dodgeball. Then Rachel gave her speech, and said that everyone should vote for Kurt. Then they made up and were friends again. It was cute.

Quinn stops by Shelby's house and Shelby tells that she knows about CPS & she has no idea what it's like to be a mother. Then Quinn calls her a cash whore. Wrong move. Shelby kicks her out and tells her she can't see Beth anymore.

Then it turns out that the other candidate running against Sue & Burt created a campaign commercial that basically accused Sue of being a lesbian & supporting lesbians, by naming Santana head cheerleader, basically outing her to the whole world. Santana cried, saying "I can't believe this is happening. I haven't even told my parents yet." And ran out. It. Was. Heartbreaking.

Queue the Adele mashup. And also tears. Just.... no words.

Then Santana jumps off stage, yells at Finn for outing her to the world, and she jacks him. Straight up in the face. Just slaps him. Queue cliffhanger.

And that's what you missed... on Glee

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