Friday, April 6, 2012

Jeff Goldblum in Broadway's Seminar Contest

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Now that we've all seen what Jeff Goldblum can do from his performance as Hiram Berry on Glee, who wouldn't want to watch him perform every chance you could get?! We were lucky enough to have another opportunity for another Seminar contest, where one lucky fan gets see the show just for entering our contest!

Not only is our favorite funny-man Jeff Goldblum in Seminar, but you'll get to see other big-named actors & actresses perform in this spectacle, as well. "Like who?", you may ask... how does the name Justin Long strike you? Jerry O'Connell? Zoe Lister-Jones? We could go on and on about the stellar cast performing in Seminar but that would take too much time, and not enough winning!

So here's the deal:

Tweet us or comment below, and tell us why you want to go see Seminar on Broadway. Is it because of Jeff Goldblum's absolutely hilarious one-liners ("I'm going to fake an epileptic siezure" anyone?), or is it because of his riveting performances as an actor (Have you seen Jurassic Park?), or maybe it's because of his dashing good looks. Whatever your reason, we want to hear it.

We'll keep the contest open until Tuesday April 10th, in celebration of the return of Glee. We'll close it at 10/9pm central (to give you a little time after Glee to enter). You can enter up to three times. Just give us 3 reason you want to go! Simple as that.

Upon entry, we'll enter you into a drawing. At 10/9pm c, we'll randomly draw a winner, and that person gets a pair of Seminar tickets, valid from now until May 27th (yep, you can choose your own date!)

Scared you might not win? No big deal. Enter anyway, because at the end of the contest, we're going to let you know how to save in a BIG way. In fact, using a special discount code, you'll get to see the show for the following prices:

Monday through Thursday Evening, Wednesday Matinee and Sunday Matinee
$84.50 ORCH/FRONT MEZZ (Reg. $116.50-$121.50)
$69 REAR MEZZ (A-F) (Reg. $76.50 -$81.50)

Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee & Evening
$89.50 ORCH/FRONT MEZZ (Reg. $126.50)
$69 REAR MEZZ (A-F) (Reg. $81.50)

When we pick a winner, we'll make sure to tell you how to order some discounted tickets & what kind of code to use! That way you won't miss your chance to see Jeff Goldblum in Seminar!

Wanna know more about Seminar before we hook you up with your discount? Take a look at the official Seminar Facebook Page and the official Seminar Twitter Page for more information. THEN tell us why you want to go!

So from now until April 10th, tweet or comment reasons why YOU want to see Jeff Goldblum in Seminar and we just might have a really sweet prize headed your way...

Ready... Steady... and a go!

-Bonnie & Whitney

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