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The Glee Project: A Short Story (Recap)

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So season two of The Glee Project is well underway and we will be ready for the fourth episode of the season next week, which by the way, guest stars Naya Rivera. So obviously tune in.

Due to the fact we have been quite busy as of late, we have kind of been falling behind in our recaps of this season. Therefore we are gonna quickly run over the first two episodes and pick with the third one that was on this past Tuesday. Let's do this!

Episode 1: Individuality

I don't know if they originally aired an episode where we got to see the contestants beforehand this time or not but I didn't watch it if they did so this was the first time I was really seeing everyone. Honestly, upon seeing them..not impressed. Then they performed their first number, Lady Gaga's Born This Way, for Robert and guest stars Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele. It was at this point I noticed a few people that stood out to me. They were Nellie, Maxfield, Abraham and Blake. Everyone else..just, no. Of course the person that won the first challenge and got a special part and a private session with Lea was one that I basically couldn't stand at all because it was Lindsay Pearce 2.0, Shanna.

The video shoot will be of the contestants singing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. First stop: choreography with my husband Zach Woodlee. Everyone sucks basically. Yes, it's the first session and that's expected but..I mean they suck. Then after that, they get to sing it up with the Nikki Anders. Pretty sure for the most part, Nikki was happy with what everyone brought to the party with the exception of feeling that Taryn was nervous and Maxfield also didn't do so hot. Finally, the video shoot with ol' Eric. It's supposed to be these kids all trying to get others to be part of the Glee club and of course they're getting made fun of but they imagine themselves as rockstars and all that jazz. Judge their performance for yourself here below (PS - This recording of the video is sketch balls):

Now it's time for the dreaded choosing of the bottom three. Too bad they couldn't have a bottom-practically-everyone because yikes. The bottom three this week were Tyler, Aylin and Maxfield. Tyler sings ABC by the Jackson Five, Aylin sings Without You by David Guetta with Usher and Maxfield sings Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Check those out on YouTube if you feel so inclined. I personally wanted Tyler to leave this first week but of course it was one that I had on my good list, Maxfield. Sorry buddy.

Episode 2: Dance-ability

Obviously by the title of this episode, we all should have known it was going to be a complete disaster. Generally, everyone is pretty pumped to show their dance moves off for the mentors and guest stars except for Tyler, who really did some horrific dancing the week before. Their homework song for this week was We Got The Beat by the Go-Gos. Before they actually perform it, they have to divide up the lyrics amongst each other. This was a hot damn mess of a situation. A lot of tensions and just unnecessary drama. After that nonsense gets figured out, they have to make up their own choreography which..let's just be happy they all made it out alive. Before they perform their number, Taryn decides that she's homesick and can't handle it and leaves. Definitely not sad about it but I am a little upset that she took this opportunity away from someone else who could have really nailed it. Anyways, the group performs the number for Robert and Teen Jesus Samuel Larsen. The group performs their number and basically I was just like this:

...and then I was like this:

But whatever. Samuel has to pick a winner for the week and that winner is: Abraham!

The video shoot that they get to do this time if for LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. I knew from the moment I heard the song choice that this was going to be tragic. Zach teaches them some dances moves, or tries while also looking absolutely delicious. Zach and anyone who is watching the show knows that these guys need a looooot of work on their dancing before they actually shoot this video. Over in the studio with mah girl Nikki, I think everyone does okay except Lily doesn't seem to be having that great of a time and gives Nikki a little attitude. And if there is one thing that I know from watching this show, it's NEVER talk back to Nikki or Zach because they will tell Ryan Murphy and you will feel stupid. Things get better at the video shoot with Eric. I'm just kidding, they get infinity times worse. The scene for this video is in a house party and it starts with them awkwardly filming a spin the bottle scene. Awkward because they all have to kiss each other and then awkward again because a few people weren't chosen to be in the scene which is..just hard to watch. Even though Abraham had the extra help from the professional dancer that is Samuel Larsen, he was having some major problems filming his part, as was Dani….and then Tyler. It is then that the mentors notice that it looks like the contestants didn't even practice their choreography and basically tells them to just make it up because it sucks so bad. Eventually the video comes together as best as it can, you can view it here. View with caution…

Yeah..yikes. So then it's time to get to the bottom three. The mentors basically tell them that this week they will be keeping whoever sucked the least which was hilarious. Apparently the ones that sucked the most, however were Tyler, Lily and Dani. Tyler has to sing Daniel by Elton John, Lily gets to sing Man, I Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain (most random song ever) and Dani gets to sing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. YouTube that business to see those performances if you'd like. Lily performed the hell out of her song which sucks because I don't like her. Same goes for Tyler. Dani was starting to grow on me a little bit which the of course means that she was the one that got eliminated that week.

Episode 3: Dance-ability

And finally we arrive at the latest episode that focused on vulnerability. Upon seeing the previews for this episode, which showed they were gonna focus on bullying and showed what appeared to be Lily beating the schniz out of someone, I had a feeling this was about to be another shit show. However, this to me was the definitely the best episode out of this season thus far. Their homework was for the song My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson. Cory Monteith was the guest star this week and him and Robert seemed to enjoy the performance but I thought it was tragic. That song is like way too upbeat to be standing there singing it like a ballad, which is what they did. There were some voices that stood out to me during this performance though and those were Michael, Abraham and Nellie's. Things that stood out to me in a horrible way were pretty much everyone's overacting acting. Thank goooood Nellie won this challenge because she was the best and is my favorite so holler! Cory and Robert tell the kids that they will be performing Everybody Hurts by REM this week.

Next is choreography..oh wait, they didn't have any and I was depressed because I didn't get to see my man Zach bossing people around and being perfect. Eric is the one that tells them they won't have any choreography for this video because they will be busting out their acting chops. So he tells them the video is going to be about bullying and has them all talk amongst themselves about their experiences with it. It was a pretty intense scene with all kinds of insights. There were those that were bullied, those who wanted to stop bullies but were scared and then Lily (not surprised) turned out to be the bully in her school but then came around after watching Mean Girls. I'm totally glad she came around but also very surprised that the thing to turn her around was Mean Girls..I mean, you'd think it would be something a bit more serious but whatever does the trick I guess. Vocals with Nikki goes really well this week. Cory helps Nellie learn to channel her emotions by focusing on something from her life that makes her vulnerable and emotional and it definitely comes through in her voice. Aylin, even though I don't really like her, did a good job on her line in the song as well. Mario, however, took attitude with Nikki in the studio telling her that he was classically trained and basically that he isn't pitchy and she's wrong. Mistake, Mario…just..mistake. At the actual video shoot, we finally get to see Zach and his hotness. Pretty much everyone gets to play the role of someone being made fun of and being bullied but some take it a weeeeee bit further than others. Even though Eric tells a group of the guys, including Charlie, to taunt Mario from behind..Charlie decides to run around front of Mario (which..remember..he's blind) and steal his cane. This totally scared the shit out of Mario and Zach and Robert and Eric were all like whut. I see where he was coming from, really wanting to sell his part as the bully but maybe next time tell the blind guy you're about to steal the only thing that can help him "see". Lily does pretty bad when it's her turn to be the "loser" because she can't lip-sync but then is super intense and scary good at being a bully but as mentioned before, she used to be one. Here is the video, it's another sketchy version but the user disabled embedded, so just click HERE.

So, after the video is finally finished, it's time to announce the winner and the bottom 3. The winner is: Blake. He did a suuuuper good job acting so I think that was well deserved. The bottom three, also well deserved, were Mario, Charlie and Lily. Lily was a bit upset that she was in the bottom three asking how the mentors didn't see the good job she did in the group number. Umm, girlfriend, the only part you did a good job at was fake beating the shit out of Aylin. Just saying'. Anyways, Lily gets the song Mercy by Duffy, Charlie gets Fix You by Coldplay, and then Mario sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

The performances…were all actually really good. As much as I can't stand Lily, she seems to be the best so far at performing on the stage for the mentors. She does a really good job but Ryan is concerned that she might not be considered an underdog due to her ballsy and bold attitude, which he loves by the way. After he says that, Lily starts talking about how she isn't really the person that performs these upbeat numbers and that she's more accustomed to a piano and ballad. She then goes on to like scream-cry at Ryan about how she really wants to be able to show them who she really is. Ryan loves that she was so open and vulnerable at that moment and decides that he's super pumped to find out more about Lily. Charlie comes out to sing Coldplay and Ryan is like, "Oh, I love Coldplay." Haha, good to know. The mentors really seem to enjoy how Charlie is performing this song, Zach has his excited face on, Nikki basically orgasms during it shuts her eyes and just feels the music, Robert and Ryan are loving it - it's all good. After the song, Ryan keeps calling him Chawley which is hilarious and was SUPER excited about how Chawley kept him on the edge of his seat the whole time while singing, not knowing exactly where he was gonna take us next with his rendition of the song. I couldn't really see but I thick Ryan might've had a boner over Charlie because he was so impressed with him. I know I did. Finally, Mario sings his song and I mean, it was good but probably the least best out of the three. Plus, Mario took a 'tude with Nikki and as we all know..that's a friggin' no-no. Ryan confronts him about telling Nikki that he wasn't off pitch and he then decides to 'fess up and say that "sometimes I can be a bit off with all of the electronic noises running through my head". He then feels that he is frequently misinterpreted by everyone and starts crying in front of them all, telling him that he doesn't meant to come off as such an asshole jerk and really wants to be able to leave on a good note if he's supposed to go home tonight. This was probably the toughest bottom three so far but I definitely would've sent Mario home…but we'll get to that in a moment.

While the mentors discuss the performances, Lily, Charlie and Mario are all with the rest of the kids discussing their performances and Mario decides it would be a good idea to say "I just wanted to ask Nikki why I got picked for being off pitch when I heard several other voices that were also off." WHUT. Then he claims that's not what he meant even though I'm pretty sure there is no other way that you could mean that. Kid doesn't make sense.

I almost missed the loser of the episode because a video for Naya's episode came on and I basically stopped caring. But I managed to catch who went home and it was NO ONE. First warning sign of multiple Glee Projects winners…right here (not really though because Taryn left on her own so really they didn't need to send anyone else home yet).

And that's what you've missed these past three weeks on The Glee Project!

If you want to discuss any of the performances, contestants, judges (yes please), favorites, least favorites..hit us up here or on Twitter --> @TroutyMouthBlog. We love chatting! :)


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