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Glee Project Ep. 4 - Sexuality (Recap)

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That's riiiiight. Tonight is another episode of The Glee Project. Before we get to see all the greatness that ensues, let's take a look at what all happened last week!

The theme for last week's episode was "Sexuality". Robert could barely get the word out of his mouth before Aylin started jumping with joy because she believes that this is her specialty. The precious and perfect human being that Nellie is, says that she's nervous about this week's theme because she doesn't ever try to be sexy or flaunt anything because she's adorable and not Aylin a wannabe hooker. Shanna said that her version of sexy was being all smiley and bubbly and I was like um…whut. When they finally start talking about what they are going to do choreography wise during the homework assignment, Tyler suggests that they use some chairs. I have seen a lot of music videos with people straddling chairs and it definitely works, however, I didn't have a lot of faith in them to pull it off.

After preparing the homework, Robert tells the special guest star to come in and it is Naya Rivera. And then I died and that is the end of this recap.

Kidding, I almost died. So, Naya enters and Mario, who I don't really like at all, cracked a pretty good joke about Naya being so sexy that even he could see it. Classic. The advice that Naya gives the contestants beforehand is that it's all about confidence and that less is more. Basically she's saying to be #confidentnotcocky.

The song that they perform is Color Me Badd's I Wanna Sex You Up. A lot of them, mainly Lily, are trying to do like these smoldering, sexy faces and it is just not happening. To further embarrass me, Shanna and Aylin thought it would be a good idea to try and be lesbionic. Only reason I was embarrassed was because it was so forced and uncomfortable for me to watch. Then Aylin decided to move onto Lily. She's a friendly gal. Shanna sounded good, Nellie sounded better and Charile was good and was doing some beat-boxing. Naya is loving the schniz out of the performance, cracking up during it and just enjoying it. After it's over, she begins to critique it by basically saying that Blake is hot and this was probably an easy homework assignment for him, tells Aylin that she was sexy at first but then she was just overwhelming and overdid it (Naya read my mind basically). She loved Charlie and awarded him the challenge because she said she finds beat-boxing sexy and that's what he did. Hmm, Naya..that's interesting…

Thank the Lord that there is choreography this week because that means we get to see the delicious Zach Woodlee. However, not much went down during the session, most of them had their moves down and could "be sexy" or at least attempt to. The two that get a talkin' to are Nellie and Shanna. Nellie for needing to be sexier and Shanna because Zach is basically like no, that is not sexy, learn the definition of sexy.

The drama usually seems to go down when we get to recording with Nikki, this week is no different. Charlie is recording his part and he is just not sticking to the melody. He's being cocky and isn't listening to Nikki and is instead flirting and winking at Aylin through the sound booth window. Nikki is like WTF is going on and realizes that he's flirting and using Aylin as like sexy-inspiration which makes me vomit is super cute. The other problem in the sound booth is when Mario and Michael come in to record together, Michael just cannot grasp the lyrics and get them right. He tries like a million times and he just cannot get it so unfortunately Nikki has to tell him to leave the booth and that she'll just finish with Mario. Ouchtown.

Now it's time to film dat video with Erik. The song that they are doing is a mash-up of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and Milkshake by Kelis. The story, if you will, of the video is the guys and girl having a sing-off in sex ed. First, I would like to say that I like their outfits. Tyler is nervous about the video and just hopes that his sexiness will come across during shooting. It doesn't. He gets lost in the shot as usual. The mentors are really impressed with Abraham's performance during the shoot and they say that him removing the red from his hair has really turned him into a new person. They show Charlie's session with Naya which is awesome because she sings a part of Moves Like Jagger in it and then everyone in the universe freaked out because she's perfect. Charlie, however, turns out to be really cocky and unprofessional once again at the shoot by trying to change the shot and not do what Erik wants. Erik is basically like STFU and no. Finally, Nellie is still nervous about doing her sexy dance move - which is like her droppin' it low and then bringin' it back up like a champ. Will she succeed? Let's find out.

You'll have to click here to watch it because everyone annoyingly disables embedding.

She did. She pulled it off. Really well actually. Some of the other moves were HELLA AWKWARD. For example, the party boy-esque move that involved Charlie, Michael and Shanna towards the end of the video. Just like…look away! LOOK AWAY! Sidenote - I ship Nellie with sex dance moves, Blake and Abraham.

Now it is time for the dreaded bottom three. While Nellie was the one that was the most nervous about gettin' all sexified, she was the one that was first on the callback list so WAY TO GO NELLIE! A million thumbs up for her. The mentors decide that the bottom three will be: Tyler, Michael and Charlie. Tyler was put into the bottom three because the mentors think that he's on the right path and is growing but his challenge is continually disappearing among the rest of the group and not standing out. Michael is in the bottom three mainly because of his mess up in the studio with Nikki when it came to messing up the words. He needs to not get caught up in his head and just bring it. Charlie is in the bottom three because of his unprofessional attitude during his sound booth flirtation session and when he thought he was the director of the video rather than Erik. This is the second time he's been in the bottom three due to his shady attitude - first when he tried to kill Mario during the "Everybody Hurts" video shoot.

Now it's time for them all to sing to the big man, Ry Ry Murphy. I'm going to be completely honest here and will take all criticism that is thrown at me but with Ryan's lil scruff he had going on during this episode...he had me goin'. #shrug

Charlie is up first with the song I Get A Kick Out of You by Cole Porter, made famous by Frank Sinatra. He sings it really well and changes the words to fit some stuff in there about Ryan which was probably a good idea since he basically is pissing off everyone. He actually gets a real life scolding from Ryan about being professional when shooting and recording and thank goodness because he was being foolish.

Tyler is up next with Smile by Charlie Chaplin and Ry Murphy is just not happy that he's been doing not so hot with the performances because Ryan cannot get enough gay, lesbian, bi or transgender characters on the show. If you can successfully do it, then great…if not, then just stop. #unique I personally do not like Tyler's voice or the fact that he blames literally everything on his transformation from a girl to a boy. I think he sung the song well but he is just not for me. Zach, however, loved the pants off of his performance. Ryan doesn't criticize him much because he thinks he is brave for making the choices that he's had to make and says that ultimately he's in the bottom three because he is exuberant in his performing.

Finally, it's time for Michael to sing Lucky by Jason Mraz. Ryan looooves the look that Michael has but he totallllllly blew his song. He couldn't remember any of the words and was somewhat charming when making them up and joking around about forgetting them but I mean COME ON. Zach is 100% Team Michael and loves what he did by improvising the lyrics. Nikki says that he's improved every week that he's been here and takes direction very well.

Ryan debates back and forth between them all saying that he loves a hot mess (Charlie) but loves Tyler's story even though he's not ready for Glee and just wants Michael to not forget the damn words. While I originally just wanted Tyler to go home, I also found myself wanting Charlie to leave thanks to his douchey antics. And because his obsession with Aylin is unattractive and unsettling.

The person that leaves is Tyler. He just wasn't ready - personally or emotionally or just..ever. Better luck next time yo! Tonight's guest mentor is Kevin McHale! I can't wait for this because he is my man but I'm a little nervous that Aylin will try to mack on him which I will hate.

Oh also - there was like a minute or two long clip of Nellie interpreting the lyrics to Milkshake which was infinity percent amazing. Here it is:

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