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Comic Con Glee Panel 2012 Summary

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Today was a Hell of a day! And we mean that in the best way possible. I laughed. I cried. I got anxious. I got nervous and scared. But in the end, it was all Gleeful.

We'll post about our Comic Con experience as a whole, and tell our story later, but for now, we'll give you the diddy on the dirty... details of Season 4 and what we learned from the cast at today's panel.

  • How did Lea and Cory respond to the Finchel breakup? Lea cried for days. Cory had trouble keeping the secret. Overall: it was an upsetting experience, that they to under wraps from the whole cast.
  • Season 4 will be a warp to the year 3014. Just kidding, it's going to start with everyone back at school, like Glee always does. But this time, it starts with Rachel in New York with thousands of other Rachel Berry's trying to live out their dreams, just the same.
  • Kate Hudson's character will be quite the opposite of Mr. Will Schuester. She likes to toy with the method of negative reinforcement. Can't wait to see the wit that comes out of this one!
  • Everyone is going to be underdogs again. The Glee Club just won nationals... can they keep it up? Rachel has to compete with people just like her. Kurt's still in Lima figuring out his next step. Will Kentucky be enough for Santana? Cory has to prep for the army, and no one really knows what he's doing. Can they handle the distance? ::Bum. Bum. Bum.:: All questions to be answered in Season 4.
  • They want to give Cory a crew cut. But Lea negates the scary head-shaving, like a good girlfriend would, by bringing Darren's full beard into question. It is quite full.
  • Working on making Mr. Chrod Overstreet as a series regular! Plus, it was once again confirmed that everyone that's a series regular will be back at some capacity in Season 4.
  • Naya thinks that her Santana storyline has made a huge impact and that it's given her the best fan base she could ask for. (Let the bowing commence, everyone.) As far as she knows, Brittany and Santana are going strong, and she wants them to make it. #TMBexclusive #sarcasm
  • Jenna thinks Tina and Mike will probably just do the long-distance thing. Which we fully support. Who doesn't love a little Asian Persuasion?
  • Darren has a beard. Still. As confirmed by Darren.
  • Klaine will probably do the long-distance thing, too. But Darren thinks that some relationship conflict would make for great dramatic TV. Either way, he's happy. #beard
  • The creative team doesn't think there will be much inconsistency with the fact that the kids will be in separate locations, because Kurt has once been separated from the crew. However, the writers are really looking forward to seeing the kids live their adult lives.
  • The Britney Spears tribute will be the second episode and it will be hilarious. Not surprising, since the first B. Spears ep was epIC. It will feature lots of Heather Morris. And it will relate to Rachel's lives in NYC.
  • Lea really wants to sing Robyn next season. Darren worries about what popular songs each cast member will have to sing. And they've all learned not to ask for songs, because Kevin's spent his good karma, and Lea's backfired when she begged Ryan for Celine's "To Love You More", and he mistakenly gave her "It's All Coming Back To Me" instead.
  • Wemma start off Season 4 "still engaged, in love, and doing dirty things." <--direct quote.

Let's get some questions from the audience!

  • The writers never really regret cutting certain scenes, because they over-write and have to cute it all down into 42 minute episodes. BUT Brad has confessed that he's written the same Rachel & Quinn scene at least 5 times, and it always ends up getting cut. #MakeYourWritingStrongerBrad #justkidding #youreperfect
  • Darren joked he's coming back as a Rabbi next season #beard. Based off of a fan question concerning the amount of "Jewishness" to be added in the show. Us too, Lea... Us too. We saw it 3 times? What?
  • Lea's most memorable moment was... well, there were a lot, including meeting the President. But THE moment was the Glee Live tour, seeing all of the fans cheering them on night after night.
  • Hi Darren. Cory's most embarrassing moment was when he dropped Lea... or as Lea put it, failed to catch her... while filming Rocky Horror. She hit the ground, HARD.
  • When asked if there was an opportunity for Rachel to explore her sexuality with either Quinn or Santana, Lea joked that she wouldn't be opposed (<--paraphrased wording, here. Not a direct quote), and that since she's single now, it seems like the next step for her to take. (Insert a Naya Rivera direct quote: "Wanky" somewhere in this question).
  • Do Darren and Lea have any outside projects together? No. But don't get them together with a piano in the room. Craaaazy things happen. #nonwanky
  • Naya is working on her album. She does have a single, now. It's Dance-pop. It's awesome. And it's called "My Heart". Speculation assumes that it's about her heart.
  • Advice Season 3 Santana would give to Season 1 Santana is to stay away from Finn. I think that's probably pretty good advice.
  • Klaine didn't kiss in the Nationals celebration, creative crew. What gives? Well, Dante Di Loreto says that they filmed 100+ shots that day. And they only have 8 days to do an episode. Things have to be edited and cut to keep a flow. Ian said that there's an equal opportunity of representing and offending people every time they do anything in the show. (Insert Gwyneth Paltrow-esq "Agreed" here.) #WellStated. BUT THEY DO LISTEN TO US!
  • Dear Darren, have you ever gotten a script and just been like "Whaaaaaaaat?" "Say whaaaaat?" Basically, long story short, yes. He has. Pretty much every script.
  • Darren thinks its pretty surreal to see his name on the Broadway Marquee, and Jenna thinks that he so deserves it. She's so presh!
  • Ian wants to see Kevin's mom this season, because he wants her to be a hoarder. And he's obsessed with the idea of having two wheel tracks through the trash on the floor. But no word that it's going to happen.
  • Kevin's dream-mom would be Katie Sagal. His dream-dad would be Harry Connick, Jr.?
  • Jenna would love to see Tina go through the struggle of pursuing her dreams as an Asian performer, as it's something she personally went through in her career, and would love to give people something to relate to. Be cuter Jenna. Oh wait, you can't be.

And that's what you missed on (start singing)The Glee Panel!

-Bonnie & Whitney

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