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Gleecap: Glee 4x05 - 'The Role You Were Born to Play' Recap

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So after a five week hiatus, Glee returned last week with "The Role You Were Born to Play". And after those awful break ups, we can understand why you may have missed the episode for reasons like locking yourself in a coffin after those awful breakups or driving yourself insane from the possibilities that lie ahead with each relationship. So incase that was you, here's what you missed on Glee 4x05 "The Role You Were Born to Play":

The episode starts off with Finn whining about not having anything to look forward to. Artie encourages to direct the Musical... beacause Finn is Artie's hero. I'm not sure I agree with this - for reasons I'll explain later - but he agrees nonetheless.

Blaine the cheater... who's apparently hopelessly devoted to Kurt, doesn't think he can play Danny Zuko. So he auditions for the musical, singing "Hopelessly Devoted", but thinks he can only MAYBE play Teen Angel, since, you know, he's so heartbroken and all. #what?

Finn decides that he doesn't think he's cut out for directing, but Artie is here to save the day by bringing in reinforcements by the names of Mercedes Jones and Mike Chang. Because most college kids can just take off school to help with their high school's musical.

Beiste also returns this episode with some hilarity in the form of Wemma Couple's Counseling... So that's a treat... and Emma decides during this sesh that she'd like to go to Washington with Will. We don't buy it Emma...

Unique wants to play Rizzo, but doesn't think she'll get cast as the part. If Sue Sylvester has anything to do with it, Unique won't get Riz. Marley decides she wants to audition for Sandy. Sue tries to discourage them with insults, but it's nearly impossible to bash Absolutely Stunning Kind Face Blue Eyed Girl Marley.

Marley and Unique decide to do a joint audition after an unwanted, inappropriate, and rather grotesque excellent pinky link, and together they ruin sing "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)".

Since they can't find anyone to play Danny (and they really tried hard?) Finn decides that he would take matters into his own hands and find someone who can make a difference. Enter Ryder Lynn.

Finn encourages Rider to try out for the musical, but Ryder is struggling with his grades. Find out he gets a C- on his latest test, even though he studied for hours. He decided, with the help of Finn, that the best way to improve your grades is to add more extra-curriculars to your schedule.

Finn and Ryder sing "Jukebox Hero" with a bunch of jukeboxes surrounding them, and that concludes Ryder's audition. #normalpolicies

When Ryder finds out he's probably going to play Danny and Marley's probably going to play Sandy, he introduces himself and the two have so much chemistry, it could set the school on fire.

Puck Jake gets jealous and decides he wants to try out for the musical as Danny. Kitty decides she wants to try out for Sandy just to spite Marley. #drama

Together Jake and Kitty try out with "Everybody Talks". It was actually a pretty hawt audition. I dug it. Big time.

The old Directions decide that they'd call back the 4 Danny/Sandy auditions and have a perforamnce-off with "Born To Hand Jive". Hands down the best performance of the night, as it was kicked off by one Mercedes Jones, and the tension in the performance was just like the tension you felt in "Grease".

Tina doesn't want to try out for the musical because Mike is back to direct. More tension comes when he tells her she needs to try out because she'd make the perfect Jan. I dig the Tike tension, for showw.

Sue tries to discourage Finn from casting Unique as Rizzo, and he retorts by calling her baby retarded. Smart Finn. Smart. #PickANewHeroArtie

Oh. Don't forget about the far-too-long interaction between Will and Emma where Emma tells him that she doesn't want to go to Washington. So.. she's not going to. #wasteoffiveminutes

When Schue tells Finn that he's leaving, Finn gets all whiney and stuff, but Schue decides it's time for Finn to start calling him Will, put on a sweater vest, and take over the New Directions.

The cast list is decided at the end, and you can see who's playing what roles here: Glease Cast List. We personally find this cast-list to be GOLD. Particularly the role of Patty Simcox.

And here's what you didn't miss: Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, Noah Puckerman, a talking Brittany, a good Wemma scene, a tremendous performance, Finn being the hero that he is, Mike Chang's abs, or logic and continuity.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

-Bonnie and Whitney

P.S. I apologize if you found the tone of this message to be sarcastic or harsh. Not meant to be - just not one of my favorite episodes. That's okay tho! Can't like 'em all, huh? What'd you think?? Hit us up in the comments below, or on Twitter at @TroutyMouthBlog.

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