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Gleecap: Glee 4x07 - 'Dynamic Duets' Recap

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We know it was Thanksgiving and all, but shouldn't your family know by now that nothing comes between you and your Glee, not even the most succulent turkey, delicious mashed potatoes, savory green bean casserole and the most scrumptious pumpkin pie? BRB we're hungry... while we're gone, make yourself busy and catch up on what you missed on last week's Glee episode: 4x07 "Dynamic Duets". Nom nom nom nom nom...

This week's Glee opens up at the Superhero Club meeting, which basically consists of only Glee club members and Becky. I'm shocked that we haven't heard of this before.

Crisis of the week: The New Directions' Nationals trophy was stolen. (GASP!)

Never fear, turns out Night Bird (aka Blaine Warbler) has a special power that just so happens to recover lost trophies. So he goes to Dalton Academy to recover said trophy, and they tell him that they'll give it back if Blaine rejoins the Warblers.

He of course says, "No" but they take him to the dark side by: (dun dun dunnnn), making him sing "My Dark Side" WHILE wearing a Warblers jacket. (Gasp x 2!)

Meanwhile, back at WMHS, Finn is unsurprisingly struggling as the Glee Club leader, and Tina is still alive.

He decides to make the theme of the week "Dynamic Duets". Everyone had to dress up as superheros, and Ryder + Jake had to sing together, and Kitty + Marley had to sing together, just so that they could squash their differences.

Ryder and Jake decide that they're both Mega Studs (um what?) and they think that they should sing "I am Superman" to try and win the love of that Absolutely Stunning Kind-Faced Blue Eyed Gir, Marley. But they end up beating each other up.

To get them to really squash their differences, Finn tells them to tell one another their biggest fears.

In the other dynamic duo, Kitty takes it upon herself to dress up as Femme Fatale and decide their song should be "Holding Out For A Hero".

Marley, still self conscious doesn't want to dress up in a super hero costume. But after trying it on, and Kitty convincing her that she looked hot- insert alterior motif right here- Marley decides she'll wear the costume, and go as Woman Fierce. P.S. the performance was great and Teen Jesus' hair turned into a whip...

Uh oh, trouble on the front line, superheroes, where's Blaine?! Finn unveils that Night Bird may have left to go to Dalton, because everything at McKinley reminded him too much of Kurt. #wompwomp #wompwompwomp

Jake decides to hand Ryder a note that shows off his "kyrptonite". Ryder tells him to be a man and tell him face-to-face. Jake accepts the challenge and says that he's insecure about his mixed race. Ryder's kryptonite in response: He couldn't read Jake's note. (Gasp x 3!)

Jake tells Finn about Ryder's disability, and Finn takes Ryder to see a special education teacher. He finds out he's dyslexic. He thanks Finn, but Finn tells him that Jake's the real hero (insert creys).

Jake stands up to the jocks during lunch, as they, once again are making fun of Marley's mom. #sadpanda. As the jocks surround Jake to fight him, Ryder steps in and tells them that he has Jake's back. (I smell a new studly BFF duo over here.)

Sam talks to Blaine about Kurt. Blaine whines some more about how awful he felt about cheating on Kurt. Sam basically told him to man-up and tell Kurt that. #seriouslybro #manup

Together, Blam sings "Heroes" by David Bowie. It was a good duet. And the performance was basically adorbs, because the Glee club was doing some community service which ended in a paint fight, which we loved, and then the song concluded with Wham, Blam, thank you ma'am taking the Glee Club's Nationals trophy back to McKinley.

Jake decides to give older brother Puck a call (since I guess they do that now?) to get a little brotherly advice on how to get Marley to like him, without intentionally sabotaging Ryder, since they're BFFs now (all this back and forth relationship talk is confusing us).

Puck, who is making money dressed as... wouldn't you know it? A superhero named the PuckerMan on Hollywood Blvd, tells Jake to hang back, be cool, don't be a dick, and let her come to him. So that's what Jake decides to do.

Conveniently for him, Ryder decides that now that he knows what his learning disability is, he should stay in on Friday and study. So he cancels his plans with Marley. Marley, trying to be self-confident after a knock from Kitty, decides to go up and ask Jake out on a date. And he accepts. Thanks for the advice Big Bro!

Then, in true-Glee fashion, the episode concludes with "Some Nights" by Fun. And it was Fun.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

-Bonnie and Whitney

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