Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks for Reminding Us, Santana....

...Of why we love you.

Ok, so we haven't had any new episodes since "Original Song", but they are playing some of our most favorite episodes. For instance, tonight, they played Episode 2x9 "Special Education", and as you all should know from our Perfongs Section, you know that this is one of my favorite episodes for the simple fact that it contains my all-time favorite Glee performance: Valerie. I'll get to that later.

So much happens in this episode, that I totally forgot about. Not to mention, it's super exciting to watch it after everything has already happened by the Regionals episode. I'll break it down in sections: Finn & Rachel, Will & Emma, and Brittany & Artie.

Finn and Rachel
In this episode, Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana. The only reason she did find out was because Santana, as her normal (excuse my French) bitchy self, told Rachel out of spite. Topping it off with the fact that he bought her dinner afterward. Boy was Rachel peeved. So, how does she get back at him? Through Puck. Big Mistake Rachel. Did you not learn anything from Quinn's unwanted teen pregnancy in season 1? Don't get with Puck when you're involved with Finn!

Through this episode, you can understand through the reactions of each Finn and Rachel that they both care deeply about one another, but after everything, have they each gone too far? I mean between Finn's history with Puck and Rachel being upset with "the Santana of it all", can it be resolved? I didn't think so until "Original Song"... Now I'm starting to question it...

Will and Emma
Keep in mind that this episode originally aired just after the Rocky Horror episode, which as Whitney so graciously suggested in the post below, is where Will gets uber creepy. So, when Will asks Emma to be his "Plus One" for Sectionals, it is no surprise. After that, Emma breaks his heart by telling him that she could not go to Sectionals, because she didn't want to hurt Carl. What did come as a surprise in this episode was to find out that Emma further broke Will's heart when she tells him that she and Carl got married over the Sectionals weekend in Vegas... And naturally, Will is uber upset when he finds out. Whoops! Poor Will... Or maybe not... As we know from "Original Song", things start to turn Will's way after all...

Artie and Brittany
This may be my favorite couple-storyline of the whole episode. 1) The magic comb. After Will tells Mike and Brittany that they will be showcased in Sectionals for their dancing, Brittany (knowing that she's more talented than everyone else in Glee Club [Thank you Britney Spears]) let's the pressure get to her. Thanks to Artie, she feels much better about it after he gives her the "Magic Comb". 2) The fact that Artie thought Brittany was cheating on her. Mostly, I just love that Brittany thought that committing adultery was being stupid-- like being a dolt. Baha! Anyways, I loved this story line, because I enjoyed seeing how well Brittany and Artie work together.

This episode comes 5 episodes after their origination in "Duets", but their story line really develops over this time. So, when Artie thinks that Brittany is cheating on him, it's laughable, because we all know she would never cheat on him... Unless the plumming is different, as we find out in "Sexy". Is the Artie-Brittany relationship going to run its course because of Santana, or will they continue to work well together...

Other Notables
This is the episode that the character of Lauren Zizes originates. This is where it all begins. Though she had been cast as a guest spot in previous episodes, this is where she becomes a part of Glee club. And (surprise, surprise), it's because of Puck. They were destined to be together!

Valerie. Naturally. This is my favorite performance, so I have to mention it. Dancing: impeccable. Singing: amazing. Could it get any better? Probably not.

The look that Will gives after the Valerie performance is finished. It's a look of surprise, awe, and accomplishment. It's a look that says "We're going to Regionals".

Santana. I have to mention Santana here, not only because we love her, but because she kind of runs this episode. She was the one to note the fact that Puck had been missing, she caused the Finn and Rachel debacle happen, and she was the first to tell Mr. Schue that the Glee club had heard about Mrs. Emma Pillsbury-Howell... Not to mention, she was the one to sing my favorite song of the entire series, so...

Glee: Well done on creating a master-sectionals episode. And thank you for replaying it during your little hiatus. It's helped me to resent this break a little less, because you've played this amazing episode. It is epic, and it is really interesting to see it now, after we know what happens by episode 2x16. Thanks Glee!

In the word (no 's' necessary) of Sue Sylvester: Have an outstanding day!


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