Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GleeCap: Glee 3x01 - 'The Purple Piano Project' Recap

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I don't know why you'd do it, because it's literally crazy if you do... but, as always, we're here to give you a Gleecap in case you missed the best Glee premiere we've ever seen...

Remember how last year started with JBI's "Glee's Big Gay Summer"? Well he started it off again, only this year asking people what they were doing with their lives after Glee... Come to find out, Mike's a senior, Tina's a junior, and so is Artie Abrams.

Rachel and Kurt want to go to Julliard. Their hearts are broken when they find out Julliard doesn't have a musical theater program, but never fear because Ms. Pillbury tells them all about another school in New York that does have a musical theater program. (AFTER she tried to give them a "Me and My Hag" pamphlet).

Schue introduces a project called "The Purple Piano Project" where everytime the Glee Club sees the purple piano, they have to sing. It's a way to defend the arts and try to get new members. *Que "We Got the Beat" *Die. *Que Food Fight *Brittany: "I got pepperoni in my shirt." *Santana: "Those are your nipples." *Baha. Die again.

Sue's running for political office and plans to cut all arts programs.

She makes Santana and Becky co-captains. Neither are happy about it. Sue wants them to start messing with the Glee Club. She calls Santana out for playing both teams. Hmmm...

Blaine transfers to McKinley & does an amazing little number: "It's Not Unusual". *Que Santana preying on Blaine. *Que her first act on "Team Sue" -- pouring gasoline on the purple piano, & Quinn lighting it on fire with her cigarette butt.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Quinn hangs with the skanks now? Pink hair, Ryan Seacrest tattoo and all.

In an effort to get Quinn back to the New Directions, they reference the Unholy Trinity. *Die.

Kurt and Rachel are like BFF. They sing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" together on stage. Then they go stake out another club together -- One that The Glee Project's Lindsay (aka Harmony) leads. Stellar number when they sing "Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do" Mashup. *Que Rachel and Kurt pity party.

LaMarkus Tinker & Vanessa Lengies were both introduced this episode. Vanessa is hilarious as Sugar. Singing an utterly terrible song, but somehow "working it like a hooker pole". Amazeballs. Unfortunately, Schue tells her she's not allowed in Glee.

Santana gets kicked out of Glee Club because of her political protest... also known as lighting the purple piano on fire... Schue tells her she's out until her loyalty is to the Glee Club. She responds with "You know what... I need a break". Schue... no wonder you're not getting laid...

Oh yeah, did we tell you Wemma is together? No action from Ms. Pillsbury, though.

The episode ends with a little diddy called "You Can't Stop the Beat"... from Hairspray. One of my personal faves.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

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