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GleeCap: Glee 3x02 - 'I Am Unicorn' Recap

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Even though we're in the era of DVR and TiVo, I'm still positive you didn't miss tonight's episode of Glee... But in case you did, here's what you missed in "I Am Unicorn"

Brittany wants to help Kurt with his class campaign for class president, because he's a unicorn. He knew he was magical, and Brittany saw it too. She thought she could help get him some popular votes with a Kurt Hummel Fun Sack

Dustin Goolsby = fired. I thought he was handsome too, Artie

Mr. Schue implements a new dance Booty Camp - everyday after school - only for the people that need it, which includes Finn, Puck, Mercedes, Kurt and Blaine. Mike Chang helped instruct. He's the finest dance teacher alive.

They announced the directors for the musical. There were two faculty directors, Coach Beiste & Emma, and one student director: Artie

Shelby Corchoran comes back to give the New Directions a run for their money with a new Glee club... actually, not really. Sugar Armada's father gave some bucks to Figgy to have Ms. Corchoran come direct a Glee Club for Sugar to be in.

Sue wants Quinn to be in her congressional video: "A Day in the Life of a Girl Who the Arts Stole Everything". Quinn agrees & tells off Mr. Schue while Sue is recording. Schue fights back and told her to grow up... Yeah Quinn, I remember when I had my first beer.

Shelby wants Puck & Quinn to be in Beth's life, but only under her conditions. Quinn tells her off. Puck cleans up his act and makes every girl in America want to bear his children. Basically, he stopped drinking, except for beer. He had no drugs in his system. He even did some homework. He wants Beth in his life just as much. Seriously, I got teary eyed just recapping this scene...

Booty Camp happens. Mike Chang = Hot... End of story. And also Mercedes wants to do the Park & Bark. I love it

Blaine's a Junior. Shocker.

Rachel's audition song is "Somewhere" and she sings it with Idina Menzel. And it's breathtaking. Literally, it takes your breath away. You cannot breathe while they're singing this.

Kurt sings "I Am the Greatest Star" for his West Side Story audition. He sings it brilliantly. Seriously, it's pretty amazing. But the judges are afraid he's too "delicate" for Tony

Kurt gets upset with Britt's campaign posters where Kurt is riding the unicorn (because he doesn't only want to be known as "Kurt the homo") but Santana tells him that originally "the Unicorn was riding Kurt"

Santana tells Britt that she is the unicorn. Because she is a genius. And that there's no one like her. So if Kurt doesn't like it... he doesn't deserve Britt Britt as his campaign manager and that she should run. Aw.

Kurt asks Rachel for help with an emergency audition, because he overheard the directors saying that he might be too delicate. So he re-auditions with Rachel to make Beiste feel it in her lady parts. The directors laugh at him, though, and he runs off stage embarrassed.

Quinn wants to see Beth. Shelby won't let her. So she asks to see a photo. It's of Puck and Beth together. Quinn cried about it. Join the club Quinn, we all cried about it. So she decides to "clean up her act" & rejoin the Glee club as a part of a scheming plan to get full custody of Beth.

Rachel tells Finn to try out for Tony. He says he doesn't have time. He works for Burt Hummel at the shop. He asks Rachel if it would be so bad to stay in Lima for the rest of his life. Rachel say she just wants Finn to be happy, but doesn't think it would make him happy. He likes that answer. Ere goes the infamous "Peanut Butter Kiss"... So cute. Love it.

Kurt goes to Burt to talk to him about how he doesn't only want to be known as "gay". Burt gives an uplifting talk (after so abruptly saying "Dude, you're gay") as he always does. Love Burt & Kurt.

Finn nails his dance moves at booty camp. It's because Mike Chang is a good teacher.

Brittany decides to run for Class president after Santana's little snippet of inspiration. So, she does.

Blaine tried out for the musical, too, as anything but Tony (since Kurt was trying out for Tony). He sang "Something's Coming". He nailed it. Artie wanted to give him a standing ovation. He couldn't. But he did ask Blaine if he wanted to try out for the role of Tony. By the look on his face... there could be some tension between Klaine.

Annnnnnd that's what you missed. On Glee!

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