Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glee 3x11: "Michael" Song List - Michael Jackson Tribute

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We all heard at Comic Con that Ryan Murphy did not want to focus on guest stars & tributes this season. So far he's done a great job. He has however, said that he did want to do one tribute special to an artist that he refused to name. After months and weeks of waiting, we've heard who it is that Glee is paying homage to: The one and only Michael Jackson.

It comes as no surprise to us, as Kevin McHale can sing like MJ. Harry Shum Jr. can dance like MJ. And Naya Rivera has dreamed of doing an MJ episode.

So what will they all be singing? The song list has leaked and according to Hypable, [Not an official source] these are the songs our favorite TV show characters will be performing:

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' – Blaine
  • Bad – New Directions & Warblers
  • I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – Finn & Rachel
  • Smooth Criminal – Santana & Sebastian
  • Never Can Say Goodbye – Quinn
  • In The Closet – Brittany & Santana
  • We Are The World – New Directions & Warblers
  • Black And White – Puck
  • Ghost / Monster – New Directions
  • Beat It / Billy Jean – Warblers
  • The Way You Make Me Feel – Kurt
  • Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Artie

If you're as excited as we are, you're probably wetting yourselves. But seriously, there are so many good things about this song list & who is singing what songs, and obviously I can't wait to watch Harry dance, and Naya & Kev tear it up. Probably the best tribute episode ever, and we haven't even seen it yet! Ah!

Can't hardly wait!
-Bonnie & Whitney

Update Update Update! Confirmed in early January, the set list for Glee's Michael Jackson Tribute episode: "Michael" is a little different than we had first heard. Here are the songs performed in episode 3x11, set to air January 31, 2012. And hopefully... if we're lucky.. just maybe we'll get a longer air time. Here's to hoping!

  • Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' – Blaine and the New Directions
  • Rock With You – Sebastian & Warblers
  • Bad – Artie, Santana, Blaine & Sebastian
  • Scream – Artie & Mike
  • Never Can Say Goodbye – Quinn
  • Human Nature/Nature Boy – Mercedes & Sam
  • Smooth Criminal – Sebastian & Santana
  • Ben – Finn, Rachel & Kurt
  • I Just Can't Stop Loving You – Finn & Rachel
  • Black or White – Artie, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and New Directions
And, to make things better we hear these two awesome things about the episode:
1) Scream is another dream sequence, and Kevin McHale gets to show off his amazing moves outside of his awesome wheelchair moves.
2) Smooth Criminal comes after Santana confronts Sebastian for being a douche, and there are two cellists that accompany the them during the song. Eargasmic.

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

-Bonnie & Whitney

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