Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GleeCap: Glee 3x08 - 'Hold On To Sixteen' Recap

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Why would anyone miss an episode of Glee? That's right, there is no excuse. Not even your abuela should be able to stop you from tuning in, unless she beats you up with her chair. If she somehow did, however, stop you physically or by telling you there was a ridiculously long hiatus, here is the gleecap for what you missed on 3x08 "Hold On To Sixteen":

Quinn tells Rachel that Puck & Shelby are sleeping together.

Sectionals are being held at WMHS. Finn tells Schue that they need Sam Evans, aka Trouty Mouth, back.

Sebastian comes back to steal Blaine. Kurt tells him off. Like Hard. Like he tells him he smells like Craig's List...

Rachel & Finn go to Kentucky to find Sam... In a strip club... Under the alias of White Chocolate. Freakin' abulous.

Sam asks his parents if he can go back to William McKinley. He plans to stay with members of the New Directions. So he comes back & sings "Red Solo Cup". Then when he's done, Santana comes in and slams him with her notebook of insults. Awesome.

Mike tells Tina that he applied to Stanford for Pre-Med. Tina gets upset & tells him she knows that won't make him happy. Mike says that maybe they shouldn't be together. #SadPanda

New Directions were rehearsing for Sectionals & Sam tells them they need to sell sex. Blaine gets mad & says he's not for sale. Angry Blaine comes out and starts punching bags. He's mad at Sam and he's mad at Finn.

Finn goes to him to try and make amends. So, they decide to work together to win Sectionals.

Sam tries to get Mercedes back. She tells him to move on, and he says he's fighting for her.

Tina goes to talk to Mike's dad. She tells him that Mike's throwing his dreams away. And that he needs to make it right. Then he tells Tina that she's wasting her time trying to be a performer.

Quinn wants to tell Figgins about Puck & Shelby. Rachel tries to stop her by telling her to think about Beth. So, she decides to tell Shelby she's going to tell Figgins about her affair with Puck. Shelby gives her a spiel about how young she is.

Sectionals comes around. The Unitards sing "Buenos Aires". It was good. But not first place good.

The Trouble Tones performed a mashup of "Survivor/I Will Survive". Obviously we liked it... But it was only one song...

The New Directions sing three songs. "ABC" (Finally a Tina solo. Brilliant.) "Control" (Kevin McHale has swag.) "Man In the Mirror" (Amazing. More McHale swag.) But you know, they got 3 songs.

Mike's dad shows up during "ABC" and then he finds them after the competition and apologizes to both Mike & Tina, and tells Mike he should apply to dancing schools and follow his dream.

Mike realizes that he had missed the deadline for Dance Schools. Luckily, his supportive girlfriend Tina sent them in. So he tells her he loves her. #HappyPanda

Come to find out that New Directions win Sectionals.

Then Quinn thanks Rachel for talking her out of telling on Shelby. Then she leaves to tell Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes that they should join New Directions again, because they only have 6 months of school left and that they should spend time together.

They close with a big group number called "We Are Young" by Fun. It was Fun. Really fun. Like really really fun. Reminded me of season 1 so much. Best. Group. Number. Ever.

And that's what you missed on... Glee!

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