Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Naya Rivera's Santa Baby Performance - Deleted Scene from 3x09

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So.. we've been waiting for this performance since we heard Naya sing Santa Baby in November. But we did NOT expect this. This scene is somewhat of a religious experience. You've been forewarned. Here's Naya Rivera's deleted scene from "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" from Glee 3x09 - singing Santa Baby.

No. Words.

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  1. Naya is just flawless. She could make anyone, ANYONE, melt.

    But honestly, I get why this was cut from the episode. It's VERY out of character for a gay woman. And it may have upset her girlfriend to know she was flirting so blatantly (whatever the reason). I suspect that she was trying to get a better price from the salesman but I still think it was taking the situation too far.

    However, I am VERY glad we got to see it because, as I said before, Naya is just amazing and gorgeous. I just agree that it may not have fit well into the episode.