Friday, October 12, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday, Telly!

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The time has finally arrived! Today is Telly Kousakis' birthday! Not only is this guy effin' hilarious, but he works pretty hard for that TV show!

So as you know, last year on Telly's birthday, we started Snickerpuller and The Veiled Fairy: Search for the Sparkle Snatcher. On Naya's birthday we released the second installment, and after months of gathering jokes, storyboarding, and drawing the comic out (on Whitney's part), we've finally got the last installment to this series.

So, if you missed the first two comics, here they are:

(Click pictures to enlarge)
(Otherwise... Part 1 & Part 2)

Now Part 3, is finally here:

(Or view Part 3 here)

To Telly and Naya, we hope you loved it. Hopefully we'll see some Snickerpuller & Veiled Fairy mini-strips in the future. 

And to everyone else, especially those who understood the jokes, we hope you loved reading as much as we loved making it! Tell us whatchya think!


-Bonnie & Whitney

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