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Gleecap: Glee 4x08 - 'Thanksgiving' Recap

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In case you missed this week's episode of Glee, which I'm not sure why you would because all the Old Directions came back and let's face it, they're the reason we fell in love with this show in the first place, so why wouldn't you watch when they're all together, in the same room, singing the same songs, and... YOU JUST CAN'T SIT WITH US, OKAY?! ... Sorry, we're talking about Glee, not Mean Girls. Anyways, in case you missed it, here is your Gleecap for Glee episode 4x08: "Thanksgiving":

It started off with a promising sequence consisting of Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana Mercedes and Finn singing a mashup of "Homeward Bound/Home". It brought a simultaneous tear and smile to our faces. Apparently the old gang decided to promise to come home for break. Almost all of them did.

Marley has a very Rachel Berry-esq monologue at the beginning about the pressure she's feeling and her dreams. All we gathered from it though was that Skeet Ulrich gave her a bouquet of kittens in her dreams.

Take 2 of the Old gang being back together. Puck is telling tales of LA that we don't quite understand. Then they all talk about how they are glad they came back. Then Finn decides that he needs there help.

He wants to take advantage of the Old Directions being back, so he makes them mentors. Really, though just the newbies. Really though, just 4 of them get specific mentors. Really, I wasn't exactly sure why some had single mentors and others didn't but I guess that's beside the point. #logic #continuity

Marley's mentor = Santana. Kitty's mentor = Quinn. Unique's mentor = Mercedes. Jake's mentor = Puck. Mike is teaching everyone how to dance, particularly the leading man which [Spoiler Alert!] happens to be Ryder. Funny how that worked out.

Finn lays out the plan for Sectionals: Blaine and Marley handle the duet (shocker there) and the group number would be "Gangnam Style".

Santana retors with a hilarious comment about how no one knows how to dance except Britt and that their hand jive looked more like hand jo.... you get the picture.

Jake tells Ryder that he and Marley "aren't official" and if he wants him to end it, he would. In true bro-friendship style, Ryder tells Jake that he doesn't have to stop seeing Marley. But, on the other hand, he better not take away the lead role in Sectionals... because that's how normal teenagers negotiate.

The new, and gorgeous Rachel and always-chic Kurt take a walk through New York city debating whether or not they should go back for Thanksgiving, and ultimately decide that they wouldn't. They'd just hang out at the apartment.

Now back to Ohio, where the Men are teaching the boys how to dance in a dance off that Ryder wins... And the Women are teaching the girls. Queue an Unholy Trinity number called "Come See About Me", where Quinn informs the girls that they knew each other so well that they knew when to shake and when to shimmy just by the twitch of Santana's lip. I didn't really get this number... 1) Because Santana acted as a background singer, and that's just untrue, and 2) It was non-eventful. Just an excuse to get the Unholy Trinity to sing. [Don't get us wrong, we love the Unholy Trinity as much as the next person, and this DID give us excellent Season 1 feels, but I would have loved for this number to have a meaning behind it. cc: the lyrics?]

Uh oh, trouble on the front line, superheroes, where's Blaine?! Finn unveils that Night Bird may have left to go to Dalton, because everything at McKinley reminded him too much of Kurt. #wompwomp #wompwompwomp

Jake decides to hand Ryder a note that shows off his "kyrptonite". Ryder tells him to be a man and tell him face-to-face. Jake accepts the challenge and says that he's insecure about his mixed race. Ryder's kryptonite in response: He couldn't read Jake's note. (Gasp x 3!)

Now back to New York! Brody and Rachel have a little interaction where Brody apologizes for sleeping with Cassie, and promises he wouldn't do it again, and to make up for it, he'd cook her and Kurt Thanksgiving dinner at her place. Again... because this is how normal 19 year olds negotiate.

Carrie Bradshaw Isabelle asks Kurt about Blaine, and Kurt informs her that he "closed the door on that sad saga" (side note: as much as we would LOVE that to be true, I'm going to take a stab and call him a liar). She informs him that he should accept an apology from the guy. Oh, and somewhere in there he invites her over to their apartment for Thanksgiving.

Back to Ohio! #keepup! Kitty tells Quinn about Jake and Marley in a manipulative way that makes it seem like Jake is taking advantage of Marley, so when he and Puck are walking down the hall, and Puck is praising him for his Bros before Hoes attitude, Quinn turns ultra bitch and tells Jake to back off Marley otherwise they'd lose sectionals.

It another oh-so-enlightening mentoring session, Quinn tells Kitty to smile at the judges. Because that will help them win sectionals. Enter Santana who comes in to tell Quinn that Kitty is giving Marley laxitives and that Kitty was pure evil. She's so smart, that Santana...

Quinn then enlightens Santana, telling her that she's jealous of Quinn because Quinn is dating her psych professor. Since Santana was so aware of that situation, she screams out the "Twitter Update" of the century, saying that Quinn was letting another man define her life. Then Quinn said something about Santana being too scared to follow her dreams (first thing we've liked Quinn for all episode). Things get heated, Santana mentions something about Quinn never seeing Beth, and Quinn slaps Santana. So, in true Santana fashion, she slaps Quinn back. Then Brittany steps in asking what they were doing. I personally would have much rather heard "Stop the violence", but clearly, things aren't the way they once were. Still though I love those fights that Santana points out that Quinn's a maaaahhther.

Ryder is trying to figure out how to dance to "Gangnam Style", but he just can't figure it out. So Ballerina Jake comes in to help him. And they work on it together. They're such bros.

Conveniently for him, Ryder decides that now that he knows what his learning disability is, he should stay in on Friday and study. So he cancels his plans with Marley. Marley, trying to be self-confident after a knock from Kitty, decides to go up and ask Jake out on a date. And he accepts. Thanks for the advice Big Bro!

Back in New York, Brody is bagging up the turkey, Kurt's complaining about the use of the bag and the use of the turkey as a courtship device between Brochel, and Rachel mentions that Sectionals are starting. Conclusion: no one is eating the turkey.

BACK TO OHIO, sheesh! Marley is getting ready for sectionals, she feels bad for eating a tic tac, and then the kids, the children - all of them Old and New - get into a show circle, and start praying. Because they've done that before.

The Warblers open up sectionals with "Whistle" and "Live While We're Young". Both were decent performances, even though that Hunter kid kind of creeps us out a little bit.

In New York, Thanksgiving turns into a Kiki (No, not Brittany's cell phone friend) when the three New Yorkers sit down for dinner and Carrie Isabelle's friends knock at the door for the party. Isabelle is late, but shows up just in time for them to lock the door tight and start the party with a great rendition of "Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time". 'Twas my favorite performance of the night and we got to see Brooke Lipton! Yay!

Back at Sectionals, Will shows up and the New Directions + Emma get excited about it. We weren't.

Oh yeah, and then the Rosedale Mennonites performed "Over the River and Through the Woods/She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain". This was my second favorite performance of the night.

Kurt decides to call Blaine right before the New Directions are getting ready to take stage. It was emotional. Blah blah blah. Blaine apologizes for the 104982035th time and Kurt says that they'll talk over Christmas Break. The best part of this scene was the love for SJP that I felt when she hugged Kurt after the phone call was complete.

Marley is still feeling pressure of Sectionals resting on her shoulders, especially because of her weight, and she's oh so hungry. Jake assures her that she'll do great and that they'll win. Upon overhearing, Ryder tells Jake that he needs to take over the male lead to ensure a victory. So he does.

The New Directions take the stage with "Gangnam Style", which wasn't great in my opinion, but the dancing was fun and Tina was Oh-So-cute while she was singing. It wasn't racist at all, though.

Then Marley passes out on stage. Enter cliffhanger here.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

-Bonnie and Whitney

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