Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gleecap: Glee 4x10 - 'Glee Actually' Recap

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In case you weren't in the gleeful spirit during the holidays, much like the Grinch, Scrooge, or George Bailey pre-dream sequence, then here's what you missed on a complex, yet overall quite joyous holiday special, Glee 4x10- "Glee Actually":

Storyline #1: Artie has a George Bailey-esq dream in which he sings Feliz Navidad.

The plot of the dream: Glee Club doesn't exist. It shows Rory (Damian McGinty) as his "ghost of Christmas present", Artie walking, Terri married to an alcoholic Will, Finn & Puck still football jocks, but Rachel graduated and never left Lima, Quinn died, and I guess Santana and Mercedes never existed... Just a whole bunch of nonsense, essentially. Either way, it's always fun seeing Kevin McHale put on his best dance moves.

Storyline #2: In New York, Burt Hummel surprises Rachel & Kurt with a visit and a Christmas tree for their apartment. The three spend the evening decorating, but then Rachel leaves for a cruise with her two gay dads. She is Jewish, don't forget.

Burt surprises Kurt, yet again, with another Christmas present: He flew Blaine to NYC because I guess Blaine doesn't have a family of his own that he should be spending Christmas with. So they basically have to sing a duet, which results in a semi-awkward rendition of White Christmas.

Oh yeah, Burt has cancer, too. That guy can't catch a break.

Storyline #3: Sam and Brittany both believe in the Mayan apocalypse. So, Britt cashes in her life savings to buy all of her friends extravagant gifts. Like, for instance, a new car for Tina. Basically, I should have befriended Brittany before doomsday. #mybad.

Sam serenades Brittany with Jingle Bell Rock. It was mediocre at best. Then he proposes. They get married. What?!

Beiste then reveals to them later, after they survive the apocalypse, that she was not a legal officiator, so their wedding wasn't real. Darn.

Storyline #4: Puck invites Jake to come back to LA with him. He does. They ride a motorcycle with a sidecar. I didn't know they still make those.

Then the duo sings Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah on the Paramount lot. Good thing that's where Glee films. That would have been one expensive location to rent out ;)

When Jake learns that Puck is living in a crappy apartment - not the million dollar mansion that one of his pool-cleaning clients was living in - they decide to go back to Lima. Because it's the most cost-efficient solution?

They decide to have Christmas dinner together. Jake, his mom (played by Aisha Taylor), Puck and his mom. Even though Puck's mom and Jake's mom don't like each other.

Unexpected plot twist: THEY DO LIKE EACH OTHER! After Puck says that their dad did one thing right - made that family - they cheers, and the lovely ladies find they have a lot in common. Mainly, the boys' dad.

Storyline #5: Marley's mom addresses the fact that Marley has an eating disorder, so she's sending her to a therapist. Unfortunately, that means no Christmas presents, because they can't afford it. So Marley sings Silent Night to her mom, instead.

Sue draws Marley's mom's name in the faculty Christmas exchange. She overhears that Marley isn't getting a Christmas.

Sue's heart grows three sizes, she pawns off her pine tree to a luxury toothpick company, and on Christmas morning, Marley and her mother wake up to a lot of presents and $800 cash, complements of one Sue Sylvester.

Marley's mom brings Sue into the auditorium for her "thank you" gift, which is Marley & New Directions singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

...And that's what you missed on Glee!

-Bonnie and Whitney

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