Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday!

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Celebrating 2 Years of Operating a Glee Blog
Whit and Bon celebrating 2 years of TMB!
As you all know, this little website turned two on Friday. Obviously, true to form, we had to have a TMB reunion. (For those who don't know, Whit & I worked together where we went to school -- but we don't live near each other. A good two hour trekk away...)

Our original plan was to make a video that allowed you guys to celebrate with us. We partied hard on the TMB's birthday. But... because we got caught up in the celebration with many of our good friends, we failed to make the video. It was unfortunate. What we did do, though -- take a bunch of pictures, so at least you'll be able to catch a glimpse at the fun we had.
Whitney's sister Courtney joined in the festivities!
Which brings me to my next point -- Operating this blog has been so much fun over the last two years. Sure, it takes some time and some work. These posts don't just write themselves you know...

And we have had a lot of help from guest bloggers & friends who have taken the lead writing some gleecaps & getting promos up. But for the most part, this little website is built from Whit's and my blood, sweat, and tears... Okay that's a little dramatic. It hasn't made us bleed or sweat. It has made us cry on occasion though -- all good tears, don't worry.

Thanks to this little blog (and decent paying jobs), we have a list of things that we would never have dreamed of accomplishing, but have because two years ago we decided to buy a domain for ten bucks. 

TroutyMouth.= Two-Year Tank TopsAnd.. the back side.
1) Going to Glee Live dress rehearsals in Vegas
2) Going to Glee Live in Chicago & in New York
3) Giving the cast t-shirts
5) Going to Comic Con
6) Meeting Jenna, Naya, Matt Hodgson & Ian Brennan
7) Briefly meeting Telly, Jenna & Amber in Chicago
8) Getting followed on Twitter by some of the cast & writing staff
9) Making videos that people recognize
10) Meeting a bunch of followers whom we love dearly

TMB Glee Blog Glee Fan Site AccomplishmentsGlee Blog Site Accomplishments

I think among our favorite of our accomplishments, it's meeting you guys. Not only do we have some really great friends that we've met at concerts, in different cities, via Twitter, etc. but these meetings and conversations with you all have motivated us to stick with it. 
Glee Fan Site
The first post on
It can be a lot of work -- I don't know how some of you other fan sites out there do it! You do twice as much as we do, and you don't even sweat over it! But when we think about how much work it can be, we think about you. All of your kind comments, your sweet words, and your support over the last two years has really made it all worth it. 

So, now that we're 2 years and 2 days old, we invite you all to celebrate with us. Keep the peace, love & Glee. Keep the support with one another. And if you're over 21, have a drink with us! Because you have been a crucial part of making this blog successful, and quite frankly my dear... you deserve it!

Thanks for all the love and support, and here's to more years to come! celebration!TMB's own Trouty Mouth!

And of course, thanks so much to all of our friends and family who could help celebrate!

-Bonnie & Whitney

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