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Dear Glee...Love Whitney

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Dear Glee,

You got one massive letter from a huge fan (read the masterpiece that is Bonnie's letter here) but guess's another!

Glee. Glee…glee…glee. I have gone through many phases when it comes to things that I love such as the British television show "Hollyoaks," a large obsession with Lady Gaga (still active) and now..Glee. I often catch crap about how I am too involved with Glee and blogging and what not..but I can honestly say that it makes me happy. It's fun and let's me talk about something that I love so much and a show that pretty much anyone can relate to. Not only that but it brings out even more creativity in me..and as an artist (yea I said it)..I need more creative outlets. It's also led me to make amazing friends, start this OUTSTANDING blog, party on Twitter and do things I wouldn't normally do (New York adventures anyone?). Okay..well in this letter I'm hoping to keep it real and be hilarious, let's do this:

Writers: Ryan, Ian, Brad - the things that come from your minds, I can't really even fathom it. Thank you so much for creating storylines that pretty much everyone everywhere can relate to. Thank you for taking chances with those storylines and characters and not being afraid to stir the pot and shock people or make people think. I can't wait to see what you guys bring to the table in season three - I'm pretty sure it could be known as mind blowing.

Crew: Okay, so I knew before that there was a crew working their asses off when it came to writing, directing, producing, choreography, video editing, sound editing and a bazillion other jobs I'm sure but I had a little insight into that when I watched the first episode of "The Glee Project". Watching Zach Woodlee try to help those contestants dance and like being on such a tight deadline - I was like holy sweet hell..1) that has got to be stressful but it more than pays off in the end 2) these are some of the hardest working people ever I'm almost positive. You guys help bring this masterpiece of a show together in a big way and you are amazeballs and I can definitely say that I admire you all for it.

Telly Kousakis - I reaaaally have to thank you for putting up with us here at Trouty Mouth because we love to tw'assault (that's twitter assault) you. But trust me - it is out of pure love. And I know that you loved your Snickerpuller shirt..and I'm still waiting for it on Parade of Fashions. Oh and please watch this, I mean we made it specifically for you: The Telly Seduction.

Cast: Acting, dancing, filming, studio sessions, touring, panels - and I'm sure I could go on for ages - you all do all of these things practically year round just to bring the best you can to your fans. That is some hardcore dedication and love for your job and fans and it is appreciated. I can safely say that I love everyone that I'm about to mention below and that they all have something unique to give us that it's hard to believe that they were able to find so many diverse, talented people and get them all on one show together.

Dianna: I think I need to start off by saying that I loved when you cut your hair because I think it suits you quite well. When the mashup of "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" was first leaked onto the internet, I had to seek it out IMMEDIATELY because I love "Unpretty" and when I found it, no lie, listened to it the rest of my work day which probably would've been like 3-4 hours. I love a majority of the songs that you all do but that mashup is magic. Your character has been so back and forth with being like Queen Bitch and then the exact opposite of that so I'm very excited to see what happens with her and you in the third season!

Cory: I have gone through many different feelings when it comes to you playing Finn because I loved you and then I didn't like you for like two episodes when you were not nice to Rachel but now I love you again. And I especially love you now, Cory, because of two things: your drumming and Jessie's Girl live. I didn't think it would be one of my favorites of the show but hearing it so loud + the energy from the crowd happened to make it one of my favorite performances.

Mark: You are such a stud. You can sing so many different types of songs so well and make all the ladies swoon. Oh and the guitar playing? Mmhmm. While I love the show for many reasons, you are considered the badass cool dude that possibly could bring in some viewers that may not have given the show a chance because they thought it might be lame. So thanks for being a smoking' hot badass. Oh, and the love that you have and show for your grandma..adorable. Keep that up for sure.

Chord: Chord Overstreet…you are Gleebalicious (I tried). I DO have the Bieber and Gleeber fever thanks to you. I have really grown to love you over this season…especially when you do impressions and soak Na'vi. Comedy, acting, singing, instruments - what's that? Multi-talented. And finally, thank you so much for being the inspiration for the original song "Trouty Mouth". This blog would be something totally different without you! I can't wait to see what happens with you in the future Chord! :)

Jenna: True Colors. One of my favorite songs ever and one of my favorite Glee performances out of both seasons. I got to somewhat meet you (Amber and Telly) this year in Chicago when we passed on some shirts to you (Happy Girl Drunk? Yea that was us) and you really were all amazing and nice for the few seconds we got to interact. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more from you in season 3!

Amber: Amber…you pretty much leave me breathless when you hit those insane high notes during songs. I thought it was impressive on the recordings from the show but then I heard it live and I'm so surprised I didn't pass out from it! And recently all the love I've been seeing you spread on Twitter is making me love you even more. Thanks for portraying such a strong character as Mercedes and for being just as great real time as well!

Darren: When I hear the Warblers version of "Teenage Dream", it still gives me goosebumps just like when you guys first sang it on the show. All the newer additions to the show this year were really great, including yours. So charismatic, energetic and a great singer! I've also been hearing about all of this singing you've been doing with Naya…maybe try to work some of that into next season. Thanks. Oh, also fell in love with you after watching this: (The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, just saying').

Warblers: A group of sexy guys singing together in delicious, classy matching uniforms? Oh that's terrible - not. Getting to see all of you guys over the past season and in concert has been really great. I'm not sure what will happen with you guys for this next season but either way I can't wait! Keep on being amazing! This little shootout goes specifically to Riker and Curt - we took a photo with the both of you in Chicago so once we get that off of the camera be expecting that tweet my friends..and then you can propose to me if you want..either one of you is fine.

Chris: Your high notes pretty much bring tears to my eyes. I'm not joking. I could listen to you sing that one line in "Just Like A Prayer" where you hit some crazy note and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for hours I'm fairly certain. I would also like to thank you for being so brave while playing the role of Kurt. There are many people all over that look up to you, can relate to Kurt and probably turn to the show for some comfort or even guidance when dealing with something like being a gay teen and I think it's really great what you and all the other cast members are doing with their characters.

Harry: Situ-asian. Mmmhmm…so I drove to St. Louis on a whim one day to meet you when I caught wind that you were there and that didn't happen which was upsetting. But then..Chicago happened and I got to get up in your grill and get an autograph which was amazeballs. In the way that many of the voices on this show blow my mind….you blow my mind equally with your dance moves. And yours abs. And the work that you have done with LXD and having them at your live shows, I can't even deal. Telling a story through dancing is a true gift, way to go!

Lea: I didn't start watching Glee until late in the first season and you were the one that roped me in. I saw a commercial of you singing and I was like I need to watch this show NOW. I did and now it's all I think about. You've got some crazy talent and a powerhouse of a voice that pretty much will knock someone down. I still get goosebumps when I hear you chime in during "Don't Stop Believin'". As I said with Chris and Amber..some of those notes you guys hit are UNREAL. Thanks for being a fantastic Rachel Berry and I only hope in real life that your parties are like that of the Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza.

Heather: Not only can you bust out dance moves that will cause sex riots and that are flawless but you can sing and act..and are a comedic genius. I thought that you were hilarious when delivering all of your one liners in seasons 1 & 2 and then I find out that you sometimes ad-lib AND that you make hilarious videos with your friends? You've definitely been a huge motivator to me because while I can't dance..I at least try and laugh hysterically at myself now. Recently you have motivated me to start using my humors to make funny videos. I hope that they turn out amazing and hilarious like yours do. I'll let you know. Thanks for being one of my main inspirations.

Kevin: Swag. I mean that is really all I need to describe you sir. Your voice can sing anything as you have clearly showed us. And I can even do MJ that is something to be very proud of! And those dance moves that you have to not use due to Artie's's a damn shame because those moves are outstanding. I even get excited when you are just moving your upper body in your chair. Also - Safety Dance. I hope that there is a chance within the show to get you out of that chair again because daaaamn! I also got to meet you for a brief moment in Chicago..however I was too starstruck to talk..but at least I got your autograph and some delicious photos. Next time..maybe I'll be able to say hi. :)

Naya: And finally I have arrived at Naya. There's probably so much I could say about you but I'll try to keep it down since this letter is huge. You are pretty much the full package - amazing voice, great acting skills because you have made me laugh and cry all in one episode, probably even in one scene if I had to guess and an extremely nice person. I never got to meet you at the concerts that I went to..thought I was so close in Chicago but couldn't get into the meet and greet but you (and Cory who was also there) just seemed so nice and really appreciative of your fans which is just really refreshing. Similar to what I told Chris earlier, thank you for taking on the role of Santana and being willing and ready to show her character's growth and acceptance with being "Lebanese". It means so much to people that they can be able to tune into this show once a week and forget about what's going on and be able to laugh or be able to relate to some of the characters and feel like they are not alone. Even if it's just for that short time. I'm very excited to see what happens with Santana in season 3 and to see what happens with you and your upcoming album that I can't stop thinking about! And..once again, I will attempt to get you to see this video that I made for you, it's called the Santana Hand Clap. :D I think I have gone on long enough but I will say one last time that I am so grateful for this show and the fact that everyone, including myself, can relate to at least one person or multiple people and situations on this show that can make them feel better, even if for a short time. I can definitely say that Glee and all of you have had an impact on my life and based on all the fun new things I'm doing, I'm gonna say it's a good one. Thank you.


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