Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Santana Hand Clap Video

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There are so many things that we love about Naya Rivera. Too many to count if you ask me. But one of our favorites is the... as we have dubbed it... "Santana Hand Clap".

Ever notice that if Naya's not doing the "Naya Dance" she likes to clap her hands above her head? It's kind of her go-to move... and it's kind of awesome, cuz we can do that move too. So, in honor of Naya Rivera reaching 300,000+ fans today (if you're not following her, you probably should: @NayaRivera), here's a little gem we like to call the "Santana Hand Clap Video". Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Whitney was the one who created this gem. Mad props, Whitney, mad props!

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