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Bonnie and Whitney Take Glee York

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Now this is a story all about how
Bonnie and Whitney went uptown
And I'd like to take a minute to talk about Glee
And tell ya how we impulsivley went to N-Y-C.

Somewhere in Missouri, we were born and raised,
Watchin' TV is how we spent most of our days
As we grew up, that really stayed the same
and watchin' Glee quickly became our game.

And a couple of shows turned into everything good
Nothin' made us happier than Trouty Mouth would
So we made one little blog, and we wrote a post
Then I said "This blog is my life, and I love it the most."

We bought our tickets to Chi-town, and when it arrived
Whitney said "I can't believe we're really goin' to Glee Live"
We made T-Shirts and we got to meet some of the cast
It was a great weekend, we decided we wanted it to last!

Friday, we called some friends around 7 or 8
We yelled "Get a ticket! We're goin' again!"
Flew into NYC Saturday morning, as Glee came to a close
We got to sit on the floor, at the closing Glee Live show."

Pardon my Fresh Prince references, but seriously, it took us less time to book our plane tickets to NYC than it did for me to write that song. This was the best decision of our lives.

Basically, Friday night, I chatted with Whitney and said "We have to go!" Her first answer: Absolutely not. Let me tell ya folks, persistence pays off. After mentioning it approximately 107 more times, Whitney finally said "Let me revisit this thought". At about 12 PM Friday, she decided it was a go!

So... she told her roommate, and a good Trouty Mouth friend-- Ashley. It took me saying to Ashley "You should come" for her to quickly respond "IM IN!". Then I called my roommate, and another good Trouty Mouth friend-- Liz. I said, "Liz, we're going to NY!" It took a little more convincing, but by 4:00, there were 4 of us leaving for NYC at 8 AM the next morning!

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:00 AM... to none other than tornado sirens. The thought that went through my head: "You've got to be effing kidding me". I wasn't scared (even though I should have been as the recent tornadoes in Missouri have been DEVASTATING), instead, I was just pissed. I thought "If these freakin' tornadoes ruin my Glee trip..." Yeah... probably not the first thought that should run through your head when tornado sirens are going off.
Anyways, after waiting out the storm a bit, we rushed to the airport with the clothes on our back, our purses, and one change of shirt. No suitcases, no show tickets, no hotel room booked... nothing. We were going to be there for less than 24 hours. We had to do it big.

I was of course wearing my "Count Boozey von Drunkaton" T-Shirt. (In fact, the security guard made a comment like "Do you have any alcohol in your bag, ma'am" when we were walking through security).

So, after a minor delay because of the weather... we were off. We landed in NYC at about 12. We got a car to take us straight to the venue. We were there at about one o'clock. After walking around, scoping out the place a bit, we went to get some lunch and pack a little "picnic" to bring back with us.

We came back to the venue at about 3, right when the first show was starting. Holy cow were people trying to sell us tickets. Since we had just packed a picnic, and really just wanted to see the last show, we decided against it. So we posted up by the trailers, hoping maybe we'd catch someone... or maybe Telly would come out with some sweet tickets... even though he didn't :)

Since we had no hotel, we used the Marriott next door to clean up, get some beverages, use the restroom, etc. On a bathroom break, Ashley and I decided it was a good idea to stop in the box office to see if they had any tickets available. They did. But the seats weren't good. So we talked about it for like five minutes, and finally I turned and said, "you don't have anything else?" The wonderful teller lady said "Let me run another check". For the same price that they were trying to offer us section 210 tickets, she said "We have B1 row 14 available". I looked at the little map of the venue... B1 row 14 meant center stage floor seats, 14th row. I died. We took them immediately.

Then we did the Naya Dance in celebration.

Then it was time for the concert...

After Tw'assaulting Telly a little, we saw him run to some other section at the venue and hand off what we can only assume were our backstage passes to someone else... It's ok Telly, mistakes happen.

Anyways, we had really sweet seats. We sat back, relaxed and watch LXD take the stage. It was even better seeing them head on! They seriously rock.

Then all the sudden, the barf bags started comin' out. Then the lights went low. And we started hearing the "bahs" of Don't Stop Believing. I don't know why... maybe it was the seats, maybe it was the fact that we were in New York, maybe it was the fact that it was their last show... but my adrenaline was pumping like never before.

As the concert went on, (and sorry, not many pics this time, because we didn't have our photographer-- Alison) we were screamin' and yellin' and havin' a blast. One of my favorite performances of the night was P.Y.T. because not only was it amazing as per usual, but Harry sexified it up way more than he did in Chicago. Seriously... SO hot. 

Then, all the sudden it was a different Brittany/Blaine skit than we saw in Chicago. Blaine said he wanted to do... a Broadway number?

That only meant one thing: Don't Rain on My Parade. That song didn't happen in Chicago, but sure enough, Lea performed it (amazingly I might add), in New York! So exciting. I went a little bit crazy.

Then came our favorite: Valerie. And before you knew it, they were singing Loser Like Me. So, we knew it was time...

Time for the encores. Single Ladies first, and it was phenomenal as always. Then it was Safety Dance. This was particularly amazing. Not only did Kevin sexify it up, but Telly danced in it too... With his fanny pack. It was amazeballs. They seemed to have skipped Friday which I was a little disappointed in, because that was one of my personal faves in Chicago... but then we heard Empire State of Mind. If you liked that performance when you weren't in New York, you'd die at the performance in New York. It was seriously amazeballs. Probably the best performance of the night. Then they closed it out with Somebody to Love. Boom went the confetti, and off went the cast!

So we ran outside to the fences. The set up there kind of sucked because there was like a road that went underneath to a garage that lead to the building. So, they didn't come up. But they did drive by in cars. In fact, Naya even rolled down her window and screamed to us all. There was a bus blocking us, so I saw her for about .3 seconds, but it was awesome nonetheless.

So, what'd we do? Searched for a cab to take us to Manhattan!

A van was parked right next to us, and offered us a ride. $130 later, we were dropped off in Penn Station. We ended up in Times Square, and I was able to snag a picture of where they filmed "New York" (episode 22). Pictures will come later. After walking around a bit, getting some drinks in Times Sqaure, and taking in the city, we headed to our hotel... LaGuardia Airport. 

We were seriously so tired. We had been up for like 24 hours straight. Whitney was still wearing her "I pray for Naya Rivera as my D-O-Double-G" t-shirt. The security guard talked to her about her shirt this time. He said "Who's Naya Rivera". She said "Oh she's an actress on Glee" (We later discussed that the correct answer to that question was 'Who's Naya Rivera?!! Kill yourself!' but hey, we were tired. Give us a break). Then he said "What happened to her?" (in reference to the 'I pray for Naya Rivera') "Whitney gave a tired..uh, um, nothing... she's fine" and we were off through security...

We slept with our heads on tables, and on the airport floor for a couple of hours, and before we knew it, they were boarding. Just like that, we were headed back to Missouri after a total Gleexcursion in New York. Less than 24 hours had gone by, but it was the best less than 24 hours of our lives.

A big thank you to Ashley and Liz for being as crazy as Whitney and I are...

Also, thank you Glee Live, for making us crazy enough to spontaneously drop our lives and fly to New York to see you.


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  1. I can only imagine that your trip was the best eleventy billion dollars you all spent!!!! it sounds so amazing and spontaneous and wonderful. I wish I could have been there!! I am so jealous. Also I want a nickname shirt!! Haha that's too funny. Love you all. Love this blog! Peace, love and glee!!