Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chicago Glee Live Concert - Bucket Glist

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When we go to Chicago, we have a bucket list that we'd like to accomplish. We know, we know, we probably won't be able to get all 50 items on our list accomplished (I say probably, because hey, we have hope...) but we're sure going to try!

1) Give T-Shirts to Glee Cast
2) Telly. Just Telly.
3) Get taught the Dougie by Harry and Heather.
4) Ride in Kevin's wheelchair.
5) Go to church with Amber.
6) Write an original song with the cast.
7) Learn the Naya Dance from Naya herself.
8) Go shopping with Chris.
9) Have a beer with Ian, Ryan, and Brad.
10) Go clubbing with the cast.
11) Be serenaded by Chord and Mark.
12) Make out with Harry Wash our clothes on Harry's abs.
13) Get Zized by Ashley Fink.
14) Make out with Mark Go birdwatching with Mark.
15) Learn to work Sai Swords from Chris.
16) Make it on Dianna's Tumblr.
17) Learn steps from Zach Woodlee.
18) Listen to Dashboard Confessional and No Doubt with Naya.
19) Acquire a "Red Carpet" identity.
20) Be slushied (again) by any one of the cast members.
21) Watch and/or be in Wicked with Lea.
22) Plug at concert.
23) Go backstage at concert.
24) Find Matthew the sound guy.
25) Watch a hockey game with Cory.
26) Sing Trouty Mouth to Chord... with Naya.
27) Sing Nothin' but a Glee Thang with Heather.
28) Make out with Kevin Learn to moonwalk from Kevin.
29) Get tattoos of the whole cast on our backs.
30) Touch Chord's abs.
31) Have a "Flipcam-Off" with Cory.
32) Play Taboo with Naya, Telly, Amber, Chris, and Mark.
33) Discuss the topic of "Snicker Pulling"
34) Talk about the High School Musical concert with Telly.
35) Make out with Cory. Have an intelligent conversation, about anything, with Cory.
36) Watch the "Santana Hand Clap" video with Naya.
37) Learn the difference between a "body roll" and a "full body rub down".
38) Have sushi with Heather, Naya, Jenna, Lea, Dianna, and Ashley.
39) Make out with Chord Watch the "Tonight, Tonight" music video with Chord.
40) Watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy with Jenna.
41) Create a minimovie with Heather to put on
42) Learn Spanish from Naya.
43) Pile in a Chevy with the cast.
44) Go to a pet shop with Dianna.
45) Hide razor blades in our Fairy Veil.
46) Rewatch the Oprah finale with the cast.
47) Have a "Lady Gaga dance party" outside of the trailers.
48) Go to a buffet with Harry.
49) River Dance with Chord.
50) Complete everything on this list.

Well gleeks, what do you think? Will we accomplish anything off of our Bucket Glist? Hopefully! GLEE CAST PLEASE HELP US!!!

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