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The Glee Project: August 8

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Jenna Ushkowitz was the celebrity guest on tonight's episode of "The Glee Project" and she was amazing as usual. So nice and precious..and due to the fact that she is one of the Glee cast members that has recognized ol' Troutymouth.com on occasion..that's a definite bonus.

The song they had to sing was "True Colors," which is like one of my favorite songs of all time from Glee so I was excited and scared that they might wreck it. They didn't wreck it but I still prefer Jenna/Cyndi Lauper/Phil Collins to sing it. So Hannah wins the challenge which I was absolutely okay with because she actually like brought a smile to my face while I was watching her performance. No joke.

Then the contestants were told that they would be singing and making a video to Paramore's "The Only Exception". Next to watching Zach Woodlee teach them all dance moves, I love when they go to the recording studio with Nikki. I especially loved this week's. I want to focus on two of the contestants in the studio: Alex and Lindsay. Alex goes in before she does and is having some trouble like connecting or showing believability and emotion so Nikki tells him to relate it to something and he relates it to the death of his father when he was six. He starts crying and it is really emotional, Nikki comforts him and in the end, it pays off and helped his singing and performance. Alex leaves the studio and goes to talk to the other people (including Lindsey) and tells them what happened with the crying and all that. So then Lindsey goes in there to record, sings some, then starts crying and insisting that she's fine, she's fine. I've been saying all along that Lindsey was so fake and finally this week, Nikki called her on it! She didn't really believe her crying in the studio and tells Lindsey about it later (which we will get to).

So they do the video, which I thought turned out pretty good. Definite change since they weren't dancing or anything in this video.

Then it was time for the dreaded bottom three. I want to start off by saying Zach Woodlee looked smooooooking hot during the last chance performances this week. I couldn't even handle it. The bottom three were Hannah, Lindsey and Samuel. I hated seeing Hannah fall into the bottom three but when Lindsey did, I was pleased because she's just a bunch of hype. Then Nikki once again said that she felt she came into the recording studio prepared to have a breakdown and cause a scene. Lindsey obviously denied this and wouldn't back down and said that's not what she was doing and apologized if it came off like that. Then her and Nikki kind of had a diva/no one is gonna admit they're wrong stare down.

So, Hannah was told to sing "Back to December" by T. Swizzle (Taylor Swift). I didn't feel like this was Hannah's best performance and while I'm personally not a huge Taylor fan, I don't think her songs would be easy to sing. She tried and did a decent job and while they all love her like as a whole, Ry Ry Murphy told her that she wasn't the best singer out of the ones that were left and that she probably knew that but he wanted her to be more confident in herself and try to see what they see. Oh Ryan, while most times you seem like a mean a-hole, some times you are nice. Or try to be.

Lindsey sang "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret and obviously all I could think about was Rachel Berry and April Rhodes. I think that may have been what Lindsey was thinking about as well. She seemed to be overacting and while I think she does have a very good voice, it seemed like she was trying to recreate the scene a little bit too much for me. Ryan mentioned to her about how she's in the same like area, if you will, as Lea Michele and I wanted to say, "Ryan, please stop talking." He also told her that he's not really cheering for her to win and that he heard she possibly put on an emotional show for Nikki. She told him that she has always felt this pressure to be perfect because she's adopted and she felt like she had to be perfect to like fit in with her family. I..literally have no words for her. No me gusta.

Finally, Samuel performed "Animal" by the Neon Trees. This kind of seemed like a song that Samuel would choose and I thought her performance was good. He was energetic and just..good. After it was over, Ryan told him that he felt like his was the most "unrelateable" and then questioned him about a couple of weeks ago how he was hesitant to play the love interest to Alex in one of the videos. Samuel told him it was because his mom is a hardcore Christian and she wasn't too keen on homosexuality but he explained to her that it was just acting and it wasn't like he was going to have to get with Alex or anything after it was over. After that, Ryan was triggered at the mention of Christianity because he previously wanted Cameron to stay and be this Christian character that he's apparently been dreaming of his whole life. I really like Samuel but after Ryan started telling him about how he wanted Cameron for this Christian role and what not, I felt like Samuel was like, "Oh hell yes!" and getting kind of desperate is telling Ryan that he was Christian and that role could work for him. He still has my vote for the 'W' though.

In the end, Hannah was the one that had to go. This was a very hard thing to see because I loved her. As did everyone. I feel like it just came down to there were people that had more of the triple threat than she did..which is unfortunate. What I hope can still happen though…is her and Damien. I will ship that until the end of time.

Until next time Gleeks,

Whitney (McHale or Woodlee) 

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