Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Glee Project - Generosity with my man Kev McHale!

Follow TroutyMouthBlog on Twitter another week of "The Glee Project" has happened which means 1) it's almost time to see who the noob will be 2) just another week closer to the season 3 premiere. As stated many times before, I have a love hate relationship with this show. This week was probably more hate.

Besides Zach Woodlee, there was another hot body on set this week: Kevin McHale. And if any of you are familiar with my loves, he's one of them. When the contestants started singing "Lean On Me", I got scared because I could tell that Lindsay was going to win this week. Which means that she was going to flirt and be all giddy with my man. Which is what happened. AND he gave her the magic comb that he gave Britt Britt in season 2. So jealous.

So the huge group number this week was "Sing" by My Chemical Romance. They were to fake playing instruments and to have these kids come in and kind of be like their mini mes. The fake playing of instruments was pretty hilarious I must admit. Damian trying to play those drums and not having a clue..classic. And Zach Woodlee's laughing at them while they were trying to do it was even better. In the end, I thought the video was okay. They were all pretty good with their little kids they were provided. Alex was a little awkward with his. Sam and Damian were really good with theirs, though Damien's partner probably taught him more but that's okay. When it came time to announce the people that were in the bottom three, Robert had a surprise for us this week. Due to the fact Ryan, Robert and Zach already are familiar with everyone, Ryan requested that a fresh new set of eyes and ears be brought in AND they would all be doing a last chance performance. So those fresh new eyes and ears…Those eyes and ears belonged to….Ian Brennan! Now, I must say I wanted Brad Falchuk to show up because he is also hot. But whatever, it was definitely nice to see someone else there that wasn't just Ry Murphy.

Last chance performances were a little something like this:
Alex - His Eye is On The Sparrow - Lauryn Hill - Apparently this is the song that was played/sang at his father's funeral. Sad, sad times. While he is nowhere near my favorite, I was proud of him that he was able to pull it out and really do well singing that song and be able to get passed the hate that he once had for it. I definitely thought his performance was good and you cannot deny that that kid has a craze-ay good voice.

Damian - I've Gotta Be Me - Sammy Davis Jr. - I really like Damian. I think he is so cute, funny, has a great personality and he can sing. Do I think he has the best voice and/or dance moves? No but his personality brings a lot to the table for him for sure. I thought that he really did a good job singing this song. It brought a smile to my face because he just seemed happy and was dancing and partying all over the stage for Ryan and Ian and it was just cute.

Samuel - My Funny Valentine from Babes in Arms - Samuel is still that sex pot that he always has been. I was really scared when they told him he was going to be singing this because everyone else got songs that were in their comfort zones and then this happened. Before we go any further, I would just like to state that I couldn't help but laugh during this performance because all I could think about was Tina singing it and crying the entire time. Samuel did a really good job though I thought. He was very like..mysterious sexy (as usual) during it and I thought he definitely made it his own (Thanks Paula Abdul!).

Lindsay - Defying Gravity from Wicked - Okay..maybe I'm just partial to Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth and/or Lea Michele and Chris Colfer but I thought that Lindsay did not sing this well at alllllll. At. All. And I'm not just saying that because I think she's fake. I was worried at first that she was going to do really good because it was right up her alley and then when she was practically screaming the words, I was like uh oh, yah out (said like Heidi Klum on Project Runway). But..that didn't happen…

Even though Ry Murphy brought Ian there to help him make a better decision, the both of them bitched out and decided to let everyone continue to the final round! Fail. Next week is the finale and I'm hoping for Samuel or Damian. I needs those others to leave. 

So, until next week, peace out suckas!


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