Monday, August 22, 2011

The Newest Faces at WMHS - LaMarcus Tinker and Vanessa Lengies

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Season 3 starts in less than a month (thank God!), and word on the street is [SPOILER ALERT] there will be a few new cast members floating around McKinley High.

Well, we'd like to get to know them as the actors before we get to know their characters... you know... just in case :) But if they're anything like our favorite cast, we know they'll fit right in.

LaMarcus Tinker

Meet LaMarcus. According to this US Magazine article, there's a lot we don't know about our newest familiar face at WMHS. Here are three facts we gathered just from the article:

  1. In real life (not fake life), LaMarcus graduated Salutatorian of his senior class at the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.
  2. The actor got his break by taking a $33.50 Grehound bus from Huston to Austin to support some friends as extras in Friday Night Lights. He met Peter Berg, and I think you know what happens next! (Sounds a little familiar... something a little like Heather Morris?)
  3. He's the owner of LRT Productions, and has a film set to release in 2012... a film that he produced! (Are we sure he's not Brittany's love interest?)
  4. According to this Pop Crunch article, he is partnered with the local boys and girls club.
Other things you should note:
  • He's known for his role in Friday Night Lights, as Dallas Tinker.
  • He also played on Cougar Town.
  • He will be playing Mercedes' love interest (It's about time... although we all were rooting for Samcedes...)
  • I've heard his name will be Bubba, and I've heard his name will be Marcus... I'm gonna hope for Marcus!

At any rate, welcome to the cast LaMarcus!

Vanessa Lengies

Meet Vanessa. According to Cory Monteith, Vanessa is our resident Canadian chick. (Glee crew loves Canada! Cory, Telly, Vanessa...). So here are some facts about Vanessa:

  1. What do you know Vanessa from? The question is, what don't you know Vanessa from. The actress has played on HawthoRNe, Monarch Cove, CSI: Miami (Not with Naya Rivera, unfortunately), Castle, Rules of Engagement, Accidentally on Purpose, Medium, American Dreams, in the movies Stick It and The Perfect Man... shall we go on?! This chick knows what's up!
  2. According to this Girl2Watch article, her unique talents include painting (awesome), and party throwing (she'll fit right in with this cast and crew!)
  3. This Fun Trivia website says that Vanessa started acting when she was 9 years old, by auditioning.
  4. Wikipedia states that Vanessa was born to a German father and an Egyptian mother.
Other things that you should note:
  • Vanessa's character on Glee will be named Sugar
  • She'll be WMHS's latest resident mean girl, and her character will be stirring up some trouble. She's even been said to be a cross between Molly Shannon and a New Jersey Housewife... (Hold up, did they just describe Santana Lopez?!)
  • Apparently, Sugar can't sing... but we know Vanessa can dance... Uh oh, Tina. Watch out!

Welcome to the cast, Vanessa!

So Gleeks, what do you think about the upcoming future cast members? All I have to say is that we're super excited to see how this season shapes up, and how these characters will be developed! Oh... and brace yourselves you two! This fandom is CRAZY, but we love being a part of it :) Congrats on landing these epic roles!


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