Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glee 3x07 - "I Kissed A Girl" Performance

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It's only the most highly anticipated episode of the season... well maybe second-most highly anticipated episode... and we had to wait two weeks to see it! Thanks to a post from Perez Hilton, Glee came early this week, and we got a little sneak peek of "I Kissed A Girl" from the upcoming episode 3x07: "Kissed a Girl". Take a look. And try to breathe Brittana/Faberry fans:

Who just got super stoked, and can't wait to see this episode... as if I already wasn't...

Good luck waiting, Gleeks... only 6 more days :(

-Bonnie & Whitney


  1. I'm not gunna lie, if I was there I think I would have the same look on my face as roy. The way Naya moved those gawd. *thud* I'm so pumped for this ep to air. 2 weeks is way to long! So glad it's only 4 days 15 hrs 3 mins and 25 secs to go!

  2. I remember seeing your trouty mouth logo on the end of a youtube vid i put on my ipod. I'm pretty sure it was the...yup, the Santana hand clap vid...omg, I love that one. I watch it alot ;) lots of sexy Naya!

  3. Haha thanks for all of the love! Knowing SHC is on your iPod makes us oh. so. very. happy! Thanks for the support :)