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Gleecap: Glee 3x05 - 'The First Time' Recap

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In case you weren't aware that there was a sex riot going on at McKinley High School this week, or in case you were stuck inside a cave... or under a rock, here's what you missed on Glee:

Artie thinks that Rachel & Blaine lack the sexual experience to portray Maria and Tony... he's right, because they're both virgins.

Rachel decides she wants to have sex with Finn while his parents were out of town because she loves him and she thinks it will help her play Maria.

Kurt questions whether or not he's too boring sexually for Blaine.

Artie and Beiste have a highly inappropriate conversation about why Beiste is a virgin, and she says she has a crush on Cooter, the Ohio State football recruiter.

Blaine visits Dalton & the Warblers do a brilliant rendition of "Uptown Girl"

The new kid at Dalton - Sebastian - wants Blaine Anderson. And he makes it very clear.

Then they did this weird montage of Blaine + Sebastian skits while Santana and Rachel were singing A Boy Like That, which the girls kill.

Artie tells Cooter to ask out Coach Beiste.

During Finn and Rachel's romantic dinner, Finn wants to know why Rachel wants to have sex then. She says it's because she loves him. Then she mentions that she wants to benefit from it to make her a better actor. Finn gets upset and they don't do the deed.

Mike Chang's dad found out he was doing the school musical. He gets upset tells Mike to quit. Mike says no, and his dad tells him if he doesn't grow up, he won't "have a father". So, Mike said ok. It was heartbreaking.

Cooter asks Beiste out, gives her flowers, and she thought someone put him up to it because he would never ask her. He called her beautiful. She cried. It was such a sweet moment.

Rachel asks the girls for advice about whether or not she should have sex with Finn. Quinn & Santana tell her to wait. Tina describes a really sweet moment between her and Mike because they loved each other. While she's explaining it, Rachel and Santana sing. It's lovely.

Sebastian gets Kurt & Blaine fake IDs to use at the local gay bar, where it's Drag Queen Wednesday. There, he runs into Karofsky, who had transferred. Karofsky said he could finally get through school without worrying that people would see him. In the mean time, Blaine was dancing with Sebastian. Kurt cuts in and steals his man back!

Blaine tries to get Kurt to have sex with him in the car. Kurt gets upset because he had been dancing with Sebastian and was offended that Blaine wanted to have sex right then.

They performed West Side Story. Artie was bossin' everyone around then got upset that everything was wrong. Then the cast thanked him for all his hard work before the show and he tells them that they made him feel like a grown man. It was sweet.

Then they performed America during West Side Story. It was a flawless performance by the whole cast. I got chills.

Mike's dad didn't attend the show. His mom did. She looked sad. So did he. But it was a tender moment. And he looked appreciative that his mom showed up. Again.. heartbreaking.

Blaine is upset because he thinks he could be a better Tony. Kurt tells him he did perfectly and that he was proud of him. They share a sweet moment, and Kurt tells him he wants to go back to his house.

Rachel goes to Finn's house. Finn is upset because the football coach told him he wouldn't be recruited. Finn thinks he's not going anywhere. Rachel told him his life wasn't over.

The show ends with a very tender moment of both couples losing their virginity.

And that's what you missed... on Glee!

Now before I sign off of here, I'd just like to take a minute to say that I was expecting something different in this episode. I think other people were expecting something different, too. But after watching it a second time, and talking with people, I've realized that I'm really impressed with how Glee handled the subject of losing virginity, especially for high school kids. It's not only a touchy subject but a life changing subject. The fact that they could tastefully make this episode a reality for millions of people around the world, I have to say Congrats and well done. This episode was one of the most tender episodes of Glee that I've ever seen. We get wrapped up in the excitement and the fast pace of the storylines, so for some people, it might have been a let down. I get that. But it is nice to see RIB & crew take a step back, and really make sure this was done right and tastefully. And the more I see it and think about it, the more I appreciate them for doing that. Just thought that should be said.

Now bring on next week. Please.


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