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Gleecap: 3x07 - "Kissed a Girl" Recap

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If you missed this week's episode of Glee, we hope you had a good reason… like you were on a date with Stephen Baldwin or David Boreanaz or something… or maybe you haven't come out of your "Mash-Off" induced coma, but seriously you guys, it's been two weeks. Just in case though, here's the gleecap for everything you missed on 3x07 "I Kissed a Girl":

Figgy wants to suspend Santana for rude boxing Finn in the face (see last week's episode). But then Finn said she didn't do it. And came up with a "Lady Music Week" to defend Santana's honor & let her be who she wants to be. So sweet.

To start, Kurt & Blaine lead off with a rendition of Pink's "Perfect" which they sang to Santana.

Sue decides she needs a mayun in her life. So… she decides to nab that boot knockin' Cooter Menkins. In the mean time Coach Beiste thinks he's the only man for her. Uh oh. I smell a love triangle & beiste of a fight…

Puck sings "I'm the Only One" to… Santana… but really to Shelby… and to me in my dreams… tonight...

Quinn tries to get Puck in her bed… like I'll try to… in my dreams… tonight…. but he basically tells her she's crazy and that he wasn't interested. His exact words "I'd rather raw dog a bee hive." Haha.

The most important message of the show: Finn told Santana that he doesn't want anything to happen to Santana… Ever… and that she means something to her. And that he knows something like this could make her hurt herself, as it does to other kids who've had to deal with stuff like this. (My point last week) And it made me cry. And it also made me fall in love with Finn Hudson all over again.

Then he sang a slow ballad version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with the other Glee Club guys. She cried. Then she said thanks. Then they hugged. Then he told her he loved her. I cried more.

Beiste tries to get tons of chicken for dinner with a side of chicken. She catches Cooter on a date with Sue. And it gets interrupted by Sue's iPhone 5.

Beiste expresses her sadness. She cries. I cry again. What is this crey-ery?

The election happened. Lots of split votes. JBI seemed to think it was Brittany all the way. Most of the Glee Club voted for Kurt though…

Beiste sings "Jolene", and she rocks it. With some funny Sue + Cooter moments in the background.

Some sophomore douchebag tries to "straighten" Santana out… and he considers her a challenge. Luckily the girls come to her rescue, defend her, and tell the sophomore douchebag off. Then they sing "I Kissed a Girl" and a great performance. Particularly Rory's face & Mike Chang's dance moves at the end.

Then abruptly after the performance, Santana mentions that she came out to her parents and that they were okay with it. Huh? Whatever.

Oh then it switches to the fact that Kurt won the election… but because someone stuffed the ballot box. They think it's Kurt that did it. But no. No it wasn't. And Kurt cries. And then I cry a little. And then that's when you find out Rachel did it.

Turns out Puck's smart. What?

Then Shelby calls Puck & he rushes out of the classroom. It's Beth. She busted her lip. Puck played dad. It was hot. Shelby thought so too, because the next scene was Puck… in bed… Shelby's bed… after they did it. Student-teacher relations: though fun and scandalous, make me barf in my mouth a little. #offensiveandinnappropriate

Shelby told Puck that they made a mistake. And Shelby kicks him out. Puck tells her off.

Santana tells her abuela that she's a lesbian. And she tells her that she loves her and that she wants her to know her… I cried a little. Then her grandma kicks her out and tells her that she should have kept it a secret and that she never wants to see her again. I cried a little more. #creyseverywhere

Puck is still heated about the Shelby incident. So he goes to Quinn's. She tries to seduce him to get another baby. Then they stop, on Puck's account. Then Puck realizes that no one helped Quinn and he felt bad for her. Then tells her that she'll make something of herself. Hey, Puck? Marry me.

Oh… then he tells her that he and Shelby slept together and that he was angry with Shelby. Smooth. #ithoughtyouweresmart

Sue loses the election to Burt. And Beiste comes in to tell Sue off & tell Cooter that she's gonna fight for him. And that she's in love with him. You guessed it. More cries. #teambeiste

Rachel missed the end of the week Glee class rehearsal & Kurt congratulates Brittany on her Presidential win! Yay Brittany!.

Santana sings "Constant Craving" but it ends up being a trifecta of singers, as Shelby and Kurt end up in the mix, too. Great performance though.

Oh… Rachel gets suspended for a week for stuffing the ballot box. She can't perform at sectionals…

and that's what you missed on… Glee!

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