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Another Glee Project Short Story (Eps 6 & 7)

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Hiiiii everyone..I'm back and ready to bring you back up to speed on that little thing we like to call The Glee Project. We were a bit busy over the past couple of weeks so we didn't' have time to update with TGP news until right now. So it'll be another short story covering the past two episodes. Let's do this.

Episode 206: Fearlessness
It all begins as usual and Robert announces to the contestants that the theme for this week will be fearlessness! The song that they are given to sing is Now That We Found Love by Heavy D & the Boyz. Aylin is pumped about this…but she honestly seems to be pumped about every theme every week. My boyfriend Abraham suggests that they do some fearless dance moves and Lily likes that idea. We've all seen her dance moves though…and just..no comment. Now usually the contestants fangirl and fanboy out like crazy when the guest mentor comes in and this time was no different…except for I'm pretty sure they hit a maximum level of freaking out. Which I would too if I found out that my guest mentor was Jane Lynch! Now, this song has a lot of rapping in it and proves to be a challenge for pretty much all of them but definitely Nellie. She forgets some of the words which knocks her confidence down a bit but she hits an excellent note later gave her some back I think. Nellie is perfection. It's another week of the awkward Aylin vs. Lily to be the winner and the silent hatred tension could've been cut with a knife. In the end, Lily wins! Jane tells the group that they will be doing a mash-up of Blondie and Pat Benetar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another. Jane also tells the contestants that they will be getting their first slushy facials this week! WOOOO!

Before the contestants head into the studio with Nikki, we have some "dorm room" chatter. Nellie is nervous again about being in a swimsuit or trying to be sexy. I just want to shake her and be like DID YOU EVEN WATCH YOURSELF IN THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER/MILKSHAKE MASH-UP!?!?!? But, I cannot do that. It's probably assault. Blake tries to comfort her which I love because I ship Nellie with everyone basically. Charlie and Aylin realize that their chemistry is just TOO strong and they cannot take the break they decided to and have decided to be a couple..I think. In the studio, Nellie sounds amaaaaaazing (as usual) but gets scurred (scared) because she notices everyone watching her through the window. Charlie comes in and then sings and of course looks out that damn window at Aylin. Then Nikki makes this face:

There wasn't choreography again this week because they are shooting this scene in a pool. While we didn't see Zach teach them dance, we did get to see him while they shot this video. <3 Aylin is the lucky person to get a slushy in the face first and she basically laughs as soon as it hits her. I can understand this because I've been slushied before but I also wasn't trying to be an actress so…oops Aylin. Lily is mentored by Jane, blah blah blah, Lily is boring. I'm not a huge fan of Ali's voice but she is starting to step it up when it comes to acting and you can tell she definitely wants to be on this show. She asks Erik if she can be slushied in the video - she wasn't originally to be slushied because her body doesn't do well in extreme temperatures - but she wanted to be part of it because she's a badass. She's taking it like a champ but that is short lived and she ends up not being able to breathe but she recovers from that quickly. Here is the final video below:

Charlie and Aylin make out and I vomited everywhere it was just so sweet. They are both worried about the other one going home and it's just really dramatic. But then it's time for the bottom three to be announced! Sometimes this part is the best because I love the judges comments. Lily and Ali are both named the MVPs for the week so waaaaahooooo! The bottom three end up being: Nellie, Aylin and Charlie. WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN!!!???? THE LOVERS ARE BOTH IN THE BOTTOM THREE!!!??? AHHHHH! Aylin was unprofessional in the video shoot by CONSTANTLY laughing when she got slushied and Erik couldn't get a decent take of her, Nellie wasn't as confident as she should be and it showed which put her in the bottom and Charlie is just automatically in the bottom three every week.

Aylin performs Take A Bow by Rihanna. She sounds really good. Her voice is really good, I cannot deny that. Ryan tells Aylin that she needs to be both strong and vulnerable in her performances in order for him to get more of a feel for the character that she would play. Sounds like you are trying to get a less hot and less amazing version of Santana. Stop it, Ryan. Charlie sings It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones. He goes buck wild when performing this. He changes the words (again) to somehow fit Ryan's name in there and try to charm him and even runs up and gets in all of the judges' business. Will Ryan love it enough to keep him around? Well..he went crazy with it so we'll see. Zach LURVED it. His reactions during the performances are probably like the best. Like this one:

Ryan can't really be bothered this time with Charlie's antics and tells him that he needs to work more on trying to perform and work with groups better. Nellie sings Beyonce's If I Were A Boy and naaaaaaails it. She's perfect. I can't say it enough. Zach cries…which makes me cry. She tells the judges that her self-confidence has always been an issue with her and she's been working harder and harder to overcome it.

The judges have a hard time making their decision but in the end, Charlie is the one that gets sent home. Everyone cries, especially him and Aylin. They awkwardly make out in front of everyone and share such a dramatic exit that I legitimately thought that Charlie was like being sent to the moon for forever or something. Just..so awkward but the right decision was made!

Episode 207: Theatricality
We start the episode with a little bromance drama between Michael and Blake. They don't really have any issues except Michael is afraid that he's being compared to Blake but Blake is like no way bro, we're different. Then they are sort of upset when it sinks in that they are definitely best friends but also competing against one another. Dun, dun, dun. Robert decides it would e a good idea to ask everyone what the house was like without Charlie so Aylin could make a scene about her romance and the house is quieter…but not in a good way. :( Theatricality turns out to be the theme and everyone is happy especially Lily because she was sent straight from God to this competition she thinks she's really good at acting. Oh, and the awkward silent hatred between Lily and Aylin continues. The mentor this week is Grant Gustin and he be looking fiiiiiiione. They contestants sing I Hope I Get It from A Chorus Line. It was actually pretty good - especially Shanna and Ali. And I guess Lily. After it's over, Grant gives them some advice: Nellie needs to be more confident (O_O), Grant tells Ali that is grrrrrreat and tells Lily that's she's really funny and a great actress. Ali ends up winning the homework assignment which is super because that means Lily didn't win it's her first time that she's won! The song that they have to sing for the video is When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls. For the video, all of them are given alter egos that they will be "transforming" into during the video. They are as follows: Aylin as Madonna, Michael as Elvis, Ali as Katy Perry, Abraham as David Bowie, Lily as Cyndi Lauper, Nellie as Britney Spears, Shanna as Lady Gaga and Blake as Boy George. At dance rehearsal, Zach tells them that they better do better than they did during Danceability week because he will probably kill them if they don't. Lily is nervous because she feels like Cyndi Lauper doesn't have "set-in-stone" dance moves. She also says that she doesn't think of Cyndi Lauper as a pop icon. This chick..needs to be hit for saying that. She should be eliminated just for saying something so stupid. Singin' it up with Nikki is next. Michael decides to take her advice of being over prepared to a whole new level by not even rehearsing any of his lines and just waiting until he is in the booth to do so. This backfires and he ends up not hitting his notes. Nikki basically cannot win with these people. Things get awkward when Abraham is singing and Nikki asks him if he considers himself androgynous. He refuses to answer the question because, unknown to Nikki, he was bullied for being more feminine and called gay a lot. So it is a sore spot for him.

Before the video shoot, Ali gets to meet with Grant. Out of all of the contestants, she seems to be the one who asked the most questions and opinions during her one-on-one. They finally get to shoot the video and Zach and Robert discuss how Ali is really bringing it and did the best during everything all week. Nellie has problems being sexy and confident, once again, in her scene and it takes a few shots in order for Erik to get something that he can use. Shanna doesn't really well with her portion of the song. Especially since she is wearing a meat dress that starts to spoil during shooting which smells like complete nasty. It starts to make her sick but she powers through it! Here is the final product of the music video:

First, I would like to say that I love Abraham. I think he is the sexiest thing ever in this video while he's depicting David Bowie. I will not back down from this statement so get used to it. I love it. I love androgynous men. Holla. The judges are really impressed with the way Blake is handling playing Boy George by NOT making him some flaming homosexual man, which is what straight guys would normally tend to do. Lily sucks ass isn't very good at being Cyndi Lauper and doesn't act like her at all. Basically, she just dances around. And they aren't even 80s dance moves, they are her dance moves. However, she tries to defend herself by saying she thinks she is like Cyndi Lauper. And then I laughed and threw up at that ridiculous claim.

The dreaded bottom three is approaching but Ali will definitely not be part of them! She is first on the callback list again this week! The bottom three end up being Nellie, Abraham and Lily. Nellie performs first for the judges and she sings I'm The Only One by Melissa Etheridge. I thought Nellie sounded freaking' amazing and was actually showing some real passion while performing this song, which didn't go unnoticed by Ryan. However, the repetitive issue with her confidence and indecisiveness worries him when it comes to casting her. My boyfriend, Abraham, performs Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine. (Also, upon hearing the song, Ryan feels it necessary to state aloud that he loves him some Adam Levine. I laughed.) Abraham misses a few words or replaces them I think but does well and Zach loves it a lot. He tries to suck up to Ryan, even by telling him how much he loves his little hat, but Ryan once again cannot be bothered by it and tells him to drop the diva and proceeds to ask him why Nikki's earlier question upset him. He tells Ryan his story and Ryan is like who curr, just be you and Nikki is like a lot and most all rock stars are androgynous so own it! Abraham decides it's time to stop pretending and embrace is! Please do, Abe…please do. Lily, of course, was given Adele's Someone Like You. I personally felt she started off a bit shaky but did well, in the end. Zach cries. Ryan loved her performance but questions her decisions that she made during the music video. Lily then says that she was confused by the directions that were given to her (by Zach) and Ryan cannot be bothered by that either. Which then basically caused Lily to turn into the Hulk by screaming and flailing at Ryan about how good of an actress she is. It was embarrassing to watch.

Robert posts the list and we find out that Nellie is the one that gets sent home. I was obviously livid and still am. I think she could have gone another week. Lily should have been sent home for scaring the shit out of everyone with her outburst but mainly for saying that Cyndi Lauper wasn't a pop icon.

And that is what you have missed on the last two weeks of The Glee Project! Now that my favorite is gone, I'm totally team Blake, Abraham and newly added…Ali. I would like to wish Nellie all the luck in the world and hope that she puts an album out asap because her voice is baller status.

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