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Glee Project Ep. 5 - Adaptibility (Recap)

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Tonight is The Glee Project night again folks! If you would like to read last week's review on the "Sexuality" episode, ya know the one that Naya guest starred on…then click here. I'd also suggest trying to find the videos of her from that episode for reasons.

Let's just roll on into last week's episode that was about "Adaptability". Michael is super excited about this challenge because he thinks that maybe it will help him stop over-thinking everything so he doesn't crash and burn in the studio or during the shoot like last week. I was banking on Mario being excited about this one since I feel he probably has to adapt a lot to everything since he is blind. Robert gives them their homework assignment which is "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrissette. I was NOT excited about this because I love this song and I didn't want them to destroy it. The first curve ball was thrown at them before they even had to perform and it was that the lines were already assigned to certain people and they didn't get to choose them themselves this time. Just..madness.

When it comes time to perform their homework assignment, everyone is trying to figure out who the guest is going to be. It turns out to be the delicious Kevin McHale! Surprisingly, Aylin didn't try to get all up on him..and for that, I was pleased. Kevin gives them all a bit of advice on being adaptable and then Robert is like uh oh…another twist! He tells them that this will not be a group number but each person will have to sing the Alanis song as a solo! I know, right!? CRAZY!. They all seem to be pretty nervous about this because apparently some of them were asleep during the 90s and didn't learn all the words to this song prior to this moment and then the other half just weren't old enough in the 90s to appreciate it. Shame. They all do a pretty good job, same as usual. Nellie does perfect as always, Aylin is trying to sex it up, Lily is over-acting, Ali is having some facial expression issues moments and Shanna definitely forgets some of the words but she recovers quite well by making them up and making it funny. I've decided to add her to the list of people I feel neutral about on the show. She's growin' on me. In the end, Aylin wins the challenge and she really does do a great job during it and deserves the win. In another twist this week, the contestants will not get to know what they are singing until they get to the studio with Nikki...

(This wasn't really me, I just wanted to put this gif in here...okay it was kind of me.)

When they arrive to belt out some tunes with the amazing Nikki Anders, she tells them that they will be singing "Price Tag" by Jessie J. As usual, most of the contestants were excited…except for Shanna and Blake, who have no idea what this song is. And I'm like do you not ever listen to the radio, or TV, or movies, movie trailers…anything? Opposite from last week's disaster, Michael owns it in the studio with Nikki. He's definitely sounding really good and the theme of adaptability is definitely a blessing for him. When Aylin goes to meet up with Kevin for her session, he couldn't really tell her anything about being adaptable in specifics because they hadn't learned the song or location of the video yet. He basically told her to be ready for anything and confident in what she does and that she can adapt. Excellent advice, Kev! This cast loooooves confidence. #confidentnotcocky

The contestants meet with Erik, the video dude, and he tells them SURPRIIIIIIISE you will be learning your choreography with Zach on location as well! While shooting the video, the judges notice that Charlie is channeling some sort of character while shooting the video. That is all well and good but they also notice that he is focusing too much on being this alter ego he's created and acting that he ends up not blending in well with the group. Another person that has been having may-jah issues lately and still continues to is Mario. He's had some attitude problems with Nikki in the studio and among the rest of the contestants with him being straight up rude him saying things that are misunderstood by everyone else. Literally everyone else. Not just the contestants…everyone. Erik tells him that Mario needs to act a little better when shooting this scene but what Erik doesn't know is that Mario is a really great actor and he's classically trained and just doesn't know why Erik isn't picking up on his greatness. This is a classic example of #kindofconfident #butmainlycocky. With the exception of those two, everyone else seems to do a bang up job with the singing and acting and dancing on the spot. Check out the video, yo:

I thought it was pretty good. Like the judges worrying about Mario and Charlie, they did kinda have a sketch balls performance but I wasn't repulsed by the whole video because of their fierce acting.

Now it's time for the callbacks and the bottom three! Aylin just had a really, really good week and she was put on the callback list first. Still not a huge fan, she annoys me, but she did a reeeeeeal good job. The group gets narrowed down to six people that didn't do their best. As I'm sure you guessed, the mentors spring ANOTHER TWIST ON THEM! WHAAAAT!? That's right, they will all be performing for Ryan but they will be singing duets to him and the rest of the judges! Ali and Abraham are paired together and they are to sing the song "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry. Nellie and Blake are paired together and they get to sing "Waiting For a Girl (or Boy) Like You" by Foreigner Let me kindly remind you all that I ship Nellie and Blake HARRRRRRD. I mean they are just the friggin' cutest together, I just can't even deal. Then that leaves Charlie and Mario to be a pair and they get to sing "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" by Elton John and George Michael.

First up to perform would be Blake and Nellie. They try to be all sensual and angsty with it and I mean it's kind of awkward but still good. Plus, I love her and I love them together so they can do no wrong. Ever. The judges loved them both performing and acting it out like a lil love story. Especially Zach, he's a sucker for all of these performances. Next up are Ali and Abraham. I am not a big fan of Ali's voice but I do like Abraham's. I thought they did not sound good at all during this performance but it was entertaining. Due to Ali being so over-the-top but like, in a cute way, she kind of outshines Abraham. Charlie and Mario come out to sing and I mean they both sound really good. While I don't like Mario at all, which is purely based on his attitude and how bad it is, his voice is actually quite good. After they have all performed, the judges narrow the bottom six down to the bottom three. The bottom three end up being Charlie, Mario and Abraham. Ryan pretty much critiques them on everything I have mentioned above and in the end, decides that it's Mario's time to leave. He looks not really that upset at all during the end of the episode when he's leaving so I guess he took it pretty well.

Now, tonight's episode is about "Fearlessness" and the guest star is Jane Lynch! Should be good since she's hilarious all the time. And also amazing. For a sneak peek at the video that they film for tonight's episode, click here.

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