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TGP 2x08: Tenacity

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It's once again that time of the week where we look back on the latest episode of The Glee Project. I know it's important for everyone to be watching the Olympics but I'm sure you need a small break and why not read this recap during that break? Walk with me…

So here is what happened last week on TGP! Everyone was like "we have to put forth out best efforts!" and I'm just like shouldn't you have been doing that from the beginning? Then Ol Robert makes his way in and announces to the group that the theme this week will be Tenacity. Do you think they were excited about the theme? Yep, as usual, they were. Ali especially was because she's had to be tenacious all her life with her handicap. The song that they have to sing is Survivor by Destiny's Child and the person that they have to perform it in front of is….Amber Riley! As we all know, she took part in singing this song on the show and she's just amazing in general so they are all nervous to sing it for her. The group performs it and I thought it was a pretty good performance. Stand out people in it were Aylin (her voice is always good) and Ali (going down those steps in her wheelchair was baller). After the performance, Amber give some critiques to people and praises others, the usual. The winner came down to Aylin and Ali and it ended up being Ali! WOOO! Two weeks in a row suckassss! After that Robert tells the group that they will be singing Eye of The Tiger by Survivor for their video performance but the video will be shot in one take. Whaaaaaaat...!

Now we go over to the studio with Nikki. Abraham starts off pretty terrible not so good by blowing some notes and Nikki is making her usual "WTF was that" face. Which I love, by the way, because I'm just like Nikki they can see you looking disgusted. Shanna is perfect as usual in the booth and Nikki basically fangirls over how amazing she is to work with. Same goes for Blake, he came in with a fun attitude and did a great job! But then…HORROR! They all have to come into the studio at once and record the chorus. Just..never…again. I thought they sounded like…well, a nightmare. Lily's booming voice was basically assassinating everyone else's and Aylin called her on singing too loud. Apparently this is something that Lily is very sensitive about and was really mad at Aylin which then sparks that awkward silent hatred between the two once more. #TeamAylin

There once again wasn't a friggin' dance rehearsal portion which angers me because I love Zach Woodlee in a fierce way. So everyone just shows up to the shoot and it is a hot damn mess. I'm not saying this wouldn't be hard because it definitely would be. And they also have to basically work out while doing this video. So while I complain about them a lot, I'm quite impressed that they were eventually able to pull it off. Certainly impressed that Aylin didn't once knock over a hurdle when she was jumping them or punch Lily in the face for just being her. The people that have the most trouble during this shoot would be the one's that are doing the jump rope station (Aylin, Lily, Michael and Abraham) and Ali, towards the end of the shoot. Abraham falls victim to a sprained ankle during the shoot and it just throws him off for the rest of the time slash while he did hurt it, they are not sure how bad. A lot of people seem to believe that he's playing up his injury quite a bit. Sad days. Ali is the last person and main focus at the end of the video due to the fact that she won the homework assignment. Her task at the end is to throw a basketball up and backwards over her head and have it go in. I mean…this is basically just luck unless you're me Michael Jordan. She misses a bunch of times but just keeps trying and pushing through. Finally, she suggests that they lift her up in the chair and then she like lay-up slash dunks it. That is what they do and we finally have a wrap. Check that video out right here:

Good. Times. Except those shenanigans Lily is pulling. Literally makes me want to curl up and crying because it's so horrific

So now it's where we see who blew it who has to go and face Ry Ry. Well, it's definitely not Ali. She had an amazing week and was basically the definition of tenacious and is first on the callback list again. Eventually, we find out that Lily, Abraham and Michael will be in the bottom three to perform for the mentors…or judges. Whatever you wanna call them. Michael is up first and he sings Brick by Bens Fold Five. I thought he sounded really good singing this song but Michael kind of bores me to death so I mean, it is what it is. The judges seemed to like him good enough though. Then Abraham performed Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror and that is a pretty hard song but I think that he did a good job. I loved his shoes and though he had a good energy up there. Now Lily sang I'm The Greatest Star from Funny Girl and I'm sure she did wonderful because she can sing but I definitely fast forwarded through it because I just can't with her. I did see that she made Ry Ry crack a smile though so…whatever. The decisions are getting harder and harder to make when it comes to sending people home and Abraham apparently feels like he needs to come back out on the stage and tell them that he is NOT leaving. I'm not joking, he literally walked back out there and was like I'm not going home until Ryan writes a part for him on Glee. It was horrifying. And then everyone was like this:


I think Ryan was in shock because he was like "Uh okay. Well I thought you were coming back out here to sing again because you recognized that you didn't do that great of a job" and that they are taking everything into consideration and to GTFO drop the diva act because he just cannot be bothered by it. He definitely likes Abraham and could write for him but he doesn't think that Abe is confident enough in who he is at this moment.

So, then the callback list is posted and everyone drags their feet to see who is leaving. Aaaand once again, I was robbed a favorite contestant because Abraham went home. It's only a matter of time Lily…just know that. #emptythreats

And that's another week down for TGP! Tonight they are tackling the theme of "Romanticality" and Darren Criss is the host so the camera will probably be on him the whole time, he'll win the homework assignment and be first on the callback list that should be fun. Here is the video that they do for tonight's episode and I can't even discuss it right now. Next week though haha, week.


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