Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Give Back & Have Some Fun!

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As you all know by now, back in May, at the start of Glee Live, I was lucky enough to attend the Glee Live private dress rehearsals before the concert even opened. What you might not know, however, is that the reason I could go was because of a generous family who happened to have two extra passes.

Without them, I wouldn't have gotten to go. I wouldn't have been able to let you guys know about the set list. I wouldn't have gotten to sit front row, see some of the goofs, meet some excellent people (including Warbler, Jon Hall's amazing fiance&eaccute; Sharelle Smith). It was an amazing experience that I could never replace. Nor could I ever thank the family that gave us those passes enough.

That said, this amazing and generous family has founded an organization in honor of their son. It's called Andra's Hand, and its mission is to raise funds toward increasing knowledge and public awareness for Autism, particularly in the South Florida community, which is where this family is from.

This is where you all come in: Help them raise funds for their organization in a FUN way, in the Andra's Hand Football Survivor Pool! Not only will you be giving back, but you'll also potentially win some BIG cash prizes. Last year, they had two winners take away $200 each!

Sign up here: by 1 P.M. (Eastern) on September 11th, and test your football knowledge! It's for a great cause, a generous family, and who doesn't love a good football pool?!

Thanks all :)


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